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Parts of the Past Season that People are Forgetting

There was many things that happened last year in May and just about every TV show had at least one major storyline/season finale moment. But people are only focusing on the big moment. There are many other things that I would like to see dealt with too. Let’s start with the big one.

The Mentalist

Everyone is hung up on the fact that Jane killed Red John. Yes, it is huge. And it is something that I didn’t see coming and I really want to see the fall out. But the thing people are forgetting is that Grace killed her fiance. She didn’t kill someone she hated, she killed the man she was going to marry, the man she loved. That has to take its toll on a person. I have to hope that the writers won’t forget this and we will see an emotionally distraught CBI Agent.

The Big Bang Theory

People want to know the fall out of Raj and Penny’s night. I want to too, but I also want to know more about Howard and Bernadette’s dispute. I really hope they get married. They are perfect for each other and can you just imagine the Jewish/Catholic wedding? How hilarious would that be. They don’t have to have kids, but they should be together. Also I want to know how Leonard and Priya are going to do long distance.

Criminal Minds

Okay, there are so many big ones here. The team is going to find out that Prentiss is not dead and JJ is coming back. I don’t know what I am most excited for, but America seems to focus on Prentiss more. The last scene with JJ and Rossi was a bit strange last year and I can’t wait to get the team back together. Also, how are they going to dispose of Nichols?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ted Danson is in. Hurray! I hope. Everyone is focused on how he will relate to the rest of team, but I want to know how Ray is going to leave. Are they just going to say he moved to be with his ex? That’s my guess but maybe he landed himself in jail. That would be kinda awesome. I just hope the writers do it right this time.


Anyone who thinks Beckett could die, is an idiot. She is Castle’s other half as the stars of this show. I want to meet the new captain, so sad and stunned that Montgomery is dead, but I heard it was a woman and she is going to be a tough cookie. I hope the writers spend some more time on Esposito and Ryan this year. Everyone gets pissed when Castle is mentioned in lists about best ensembles, but it isn’t an ensemble. It is the Kate and Castle show, with a bunch of sidekicks. I love Beckett and Castle but I want to get to know the other characters too.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to stunners and can’t wait for premieres. I am excited to see the premiere of Hawaii Five-O especially sins it will have Terry O’Quinn on it. However NCIS lost pretty much all of its appeal to me. I hope we get to see Jimmy’s wedding. NCIS: LA is worse. There is only one question on HIMYM, who the hell is Barney marrying? CSI: NY and Blue Bloods wrapped up nicely last season, so they can start fresh this year. Same with Modern Family. I just can’t wait for good TV in less than a week.


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I live a pretty boring life but over the years this boring life has allowed me to develop a love and appreciation for the the television and movie industries. I realized that I loved movies when I would sit down and watch the credits when the rest of my friends and family would leave. I have a deep respect for anyone in the TV or film making industries. My all time favorite movie is Fight Club because of the lessons it teaches and for its overall impact on my life.

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