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Project Runway 9.07

Good Morning!

So Josh M wakes up in a fabulous mood. He decides that he is super pissed about not winning the last challenge. I’m sorry, but this is a stupid thing to bitch about considering Anthony deserved it more and you weren’t on the bottom.

Oh Goody, Teams

Heidi is on the runway with the black button bag. She announces, to everyone’s delight, that they will be working in teams of 5. Anthony Ryan gets to be the first team “captain” and Josh M. is chosen to be the second. They go through the school yard pick until Bert is last yet again. Back in the workroom they are told that they will be designing their own fabric. Anthony Ryan and Company decide to use inkblot as their inspiration and declare that they are “Team Chaos”. Personally I loved the idea. While Josh M. and all his little minions are arguing over everything. They eventually decide on Clocks and are team “Nuts and Bolts”. Question Mark? Where does the inspiration of a clock even come from? It was so out there.  But better than Josh’s Village People inspiration. Like, what the hell man?

The Fabrics Arrive

Can I just say how disappointed I was that all the fabrics were in black and white. I love black and white, but you have the chance to design a pattern. Make something fun. They should have saved this for when they weren’t working in teams. Then I think we would have seen something whimsical from Becky, crazy from Josh, and just peppier all around.

Harmony and Out of Control

Team Chaos is working together beautifully. They are all responding too each other and listening and just being helpful. One of the happiest teams to watch in all of Project Runway. While this makes us viewers happy it can also be boring. Thank God for Team Nuts and Bolts. Dear Lord. They had so many problems. You have Josh acting as Hitler. Bert is just being himself and actually looking pretty good next to Josh. Becky was verbally abused by Josh in a previous challenge. Bert can’t stand Laura and Josh M. And Kimberly just stayed out of all of it. She probably could have helped a bit but when you have people with egos the size of the universe, there is almost no stopping it. Then master Tim walks into the room. After praising Team Chaos he has only bad things to say about the other crew. Thinks get so bad during the talk that Tim has the team hold hands and possibly pray? Whatever voodoo Tim did, it worked. Well, at least the drama was minimized.


Team Chaos. No surprise here.

Anthony Ryan: I liked his look. It was definitely more for a slightly older woman and wasn’t the best in the group but it was still fabulous. My only complaint is the asymmetry in the skirt. Wasn’t the whole plan to make everything symmetrical?

Anya: I really liked Anya’s look. It was cool, sleek, and modern. I could see anybody walking down the street in that and watching guys turn their heads.

Bryce: It was fine. Worst of the top but still wearable. I really liked the back, but nothing about it made me think it was original.

Olivier: I hate those pantst. The Jacket was wonderfully made and it should’ve been considering how much time he spent on it.

Viktor: Once again, I loved his look. He did such a great job. It was beautiful and the dress flowed amazingly. Viktor could quite frankly be the most underrated designer this season.


Anya. I don’t know why other than Bryce saying she should win. I am happy for her and like her, but this challenge should have been Viktor’s. That gown was stunning, and apparently he helped Anya on her look. Whatever, Anya is proving to be a great designer even if her sewing skills are lacking.


Team Nuts and Bolts.

Becky: boring. I was pleased with the skirt that she eventually landed on but if you have that much time to make 3 unoriginal skirts, then you should have time to make one amazing outfit. She did not and it was noticed. Boring jacket, tank, and skirt. Hurray.

Bert: I wish the judges would have said just how unflattering the dress was on her body. It made her look huge. I liked the fabric but not that much of it. It wasn’t he worst but there was nothing special about it. And it was ugly.

Josh: I actually like the concept of his jacket. I think a woman would actually want to wear that if those pants were no where in sight. I don’t know what is going on with the top underneath and his attitude stinks but he did design something unique.

Kimberly: The only designer not to use the custom fabric. Her top half was great but that skirt. I can’t believe she didn’t catch any hype for it. Not only was it made of the worst texture I have ever seen it kept riding up and became extremely short. Is it too hard to make an appropriately long skirt?

Laura: I didn’t like how loose it was. It was like gym clothes or pajamas. She also used very little of fabric which is fine considering it was a jumpsuit and I think she was the only one on the team who at least tried to keep the team together.


Becky. Poor Becky. She takes so much crap and then is thrown out. I think she was right in saying that she is more commercial. She has great ideas but they aren’t necessarily high fashion. Good Luck to her and I will miss her funny, quirky comments.

Side Notes

I like Anthony Ryan but lets face it, he puts out the same thing nearly every time. A sleeveless dress that is either long or short. And he mixes it up a bit with separates but come on, make a pair of pants.

Bryce is still here. Hurray. He should so be out. Even his latest look, though okay, was uninspired.

I actually found the clip of Josh M talking to his dad heartbreaking. I lost my grandpa a few years ago and it took a good year and a half to get over it. I can’t imagine losing your mother. He is still an evil dictator, and this doesn’t give him the right to be a bitch.

I think Josh might actually be insane.

I here all these comments about how this season sucks. I disagree. We have our villains, you can choose between Josh or Bert. Most of the people have a great personality. Anthony Ryan, Viktor, Anya, Becky, Josh C, and a few more. The rest aren’t bad either. Everyone at the moment, besides Bryce, has the potential in my mind to make a collection. This season will probably not end like the last one. The producers have to prove that evil does not conquer all on project runway.



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