Parts of the Past Season that People are Forgetting

There was many things that happened last year in May and just about every TV show had at least one major storyline/season finale moment. But people are only focusing on the big moment. There are many other things that I would like to see dealt with too. Let’s start with the big one.

The Mentalist

Everyone is hung up on the fact that Jane killed Red John. Yes, it is huge. And it is something that I didn’t see coming and I really want to see the fall out. But the thing people are forgetting is that Grace killed her fiance. She didn’t kill someone she hated, she killed the man she was going to marry, the man she loved. That has to take its toll on a person. I have to hope that the writers won’t forget this and we will see an emotionally distraught CBI Agent.

The Big Bang Theory

People want to know the fall out of Raj and Penny’s night. I want to too, but I also want to know more about Howard and Bernadette’s dispute. I really hope they get married. They are perfect for each other and can you just imagine the Jewish/Catholic wedding? How hilarious would that be. They don’t have to have kids, but they should be together. Also I want to know how Leonard and Priya are going to do long distance.

Criminal Minds

Okay, there are so many big ones here. The team is going to find out that Prentiss is not dead and JJ is coming back. I don’t know what I am most excited for, but America seems to focus on Prentiss more. The last scene with JJ and Rossi was a bit strange last year and I can’t wait to get the team back together. Also, how are they going to dispose of Nichols?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ted Danson is in. Hurray! I hope. Everyone is focused on how he will relate to the rest of team, but I want to know how Ray is going to leave. Are they just going to say he moved to be with his ex? That’s my guess but maybe he landed himself in jail. That would be kinda awesome. I just hope the writers do it right this time.


Anyone who thinks Beckett could die, is an idiot. She is Castle’s other half as the stars of this show. I want to meet the new captain, so sad and stunned that Montgomery is dead, but I heard it was a woman and she is going to be a tough cookie. I hope the writers spend some more time on Esposito and Ryan this year. Everyone gets pissed when Castle is mentioned in lists about best ensembles, but it isn’t an ensemble. It is the Kate and Castle show, with a bunch of sidekicks. I love Beckett and Castle but I want to get to know the other characters too.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to stunners and can’t wait for premieres. I am excited to see the premiere of Hawaii Five-O especially sins it will have Terry O’Quinn on it. However NCIS lost pretty much all of its appeal to me. I hope we get to see Jimmy’s wedding. NCIS: LA is worse. There is only one question on HIMYM, who the hell is Barney marrying? CSI: NY and Blue Bloods wrapped up nicely last season, so they can start fresh this year. Same with Modern Family. I just can’t wait for good TV in less than a week.


One Month!

We have a month left till the fall season starts! I don’t know about you, but it has been a long summer. I have gotten into some summer cable shows but for the most part, I have been waiting for all the network shows to start up again. Based off the season finales I am most excited to see The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Castle, and How I Met Your Mother. The questions I want answered from these are:

Big Bang: What exactly happened between Raj and Penny and what will be the consequences?

Mentalist: How in the hell is Jane going to get out of this mess?

Castle: Are Castle and Beckett getting together? And who is going to be the new captain?

HIMYM: Who is Barney marrying? And of course, who is the mother?!

Another show I can’t wait to start up is Criminal Minds. The finale was average but I am really excited that JJ and Prentiss are coming back. I don’t mind Rachel Nichols character but she is not even close in awesomeness to the other two girls. Are people going to be happy or upset or just bewildered when they find out that Prentiss isn’t dead?

Ray has left CSI! Hurray! I hope Ted Danson is a good character, all I know is that he is from Portland is going to be the new boss. It is bittersweet because CSI is one of my favorite shows but I don’t want Catherine to leave she has always been my second favorite character. She is one of the greatest females and TV and is such a badass. I love her and will miss her dearly.

Survivor starts again! I need my reality fix. Big Brother isn’t doing it for me this summer, because Rachel and Brendon drive me nuts. I tried to give them a chance but they proved it wasn’t just last years contestants that hate them, it is everyone who comes in contact with them. Redemption Island is back and so are two veterans. I really hope they don’t bring back Russell because I can’t bear to watch him get sent packing again. Also I really wish the players didn’t watch the redemption challenge. It would be way more fun if Jeff just brought back a surprise person who was voted out and the contestants didn’t know when it would happen. I don’t know if it will be able to match up to last years with Fabio and Rob winning. Two great winners in a row.

Modern Family is so funny. I thought the second season was just as good as the first. But I judge comedy series by, if they make me laugh, they are good. If they don’t or are super cheesy, Please take it off the air. There have been so many moments this summer that I experienced or witnessed that would make for a great Modern Family episode. My neighbor lit bottle rockets off  in his hands and then chucked them in the air before they blew. Can’t you just see Phil doing that?

That Amazing Race needs a bit of work. I want harder challenges. The are way too easy. The setting up of the house would have been much easier had it not been for the wind. Thank you wind! I was really happy last year when Kisha and Jen won. 2nd team of women and the 2nd consecutive time that it happened. I wish the Globetrotters won, but Reality TV hardly ever works out like you want it too. I also hope we have a few fighting couples. Those are the ones that we don’t want to win, but they make for great TV. And there is someone to cheer against.

Hawaii Five-O had a great finale. Steve and Kono are being arrested. Chin joined HPD which betrayed him and Danny is supposed to go back to Jersey but has a huge mess to clean up. I was mostly stunned that the pristine Governor was dirty. I really liked her so who is going to be the new one? I am not obsessed with this show like I am with the others, but it is very entertaining. I probably will actually watch the premiere just to see what happens and tune in every now and then. It is a great show and if I had less shows to watch I would definitely watch it. I guess it is my bonus summer programming.

Okay I am not really that excited for NCIS and NCIS: LA. I learned that NCIS is going to be dealing with a mole. Can you say season 6? Recycled story lines do not excite me. Maybe it will be good but I am not betting on it. I am very impressed that they are going to be hitting 200 episodes this year. That is quite a feat. Let’s hope its better than the CSI 200. NCIS: LA lost a lot of its appeal to me when they got rid of Nate.  He was awesome and Callen is a way too damaged character to be able to relate too. And Eric, Hetty, and Kensie are really the only completely likeable characters left. They are doing a crossover I guess with Five-O. I could see Sam and Steve using their ninja Navy SEAL skills together. That could be awesome.

Last year a new show I like was Blue Bloods. It was really good and its only downfall was being to cheesy with all the family togetherness. I wish my family was that close sometimes and the show took a risk with showing that the Reagan family is Catholic. Last season wrapped up nicely so I am not dying to see the premiere because of that, I just think it is a great show and the characters are wonderfully developed after season 1.

CSI: NY’s season finale was like a series finale and then it didn’t get cancelled. I heard that we get to meet Mac’s dead wife. I hope Jo gets better. She is kinda annoying. I really miss Stella and wish CBS didn’t screw that mess up but I am glad it is coming back. It is way better than Miami and a step behind Vegas.

Of the new shows coming the only one that really interests me is Person of Interest because of Michael Emerson. After watching Lost, I am a huge fan of his. He is an amazing actor. Also it is going to be on CBS so it has to be similar to the other shows.



High School on TV

Every single TV show has had at least one episode that deals with some type of high school scenario. I am always stunned at how inaccurate it is portrayed.

I watched one episode of Glee and wanted to shoot myself. Nobody acts like that where I come from.

There was an episode of CSI: Miami with  a bitchy bully who was stoned to death by the parents of the kids she tormented. As far as I’m concerned, nobody was a huge bully at my high school. Everyone acted like normal human beings. Don’t get me wrong, there were classmates who were complete assholes but they never tormented someone to the point of that person wanting to commit suicide.

They also play up the cliches too much. What high school is actually like Mean Girls? At mine there was pretty much one large group containing 90% of the students with little minor groups of people who were really close. I found it bizarre but it is more realistic. These people had been together since elementary school and middle school. So too have a clear cut set of popular kids, nerds, jocks, and weirdos is just strange and not actually like high school.

One of my favorite teenagers is Alexis from Castle. She is smart, into boys, and has a great personality. Nothing about her is bitchy and I actually know a couple of people who are like her.

The other thing I don’t like is the portrayal that students drink all the time. I never went to a party with alcohol. I know some of my fellow students did but there weren’t any tragic accidents or huge arrests.

Also nerds are people who are into computers, math and science. I was not one of the popular kids and the only thing I really like of those is my computer. Actually I love my computer but who doesn’t? Some of the smartest kids were in the popular crowd. I got good grades but not straight A’s and was kind of a nerd but mostly just an outsider.There was nobody at my school who looked like their mothers dressed them and wore nerdy glasses. That is a Hollywood stereotype.

Actually come to think of it, I am really impressed with how Gilmore Girls portrayed high school. Rory had the competition with Paris which was believable because it was a top-notch school. Aside from the sorority thing which was funny, the friendship, competition and overall experience was like a real high school.

I wish just once I could see something normal. The students in Breaking Bad look way to bored than they really should be and the clichés and bullies don’t exist to the extremes that adults seem to think. Maybe they did 20 years ago when a lot of these people were in high school but these situations don’t happen anymore.

Lost Characters

How do you even begin to rank the characters of Lost? As you begin to like one another one slowly drifts off the favorite radar and then is suddenly back on it. So I have just created categories and placed characters in them in no particular order.


Desmond: Desmond is amazing. He is charming, funny, persistent, mysterious, and hopelessly in love with a woman he can never seem to have. He pushed a button for 3 years to save the world and has psychic/futuristic visions. He can’t be affected by electromagnetism like the rest of the islanders and has a calmness about him that is refreshing. He is awesome in every way imaginable and I am glad the writers kept him as a regular. He started the revolution of calling everybody brother and would do anything to save anyone he cares about. I love Desmond!

Charlie: Charlie was the character that I though for sure would be killed in the first episode. He has an innocence around him even though he is a junkie rocker. He becomes even more loveable when he get attached to Claire and Aaron. He grows from being a useless human in the real world to an excited helper on the island. He is always willing to help out even if it isn’t for the right reason. His death was by far the saddest on the show. You knew it was coming all season but somewhere in my mind I thought maybe, just maybe they would find a way for Charlie to live. He did it for Claire and died a hero. Charlie was awesome and still is.

Hurley: Hugo is nice and relatable. He is the unlucky lottery winner who knows about the cursed numbers and is surrounded by death. Like Charlie, Hurley has an innocence about him but it isn’t contradicted by anything. He isn’t a killer, wants everyone to be happy and safe, and helps out with just about anything, even if he doesn’t really want to. He is more worried about the other survivors and their well-being than he is about the mysteries the others seem obsessed with. Hugo is a kind-hearted individual he has the best intentions, what’s not to love?

Jin: at the start of the series the thought of putting Jin up here would have been ridiculous. But, Jin has grown to be an amazing human being. He was the harsh husband who desperately loved his wife but didn’t show it. As the show progressed, we see that Jin was forced to work for Sun’s criminal father and that every nasty thing he does is out of fear. But when that ship blew up with Jin on it, I found myself screaming at the TV and begging for Jin to return for the next season. Thankfully he did not die and we got to see Jin and Sun search and reunite only to die soon after on the sinking sub. The waterworks were flowing when their hands dropped. Jin is up here because he is a highly original character and developed beautifully throughout the series.

Miles: I have no idea why I like Miles so much. He is ghost whisperer and is kind of like the asian version of Sawyer. He has a sarcastic attitude and most of his comments make for comical viewing. I wasn’t all peachy with him a the beginning but he quickly grew on me. Not really the most memorable character, but Miles’s desire to survive and his special skills for talking to the dead make him awesome.

Boone: Boone’s death was tragic. He was always looking for more to do and new ways to help out. He took care of his sister who took advantage of him and was the reason to Locke’s insane mind in the first season. He died trying to radio in for help and always had the best intentions. From the moment you met Boone trying to save Rose, you had to think he was loveable.

Ben: Oh Ben is creepy, twisted, unpredictable, and desperate. You had to know something was up with him when he was Henry. He only wants respect. He never gets to meet Jacob which frustrates him no ends and is extremely jealous of Locke. We only see just how far he will go when he lets his daughter die. He speaks in bites which you never see the full picture until it happens and you never really know what to believe. Even as he becomes more likeable and trustworthy as the series goes, he can never be taken for his word. He always has some other master plan that slaps you in the face when it hits. He is a great addition to the show.

Sawyer: The bad boy, con man, evil, and warm-hearted villain of the survivors. He takes their luggage, never remembers their names, and replaces those names with hilarious yet mean nicknames. Sawyer tries to be hated and succeeds until his intuitions come in and he saves the day. Hugo tries to make him friendly and the more we see of Sawyer, the more we understand why he does the things he does. He will do anything for Kate and later starts to protect Hurley, Claire, and a few others. When Juliet died, I didn’t feel bad for her, I felt bad for him because he truly loved her. Sawyer may not be the nicest person but he is one of the few that you would want on your side at all times.

Mr. Eko: short-lived and quiet, Mr. Eko took to the screen with a calm magic. He lived a life of crime and turned into a priest. We get to see a powerfully religious man who has an essence about him the John Locke can’t even topple. His death is very fitting. Being taken down by the same monster he confronted was amazing TV. He seemed to have left just as quickly as he arrived.


Sayid: Sayid is cool. He is smart and is one of the few middle-eastern people on TV. He feels extremely guilty for torturing people but realizes that it is necessary. There isn’t much to not like about Sayid but something in the last season made him seem so lifeless. I lost interest in him and his death made me much less sad than Jin and Sun’s. I loved the early Sayid but the late Sayid was just okay.

Claire: Claire annoyed me at times, especially when she wasn’t very understanding of Charlie’s struggles but for the most part she is a good person. She wanted to do right by her baby and did. There is just something about her that I like. She is naive when it comes to parenting but once she has the baby, she does everything in her power to keep him safe. Claire is a good person.

Juliet: Honestly, I did not like her when she arrived to the show. I found her half-smile kind of creepy and was never really sure if I could trust her. But once Sawyer trusted her,  knew she was okay and she grew on me. She wants to help people. She is trapped on the island like everyone else and will do almost anything to get off. The survivors were extremely lucky to get her on their side. She had an honorable death that was very hard to watch and like a lot of the other people, she was good at heart.

Richard: Richard is a little creepy. He never ages until Jacob is no longer in command but in a flash back episode, we see that he was madly in love with a woman who died. All he wants is to be back with her but is trapped in this life. We don’t really know that much about him, but there is something intriguing that kept me wanting more of him.

Daniel: Daniel is the physicist who helps explain all the time travel crap to us. I still don’t fully understand but thank God for him. He Charlotte to the flashes and wanted to be honest about why they were their to the other islanders. Killed by his own mother, I was amazed Jack was able to get to the bomb. Daniel was a great late addition to the show.

Locke: I really liked good Locke, but soon he became kind of evil and then he wasn’t even Locke anymore. He just wanted to walk. He botched attempts to escape off the island and realized before anyone else that the island had special powers. He has to confront is past and does it cowardly by making Sawyer kill his father. The later Locke lost his underdog appeal and became kinda scary. I didn’t know whether to trust him and it made for good TV but I pretty much think Locke lost his mind.

Sun: Sun is the lovely Asian woman with all the secrets. She was planning to leave her husband, has an affair, and knows how to speak English. She is in love with Jin, but because of the rocky relationship they had previously it takes awhile for these two to finally realize how much they need each other. Sun helps out but doesn’t have the crazy ninja skills or shooting abilities like some of the others. She is vital to the show and her english allows for the rest of the survivors to finally understand what is going through Jin’s head.

Rose: While not a main character, Rose is sweet. She had so much faith that her husband was alive that she never worried about it. She was cured of cancer and didn’t understand all the drama that was going on all the time. She just wanted to be with her husband, cured of cancer, and happy. She got all that and much more by making a life on the island.


Jack: If there were a main character it would be Jack. Jack suffers like many main characters from too much screen time. I found his position as the leader annoying at the beginning. I never found his past very interesting. He never had the faith the rest of the survivors had and it wasn’t extremely relatable. He is a good person, but Jack is kind of irritating at points and is really stubborn.

Kate: Kate had a lot of potential but she just got in the way. She was the object of desire for Jack and Sawyer but until the end she was just kind of tease. Her fugitive skills came in hand but I never really felt sorry for her like a did with Sawyer or Charlie. I found her stint at being a mother a little ridiculous considering she never really took care of Aaron on the island. She wants to be included like we all do, but sometimes she took it to far. Also she always insists on going back for people until she is safe at home.

Walt: Walt wasn’t on the show for very long but what I saw didn’t bother me. I didn’t miss him at all but it made for a good story line when he got abducted. He grew attached to Locke and wanted to help out but was too young to really have an impact. It is hard to like a character you don’t really get attached to, or care that much about.

Libby: I wasn’t sad when Libby died, I was stunned and was horrified for Hugo but she didn’t really add much. She was sweet but for the most part she was just there.

Shannon: I don’t hate Shannon like most people do. I know that she is a good person because Sayid saw it in her. We are all a bit self-centered, she just showed it more. She wasn’t very helpful and was extremely annoying and I didn’t miss her like I still miss Boone.


Michael: Michael was fine until he killed Ana Lucia and Libby, and then proceeded to leave Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to the Others. He only thinks about himself and never wanted Walt until he was thrown at him. At least he is stuck on the island as part of the whispers forever.

Ana Lucia: She was a tough cookie Hispanic woman and I never liked her. She matched up well with Sawyer but she always seemed so nasty. The survivors didn’t really like her either. I thought she added something different to the show but for the most part she seemed evil.

Widmore: He was an ass. He kept Desmond from Penny and only wanted power. He was evil and selfish. He kept all the survivors from being rescued by staging a fake plan and never was punished. I am glad Ben never killed Penny because that would have made Desmond sad but I hope Widmore’s strained relationship with her hurt like hell.


Nikki and Paolo: I understand that the majority of the fans hate them but I don’t really care. I barely knew them and until they were buried alive I didn’t even know their names.

Charlotte: The love interest of Daniel, she died too soon for us to really get to know her. Her eyes were a bit freaky but she seemed like a nice person.

Ilana: Jacob’s body-guard. She did what she was told and did it well which I can respect but I have no idea who she is so I can’t judge whether I like her or not.


None: Every character served its purpose. To hate anyone would mean you hated what they brought to the show. Everything brought to the show lead up the grand finale and helped answer all the questions that surround this accomplishment.





Lost Season 3

Season 3 of lost was a lot weirder than the first two. We saw the Others’ compound, learned about some of the mysteries, and there were new connections. Overall it was pretty good and lived up to its description of Sci-Fi Drama.


Sawyer, Kate, and Jack spent a good part of the season early on trapped at the compound. Jack was in an underwater prison like room where he met Juliet. Kate and Sawyer were put in cages outside. Sawyer was able to get fish biscuits using a hilarious device. He was also the compound punching bag. He was tortured and manipulated in ways that I believe would have disgusted Sayid’s Republican Guard friends. The pacemaker thing was just sick, but kudos to the writers for that idea. Through all this he and Kate protected each other and now have a complicated relationship. Jack was able to save them but he had to also save Ben. I believe his intentions were pure in that he wanted to save Kate and maybe Sawyer and getting himself and Juliet off the island was an added bonus.

One More Down

Eko’s death was surprising to me. I thought he was a well-rounded character who kinda took Locke’s place when he was gone. It was fascinating to have the monster kill him because earlier Charlie watched as Eko stood their staring at the monster’s “face”.

Finally Some Science Fiction

The previous two season definitely had the science fiction element but it was more of a drama. Season 3 had crazy ass gadgets and happenings that truly now make this a sci-fi show. For instance Desmond’s time travel/flashes, the sonic weapon fence, death of all pregnant women, and most importantly, Apparently they were all confirmed dead.

Fence of Death

The sonic fence that kills anything that passes through is really freaky. I don’t know if it is possible to make such a contraption in real life, but it does its job. What happened to the one-eyed man was disgusting and I was stunned to see him back to life later in the season.

Pregnancy Problems

We learned why Claire was abducted! All women who get pregnant on the island end up dying and Juliet is supposed to solve the problem. We also learn that Sun slept with Jae but Jin is the father because men’s sperm count increases to about 5 times as much on the island.I found this answer to be satisfying, the only thing I can’t figure out is why they hung Charlie from a tree. Maybe they were afraid he would find his way back to the medical hatch.

Worst Man Alive

Locke’s father stole his kidney and pushed him out a window trying to kill him but instead paralyzed him. We also learn that He was the man who caused Sawyer’s father to kill himself and his wife. Even before the Sawyer revelation (which I never saw coming) I thought Locke’s father was incarnate evil and that no man alive should ever have enough evil in him to do the things he did. This connection between characters was amazing. It caused Sawyer to kill an innocent man and then he killed the right one. Justified or not, he said he would do it before he ever ended up on the island.

Who are Nikki and Paolo?

There was a whole episode directed to this question. They seemed like such random characters and then Expose. It was a who-done-it episode where both ended up mysteriously dead. Well it turns out they weren’t the greatest people. Con-Artists and thieves, Nikki paralyzed Paolo leading both of them to be bitten by a much worse spider. Karma?

Let’s Be Friends

Hurley and Sawyer are getting closer. They had the car riding and beer drinking experience together. They also played a game of ping-pong where Sawyer lost miserably and had to lose calling people by nicknames. I like Sawyer’s nicknames. For the most part they are fairly accurate and always bring laughs, but it was also funny watching him struggle with calling people by their real names. Hurley also pulled a con on Sawyer saying that he had to be nice or he was going to be forced off the beach. It was priceless. Sawyer seems to be a much friendlier person since getting out of the compound.

No Speaky English

Whenever someone tries to talk with Jin there is a lot of the head nodding and smiles followed by a “you have no idea what I’m saying do you?”. He is starting to pick it up and it is really cute when he speaks it. At the beginning I thought Jin and Sun would be dead by the end of the first season, but I am glad they are still around. I am starting to really like their characters. And as the series progresses the tables are turning. Jin is becoming more likeable as we start to feel a little less sorry for Sun.

Eye Color

This is just a random observation, but a lot of the characters have greenish eyes. It is like the Crakers Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. Locke, Charlie, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Paolo,  and Nikki all have greenish eyes. It is strange. Juliet has eyes that are a little blueish-green and most  of the characters that have brown eyes are people of darker skin color.


Desmond received weird futuristic flashes have Charlie dying. He saved him three times that we know of and all season it was just horrifying to watch and know that our beloved Charlie is going to die.When he had to do it to save Claire I knew he would. He loved her and would do anything for her. I thought we might get lucky when Charlie was being tortured in that he would only be tortured and not killed. But he did drown like Desmond saw, and told Desmond an important message. I hope Charlie didn’t die in vain because he finally did something that he can be remembered for. As seen as the useless druggie, he became an asset and a friend to many at camp. You will be missed and I cried when you died.

We’re Dead?

When The 4 buddies found Naomi in the jungle and she told them that they found their remains in the ocean and that everybody thought they were dead, I was totally baffled. Are they living in a parallel universe? Are they really dead and living in hell like Locke’s dad said? Or did the people get it wrong? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.

Flash Forward

For the most part, each episode has had a series of flashbacks focusing on one character. We learned about where they came from and made each character loveable or hateable. (please tell me if you hate a character, cause I don’t think that is possible). Then on the last episode, which appeared to be a depressed Jack before the crash turns out to be a depressed Jack after the Crash. We see him with Kate wanting to go back. I am intrigued and want to know more about what everyone does after they get rescued or leave the island.

Locke Off the Deep End

Everyone thinks Locke has lost his mind. He stays with the Others and no one trusts him anymore. They also lost trust in Jack. He spent so much time at the compound and the defended Juliet for a long time. It was weird having everybody think Jack was on the other side but it led to some great moments.


Will we see more  flash forwards?

What about that damn monster?

How many more people are going to die?

What other connections will arise?

Who is Jacob? Does he exist? Is he really invisible?

Is Charlie really dead or will he be sprung back to life?

Where are the polar bears from?

What happens now that Danielle has found Alex?

Was the fence put up to fend of furry critters or the monster?

Will Kate end up with Sawyer or Jack or Neither?

Will Juliet ever be fully accepted?

Will Locke be able to go back to the beach?

Is Claire going to be saved like in the vision?

What about the numbers?

Will anyone else be able to Time Travel?

What else is there to know about the Dharma Initiative.

That’s probably enough but this show I swear has more questions arising than questions being answered. As the show goes on, it gets much more complicated. Nothing is ever what it seems to be. I can’t wait for season 4!

Project Runway 9.03


This was a truly unique challenge. I didn’t know Heidi could walk on stilts and I kept waiting for one of the girls to fall. The designers get to work in pairs which they hate but the producers love because DRAMA!

We’re Partners? Crap!

Viktor was less than thrilled to be working with Bert. After last weeks episode and throughout this episode I can see why. After contemplating which one I sided with for awhile I decided on neither. Here’s why.

1. Bert picked the fabric the judges hated

2. Viktor’s immature response had the team screwed from the start.

3. Neither seemed happy with the design that they thought was each others.

4. Bert doesn’t listen well, and Viktor runs off when there is confrontation.

Bryce and Fallene weren’t upset with each other, but neither seemed happy to work with the other.

Anthony Ryan and Laura worked well together.

Cecilia wouldn’t express her opinions out loud too much and Danielle is really quiet.

Josh and Julie were hilarious together. Neither seemed excited at first but as the challenge progressed they got into a rythem.

Becky and Kimberly were a weird team. Kimberly didn’t understand Becky and Becky just worked.

And the so called “Dream Team”, Olivier and Anya. They both were very relaxed even with Olivier’s immunity and neither loved the look but it was good enough.

Bad Comments

Listening to Cecilia and Kimberly’s comments as they walked down the runway I was stunned to see them in the top. Both of them didn’t really like the look and they almost won. Insanity!

Top 3

Kimberly and Becky: I liked it. Impeccably made and futuristic looking, it stood out and was extremely good. My one question is, aren’t models not supposed to have tattoos?

Anthony Ryan and Laura: The red was beautiful. It flowed well and the feathers, glued or sewed, we a nice touch without over doing it. Let me just say this one more time, that skirt moved fantastically on the runway. It was gorgeous.

Cecilia and Danielle: I hated it. It was so housewife, maid. Maybe it was just the hair that did that. I agree that it was sewn extremely well, but dear lord it was ugly.

Winner: Laura. Anthony Ryan took the high road and gave the win to her on the runway. My question though is this, if she won why did Nina scold him for being to referential? Why not scold her or both of them? Doesn’t make any sense.

Bottom 3

Bert and Viktor: I could have called this from the beginning. It was ugly. It was like old curtains and sofas. Just weird and ugly. There was no saving this team after Viktor’s bad attitude and Bert’s opinions and fabric selection.

Josh and Julie: I actually liked it. Was it a costume, Yes. But those pants were awesome. I am glad neither got sent home. They were hilarious together.

Fallene and Bryce: Bryce made all the ugly stuff and Fallene the wonderful hair piece. It wasn’t ugly, but it was boring. It had no life to it and was way too Black Swan.

Loser: Fallene. She didn’t make anything for the dress and I believe Viktor is a better designer based on his previous work. Bryce maybe should have gone home but he actually did something. Even if it was ugly.

The Middle

Anya and Olivier: It was okay. The fabric for the skirt was wonderful and pretty. But the top was bad and it was a little boring.

Side Notes

Watching the models walk, the stuff the did with their arms  (I presume to keep them balanced) was creepy and off putting.

Kim Kardashian was a terrible judge. I have nothing against her but she barely said anything. At least she said some negative things because I hate the guests who aren’t harsh.

The question that keeps arising in my house is, will Anthony Ryan ever win a challenge? Or will he be like those stars who can’t win an Emmy no matter how many times they are nominated?

Josh’s gender swapping comment with him and Julie is one of the best lines in all of Project Runway.

Lost Season 2

Just finished season 2 of Lost and it does not disappoint. We have moved passed the struggle to survive and are now more into the mysteries of the island.

A few new faces

Michael and Sawyer wash up on shore to find Jin and what they think are The Others. Instead they have found the tail survivors lead by the crazed Ana Lucia. Kept in a hole the tail survivors learn that the 3 Amigos aren’t after them and also survived the plane crash, they set out on a journey to their camp.

Love Triangle

On the journey back to camp Sawyer gets extremely ill from his gunshot wound and Jack fixes him up in the Hatch. While under medication and kinda out of it, Sawyer says that he loves Kate.  A little later Kate kisses Jack and we find out after that, that Jack wasn’t sorry she did it. This triangle was going on in season 1 if you weren’t blind but it kinda came to life in season 2. To top it all off, all three of them are taken by the Others while Hugo gets to tell the rest at camp about it.

Another Baby Bump

One more magical happening on the island is that Sun is pregnant. With Jin unable to have a child due to problems it is a miracle and a mystery as to how she is pregnant. Is it the Island or did she have relations with her English teacher/friend?


After weeks of believing that her husband is still alive, Rose is finally reunited with Bernard. We learn that she had cancer and couldn’t be cured but since coming on the Island she knows it isn’t there. She tells Bernard and he decides to stop making an SOS to get off the Island.

Battle for Power

Jack and Locke are at odds all season. Both want control and to trust the other but neither will give it up. There feuding leads Sawyer to con them so he can take all the guns. Locke believes that pushing the button is the most important thing to do, while Jack thinks it is ridiculous.

Thrown Out

Claire is super pissed at Charlie. She thinks he is using again and doesn’t want her baby to be around a negative influence. Charlie is pissed at Locke because he seems to have taken his place by Claire’s side. Charlie is always tempted to use but by the end of the season he has thrown all the Virgin Marys into the sea. He also has reconnected with his faith as he builds a church with Eko.

The Captured Man

Danielle captures a man who goes by Henry and is from minnesota. He crashed in a balloon and his wife died. All Lies! He is one of the Others. And at the end he could quite possibly be their leader. He gets beaten by Sayid and nearly killed by Ana Lucia. He is slightly creepy and escapes with the help of Michael. I hope to see more of him.

Hurley in Love

We learn the Hurley was in a mental hospital for believing that he killed a couple people after stepping out on a bridge or porch. He is a friend named Dave who is a negative influence over him and isn’t real. It takes his friend and wannabe girl friend Libby to smack him back into the real world. It is nice to see him happy and gaining his confidence. When Libby dies, I am much more heart broken for him because he may never have the courage that he had when he asked her out again.

Button of Hell

At the end of the season Locke decides that pushing the button is unneeded and wants to know what happens if you don’t. Desmond returns and looks through the manuscripts to find that the day he didn’t press the button was the day the plane crashed. Eko desperately believes that the button is his calling and tries to blow open the door but only succeeds in blowing himself and Charlie almost to death. When the button doesn’t get pressed a huge electromagnetic field occurs and makes every metal thing fly across the room. Then at the very end we see a couple of researches picking up the electric signal and calling a lady and telling her they found the plane.

This season was awesome. Just as addicting as the first if not more. the addition of the new people was nice, even if you didn’t like them. I am so happy Rose found her husband and was as stunned as Hurley to find that he was white. The death of Shannon was a jump out of my seat moment followed by sadness for Sayid. But at least she can be with her brother again.

I am also surprised to find that Walt was gone nearly all season. Usually writers end an arc like that through the middle of the season but these writers thought it would be best to save for the end. I agree.

The finale is awesome. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, but I am also really nervous for them.

This season just reinforced my love of the characters. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ana Lucia but like she said no one ever likes her. I thought she fit well with the show but she just bugged me.

Charlie is still sweet. Sawyer is still a funny ass. Jack got better though his control freakness kinda blew up with John. Jin and Sun are becoming more relateable. Kate is still Kate. Hurley is loveable and is still hilarious. Sayid is still cool. Eko has mad skills like Locke. I wanted to hit Michael when he killed Ana Lucia and Libby even after I understood why. Everyone is awesome in their own special way.

Questions for Season 3

Will the rest find out that Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia?

Will Charlie and Eko finish the church?

What is going to happen to the captured 3 and why that trio??

Will they keep pressing the button?

Where did the monster go?

What did they do to Walt?

How many more people are going to die?

What are the men at the research facility going to do?

What about the numbers?

And so many more that I can’t even think of.