Keeping An Open Mind

I, for the most part, keep an open mind when it comes to watching and experiencing new things. This has allowed me to watch great movies and become addicted to fabulous TV shows. If the show or movie is highly recommended by a lot of people and I don’t watch it, I feel like I am missing out on something. Through this I have started watching Breaking Bad, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and a few more. And I guarantee that I will probably try more shows due to recommendations from others.

Last night I showed some friends my second favorite movie, American Beauty. I love the movie because I find it relatable, and I think Lester is a great character who should be looked upon as an idol.

Within the first 4 minutes one of them was telling me how stupid this movie was. I found this to be unbelievable. How can someone have such a closed mind that they aren’t even willing to try an oscar winning movie that sends a fabulous message? I didn’t get it. She tried it for 4 minutes. That isn’t even trying.

She kept asking me why the plastic bag was beautiful, she criticized the characters and wouldn’t accept them for who they are, and told me at least 10 times while watching it, that this movie was stupid. I believe had she kept an open mind she would have liked the movie.

Right after that I had to watch Britney Spears concert video with her. I was really upset because she didn’t get my movie and if you have ever seen American Beauty, you know that you can’t explain why it is great or what its message is. It is something that you either get or you don’t. And if you get it, it is spectacular. I tried to keep my mind open on Mrs. Spears and I found it to be a lot better than what I expected it to be. I told her that it wasn’t that bad and parts of it were enjoyable. Because I watch this, she was supposed to watch the first episode of Breaking Bad. But the more I thought about it the more I didn’t want her to ruin it for me. I love Breaking Bad. I think it is a fantastic show, and I would love to show it to more people. But she wants to watch what she likes and anything that is different sucks.

I realized that Breaking Bad is my treasure and I am not going to let her ruin it for me like she nearly ruined American Beauty for me. It is a show ment for the patient and open-minded. I would love to expose her to more things but if it doesn’t have a Disney star or Taylor Swift attached to it, she doesn’t want to see it. She is almost 19.

I broke down in fury and told her that I wasn’t going to make her watch it and she looked puzzled and asked why? I told her the truth and she got mad at me. Finally I just burst. I like grown up things. Things that are R rated or Emmy nominated. I like things that are critically acclaimed and meant to satisfy older people. I have no desire to watch anymore teenagers jumping up and down because they see Hannah Montana or Demi Lovato. I watched all of Pretty Little Liars so she could watch one 2 hour movie. If I had kept my mind closed and had been really stubborn, watching about 30 hours of a teenager show would have been hell. And the fact that she couldn’t do the same for me said something about our relationship.

Unfortunately for her, I would prefer to keep these gems of television shows and movies to myself. I want to love them and cherish them and if she ever comes to me one day, asking to watch one of them I will of course say yes. But forcing someone to watch something will always end in them hating it.

I’m not going to torture myself anymore. If they want to return to middle school and watch these things that I have tried to watch, they can. I will head to my room and watch something that interests me. If our relationship falls apart, well then that just means it wasn’t strong enough in the first place.

Through this I am part of a select few who appreciate Breaking Bad to no end, know the inside jokes of Parks and Rec, and am part of the cult hit that is Community. And I love being apart of these “institutions”.

Take this as a lesson. Watch new shows, experience new movies. You never know what kind of underground world you will uncover and you can say that you are a part of it.



Over break, I took the chance to watch and hopefully like a few new shows. So far I chose Parks and Recreation and Community. Boy did I pick well. Both shows were recommended so highly and unfortunately both seem to have a fear of cancellation surrounding them. Especially Community.

Community may not be the funniest show in the world. Maybe to some, but to me I think other comedies are funnier but Community has enough heart to carry itself through anything. Each episode makes me smile and some have made me cry. The characters are fabulously developed and they continue to grow through everything. While the group dynamic is awesome, nothing beats the one on one conversations. These are the parts where you realize that these people may be freakishly weird, but they are relatable and people that we would want to hang out with.

Shirley can get annoying with her overly friendly voice and constant religious talk, but she is a sweet tough woman. Shirley is very motherly towards all the characters, she looks after them and loves them for who they are minus their religion.

Pierce is crazy and can be an asshole but he tries so hard to fit in with the younger people. he is looking for people to appreciate his knowledge and is kinda like the hard ass grandpa of the group. He is there to challenge Jeff when Jeff becomes to influential.

Jeff is the central character who is the reason why all these people are here. He has grown from a guy who wanted to get in Britta’s pants to the guy who is happy to be friends with them. Jeff is undeniably charming and that’s what makes him likeable.

Britta is a slightly uptight, protestor, who is nuts. She is the character who gets along with everyone because she takes the brunt of their jokes. She isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone and does her best to keep the groups sanity until she finally snaps. She is awesome.

Annie is the perfect human being. She is trying to be good at everything and is an overachiever. She is a sweetheart who wants to be happy but can only be happy with the approval of other people. She is also awesome.

Troy is great because he isn’t the brightest, yet he has such good intentions, that no one really cares. He is gets along well with everyone and may be the one character that has about equal screen time with everyother character with the exception that he and Abed are best buddies.

Abed is fantastic. He is a popculture junkie and everything in life relates to television and movies. He doesn’t understand normal human emotion but tries his best to make the people around him happy. He is the glue that keeps this group from exploding. Everyone cares about him because he cares about all of them.

The fact that this masterpiece is going on an indefinite hiatus is scary as hell. There isn’t a better group of 7 people out there, with the feelings and heart that theses characters have for each other. Community is not a normal comedy. It is clever and relies more on character development and clever situational circumstances to create laughter than it does jokes. is the reason I started watching this show. The writers and comments about it made it sound wonderful and now I can say that I am part of the fabulous sub-culture that community created. I am in love with Abed for the pure fact that I relate everything in my life to what I have seen on TV and in movies. I want to be friends with all these people and I wish I had a group like this at my college.

I get if you tried the show and didn’t like. Like I said before, I don’t think this show is all that funny, but I love the characters and that is really the reason why I watch any show. Maybe I am too stupid or don’t pay that close enough attention to be on the ground laughing during every episode but I find every episode to be awesome and special in its own way.

No other show on right now could have stop-motion animated christmas special. Few could get away with multiple timelines in one episode. And no other show could make paintball so awesome. I love Community and I haven’t even been watching it for a week. (I have seen every episode in that period.) This show is awesome and this brings me back to point number 1. SAVE COMMUNITY!!! NBC has decided to be stupid and took it off of the midseason lineup. This is terrifying because the show is so special. Like Arrested Development, it may be too far ahead of its time to have the huge numbers other shows get and it is on NBC which isn’t the most popular network, let alone the brightest. If NBC wants to improve its reputation, they just might consider keeping this show. If they don’t they are really on left with Parks and Rec which is just as awesome and thankfully gets viewers.

Like Abed says about his favorite show Cougar Town, Six seasons and a movie. Let’s hope Community can magically do the same. If not, can some cable network please pick it up? FX maybe. Or I don’t really care. I just need it to continue to be awesome.


Project Runway 9.09

It took me so long to write last weeks episode because it still upsets me. While I didn’t like Anthony Ryan’s designs, Josh’s were worse.

Viktor should have won.

And it just goes to show, that nice guys finish last. Anthony gives his extra money to Anya. Anya wins and Anthony goes home. Just weirdly ironic.

Hope next week goes better.

I still think Viktor is the strongest designer here, I don’t blame him for not giving any fabric to Anya. While it is a nice thing to do, Project Runway is first and foremost a competition. And He should have WON!

Fall Season Kick-Off Week!

So now that all my shows have started, others start within a month so I feel for you if you are still waiting for one. I was pretty happy with the premieres and I can’t wait for next week.


How I Met Your Mother: So disappointed. Instead of Barney’s wedding they showed Punchy’s. I don’t really give a crap about Punchy. It wasn’t very funny but the second episode was a little better. I hope they show us some stuff about Ted and Victoria or go to Barney’s wedding but I think we will have to wait another season for that.

Castle: One of the best of the week. Beckett is hurt and everyone is freaking out. Then we meet the new Captain. I find it hilarious that she wants to be called sir. Ryan is super paranoid about her, then we see Kate and Castle arguing. Kate said she didn’t remember anything but tells her therapist that she remembers everything. Exciting! and somewhat surprising. Great end to a great premiere.


NCIS: Seeing as I wasn’t expecting much, it was better than I thought. Not its best episode. I feel like the writers are just recycling story lines.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Whatever, I kinda half watched it. Hetty got shot at the end which could be interesting. If they kill her I for sure won’t ever watch the show again.


Survivor: It started a week earlier, but it was still good. Brandon is driving me crazy and Coach isn’t. Weird. Tribal Councils have been awesome. Lets see how they deal with Redemption Island this year.

Criminal Minds: Pretty good. I am so happy that JJ and Prentiss are back that it could have been a crap episode and the fans would have loved it. Plus there was guns and stuff. Only thing it was missing, explosions.

Modern Family: Like HIMYM, I was disappointed. Maybe I am just stupid, but I didn’t find the episode very funny. Alex’s storyline was so boring. The second episode was better. I actually like the new Lily. She talks and can just add a new element to the show.

CSI: Loved Ted Danson. He was great and quirky like Grissom was but in a different way. I don’t know how I feel about Morgan. If she ends up as a love interest for Greg I am going to cry. Always good to see Ecklie, even though he is annoying and hated, it is always kinda fun. Oh and Greg and Sarah’s case was one of the more disgusting ones I have ever seen. I nearly threw up.


Big Bang Theory: Fantastic. Better than the other comedies, it was funny and resolved the issues that needed to be and opened up a few more. (Howard knows now that Raj has a thing for Bernadette). Going with the trend of the week, episode 2 was better. The kissing lip balls were spectacular. Leonard’s face as Howard and Raj use them was priceless. Then the chair was amazing too. Especially when Raj and Howard grabbed it at the end.

The Mentalist: Really good. Jane gets out of prison, Van Pelt is distraught, and Cho makes blunt comments. Back to normal, and back to greatness. Then we learn that Jane lied and that he didn’t kill Red John. Oh dear. I was slightly disappointed to hear that because it goes with the rest of the TV cliches. But whatever, it was still entertaining.

Person of Interest: I told myself that I wouldn’t watch any new shows, but I love Michael Emerson. This show was great. Possibly a little boring at points, but then Reese does some kick ass ninja move and its like AWESOME! It was also creepy with all the cameras and sent chills down my spine. I loved it and will watch again.


CSI NY: Pretty good. The tribute to 9-11 was nice. I will be interested to see if Danny ends up back in the lab or whatever is going on with him. Mac will come back and be boss. Sela Ward didn’t drive me nuts this episode so it was nice.

Blue Bloods: Decent episode. Nothing special about it, but I kinda liked how it ended like the first episode ended last year. Entertaining for an hour, but I know they can do better.

The only show I have yet to watch is The Amazing Race. Probably will be the same as the last few years. 11 teams were at least one is loveable and another is hated. I hope they go to cool places and have harder challenges.

Project Runway 9.08

Oh Dear Lord

A men’s challenge. The disaster of season 4 comes back. The only designer to do men’s is Olivier. Not only that, they are part of a band called “Sheep Dog” that will be on the cover of Rolling Stone sometime in the near future. The prize is great, but the challenge is difficult. Not only because they are men, but to me, they had a questionable style.

Not Again!

So they learn of that not only will they be designing for men, but they will be designing in “teams”. After the freak out of oh no, I don’t like this person, they are told that they will be judged individually. Why wouldn’t you just have the button bag and pull out two names and say, you get this musician. The team thing was dumb and unnecessary.

Then Olivier starts making his condescending comments again! “I got the biggest one, he is massive, he is huge, the mannequin is not big enough.” Dear Lord! As a designer it is your job to create clothes for normal human beings. And the leader who’s name is slipping my mind is not fat. Yeah, he is a big dude, but he could snap Olivier with his fingers. And I felt bad for him. Actually I thought all the guys were slightly embarrassed to be wearing some of those clothes.

Let’s just get to the designs. I am not really sure who was in the top or bottom but I will try my best.

Top 3

Bert: It kills me to say this, but this was one of the better ones. It looked slightly rock n’ roll and I liked the pants. (Puking right now, this is so hard to say). I have a soft spot for pin stripes.

Josh: Front good, the zipper is okay, not something I am necessarily looking for when I see men, but it serves its purpose. I like the vest and then he turns around.  It is a disaster back there. Josh went nuts after going simple last week. Oh and I won’t even start on those butt pockets. How awful.

Viktor: Probably the best. It was made well, and the jacket did look expensive. Not my style or how I would want a star to look but he looked a lot better than the others.


Viktor obviously. I think he is gaining more respect in the judges eyes. He has a good taste level and can definitely make some impeccable clothes. Great job this week!

Bottom 3

Anya: Finally we see that lack of sewing knowledge. I liked the idea of the pants if they were made well but the top was a little messiah. Especially with that head band, I just didn’t get it. Yes, he wants to look hippyish but no one wants to look like an actual hippie anymore.

Kimberly: Boring. Nothing special about it and I agree with the judges, bowling shirt came to mind. I half expected to see Charlie Harper wearing that.

Olivier: Bad, bad, bad. Gross fabric, bland pants, and poorly made. Way to much wrong here to start on. It was just ugly and terrible.


Olivier. Hurray! the ass is gone. I couldn’t listen to anymore of his comments. The outfit was easily the worst. Unfinished and bad concept? not a good match.


Anthony Ryan: Not his best. I actually liked the fabric, but it was a little feminine. The fringe on the back was okay and we finally got to see that he can make pants. However, they weren’t that fantastic. Next, we need him to make something with sleeves.

Laura: She gave him red pants, but that was about it. The top was purple, and girly. I don’t think up-and-coming Rock Stars want to look like their wives dressed them. Too much purple. What is wrong with black?

Side notes:

Could they really not think of a better name than “Sheep Dog”?

I don’t think the winning member really liked his outfit.

Adam Lambert was hilarious. He added nearly nothing to the show, but would burst out laughing after almost every single one of Michael’s one-liners. So funny. He was a fun judge to have. And I don’t even watch Idol.

Will Anya’s lack of sewing skills bite her again? She has great ideas and great taste. I feel like if she makes it to the final 3 she will have a terrific chance at winning. I don’t really know if that is a good or bad thing.

Please no more men’s challenges. This one wasn’t very good and the fact that the menswear designer was sent packing on the menswear challenge doesn’t bode well for it.

Based one who’s left, it is nearly impossible for me to tell who is going to be the final 3. The only one who hasn’t been at the top a lot is Kimberly and it’s not like she’s been in the bottom a whole lot either.


63rd Emmy Awards

Last night was the night for Television lovers. Awards were given out to those who were thought as most deserving and few were happy while many more were disappointed. The only thing keeping them going is the chance to win next year.

There are so many things to talk about. We have the dresses, the snubs, the surprises, and the bizarre moments.

I thought most of the women looked amazing. Kate Winslet looked stellar in that red dress. I loved Padma’s gown. I don’t think Julianna Margulles looked as bad as everyone is saying. Julie Bowen’s plunging dress was fantastic and Sofia Vergara looked amazing. The one I disliked the most was Amy Poehler’s blue, space, futuristic dress. It did not look good on her. I also thought Jane Lynch didn’t wear any dresses that fit her properly. With a body like that, you should not look sorta big at the waist.

Now for the awards.


Best Supporting Actress: Julie Bowen. She was stunned. I thought she might pass out in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it either. Everyone kept saying it was going to be Jane Lynch, Betty White, or Kristin Wiig. I think Julie deserves it, but that was a stunner.

Best Supporting Actor: Ty Burrell. Everyone new Ty was going to win it. I think even he did. But he deserves it. Of all the Modern Family stars no one is funnier. Plus the episode he nominated himself for was one of the better ones of the season.

Best Actress: Melissa McCarthy. She won the beauty pageant! I am so happy for. I bet she was more surprised than Julie was. I loved her as Sookie in Gilmore Girls, and don’t watch her current show, but I hear nothing but good things about her. And her speech was endearing. Gotta Lover her.

Best Actor: Jim Parsons. Yes, that means Steve Carell lost again. But no other actor on this planet could play Sheldon as well as Parsons does. I think Galecki should just be happy he got nominated because Jim deserved it again. Actually we have to get Simon and Kunal in the supporting group next year. They are equally if not better actors.

Best Comedy: Modern Family. If you didn’t guess that, then you are an idiot. I was kinda hoping Big Bang would pull it out with all the surprises at the Emmys but Modern Family is a great show. Anyone who says either of these shows aren’t funny, has a demented sense of humor.


Best Supporting Actress: Margo Martindale. The Justified actress looked pleased. I don’t watch the show and have no idea who she is, but she seems deserving. Congrats to her.

Best Supporing Actor: Peter Dinklage. He looked really happy. Again I don’t watch the show so I can’t complain. No one is really bitching about his win. So good Job!

Best Actress: Julianna Margulles. She took one home for the networks. She does a great job on the show and it was almost a sure thing that she was going to win.

Best Actor: Kyle Chandler. I really thought it was going to be Jon Hamm’s year since Cranston wasn’t able to earn his fourth Emmy, but it went to the Friday Night Lights star. I am happy for him. It is always fun to watch the people who are stunned to win.

Best Drama: Mad Men. Yet again, but apparently it was its best season yet, so it only makes sense.


The Amazing Race one for the 8th time after losing last year to Top Chef. I think Top Chef and Project Runway had more entertaining seasons last year though.

Jon Stewart won again. No surprise here. I don’t watch him, but I will occasionally see a clip of him on YouTube and he is hilarious.

I don’t watch the miniseries or movies so I don’t really care. I heard a lot of good things about Downton Abbey and they won a lot so good for them.

The Lonely Island skit was entertaining, if not all that appropriate. I actually enjoyed Jane Lynch’s opening TV musical sequence. most of what she said is true. But I love TV so the night was great.

Let’s hope the 64th Emmy Awards have just as many surprises and deserving winners next year.

Congrats to the nominees and especially the winners. You all deserve it even if the rest of America thinks you don’t. And you have an Emmy, that is more than most can say. There is a big difference between being announced as Emmy Nominated verse being an Emmy winner.

Project Runway 9.08

Another day and another challenge. The designers look slightly beat at this point and this is the time in every season where we start to see people slip up, and lose their mojo. I wish most the designers the best as the season chugs on.

Men? What the Hell?

So the fabulous Heidi Klum comes out and says that they won’t be using their models this time, but will have a client. Then comes out 9 men of all different shapes and sizes. The look of horror on everyone’s face was priceless. Anya gets to pick first and the rest are done through the button bag. As expected the thinner men get chosen first. Olivier starts condescendingly saying that he can’t work with fat people. I want to snap his head off for this comment. How rude! As a designer it should be your goal to design for people of all different sizes. I am sorry that we are not all size 0, and it is comments like these that make everyone so self conscious about how they look.

Tim Saves the Day

Back at the workroom Tim comes in and tells them that they won’t be designing for the men, but for the men’s special ladies. I could almost feel the sigh of relief. The men then have to explain the women’s style to the designers and some really aren’t that sure. Bert is working for a man who is obsessed with his lady’s breasts and Anthony Ryan gets to recreate a dress that the dude lost awhile ago. This all seemed a bit weird. I am just glad they brought the women in to say what they want.


So the men get to go to mood with the designers and Olivier is running around asking what DD means. How do you not know this? I know you are not a girl but you ARE a designer. You should know what all the sizes mean. When he finds out that it means big boobs, he is horrified and starts saying that he doesn’t like boobs and that all women should be flat breasted. At this point I am almost to the point where I want to break my beloved TV he is annoying me so much.

Top 3

Anya: I like it, but can’t stand the sleeve. That woman looks amazing in it. She could go anywhere and people would be like WOW!

Joshua: An amazing little black dress. It was adorable and she looked so happy in it. The lace was perfect and the flow of the skirt was fantastic.

Viktor: Dear lord she looked fabulous. She looked quirky, cute, professional, and so much more. It was the perfect outfit for her.


Josh: I don’t get it, the black dress was great, but Viktor’s outfit was so perfect. It was more than his client could have ever wanted and the fact that possibly a pair of sunglasses kept him from a win.

Bottom 3

Anthony Ryan: It fit well, and didn’t do harm to her body, but it was old or futuristic. It just didn’t look like it should be in this time period. It could have been worse.

Bert: Oh she didn’t look very good in this. It should have been so much better. Look it was sewn well but like they told Becky, this is not America’s best seamstress.

Bryce: Ew, huge pockets, poor fit, and so many other things. Just went terribly wrong.


Bryce: Good luck Bryce but you were long overdue. The dress was bad, I can only imagine what the other one would have been.

The Middle

Kimberly: Nothing special. She looked good in it so mission accomplished.

Laura: Look for a woman who wants Barbie, she got Barbie. But it was done right so she looked great.

Olivier: The top is nice, but I hate those pants. They make her butt look huge. She is a beautiful woman and it doesn’t really do her justice.

Side Notes

I am still pissed at Olivier. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of him before but I never disliked him. I found his color palate to be bland and boring, I never got on the fake accent bandwagon because quite frankly I don’t care, and I think he has some good ideas. But this week he just irritated me to know end. And he made Tim raise his voice. I just can’t see him being a real designer if he refuses to work with clients and can’t accept that most women aren’t a size 2.

Viktor got cheated again. He is always in the top, or should be in the top most of the time, but can never nag that win. The one win he does have, he shares with Josh. And then this week Josh steals it from him. Of all the designers left, I truly believe Viktor has the best sense of style. I just hope the judges see it too.

Speaking of Josh, I thought he did a great job of holding back this week. I could tell he just wanted to decorate that dress to hell. I don’t really like him as a person but it says a lot when you can work well with a client.

What about Kimberly? She is always in the middle. I have almost no idea as to who she is as a person or what her aesthetic is. She has just floated through this competition. I don’t think she is trying to just stay safe, I just don’t think she as the design that the judges want to see.

I want Anthony Ryan to make pants. I like him, I think he is a nice person, he has an awesome accent considering he is from the south, but he only makes dresses and skirts. I want to see that he knows how to make pants. Hell Anya has made pants and she just learned to sew. It’s hard to believe that that used to be a major issue.

Heidi is still in love with Bert. I hate it. Bert gets saved because she has a soft spot for him. Judges are supposed to be unbiased and I am pretty sure Nina and Michael are, but Heidi so has her favorites. And unfortunately for us, that means Bert gets to hang around.