Project Runway 9.08

Oh Dear Lord

A men’s challenge. The disaster of season 4 comes back. The only designer to do men’s is Olivier. Not only that, they are part of a band called “Sheep Dog” that will be on the cover of Rolling Stone sometime in the near future. The prize is great, but the challenge is difficult. Not only because they are men, but to me, they had a questionable style.

Not Again!

So they learn of that not only will they be designing for men, but they will be designing in “teams”. After the freak out of oh no, I don’t like this person, they are told that they will be judged individually. Why wouldn’t you just have the button bag and pull out two names and say, you get this musician. The team thing was dumb and unnecessary.

Then Olivier starts making his condescending comments again! “I got the biggest one, he is massive, he is huge, the mannequin is not big enough.” Dear Lord! As a designer it is your job to create clothes for normal human beings. And the leader who’s name is slipping my mind is not fat. Yeah, he is a big dude, but he could snap Olivier with his fingers. And I felt bad for him. Actually I thought all the guys were slightly embarrassed to be wearing some of those clothes.

Let’s just get to the designs. I am not really sure who was in the top or bottom but I will try my best.

Top 3

Bert: It kills me to say this, but this was one of the better ones. It looked slightly rock n’ roll and I liked the pants. (Puking right now, this is so hard to say). I have a soft spot for pin stripes.

Josh: Front good, the zipper is okay, not something I am necessarily looking for when I see men, but it serves its purpose. I like the vest and then he turns around.  It is a disaster back there. Josh went nuts after going simple last week. Oh and I won’t even start on those butt pockets. How awful.

Viktor: Probably the best. It was made well, and the jacket did look expensive. Not my style or how I would want a star to look but he looked a lot better than the others.


Viktor obviously. I think he is gaining more respect in the judges eyes. He has a good taste level and can definitely make some impeccable clothes. Great job this week!

Bottom 3

Anya: Finally we see that lack of sewing knowledge. I liked the idea of the pants if they were made well but the top was a little messiah. Especially with that head band, I just didn’t get it. Yes, he wants to look hippyish but no one wants to look like an actual hippie anymore.

Kimberly: Boring. Nothing special about it and I agree with the judges, bowling shirt came to mind. I half expected to see Charlie Harper wearing that.

Olivier: Bad, bad, bad. Gross fabric, bland pants, and poorly made. Way to much wrong here to start on. It was just ugly and terrible.


Olivier. Hurray! the ass is gone. I couldn’t listen to anymore of his comments. The outfit was easily the worst. Unfinished and bad concept? not a good match.


Anthony Ryan: Not his best. I actually liked the fabric, but it was a little feminine. The fringe on the back was okay and we finally got to see that he can make pants. However, they weren’t that fantastic. Next, we need him to make something with sleeves.

Laura: She gave him red pants, but that was about it. The top was purple, and girly. I don’t think up-and-coming Rock Stars want to look like their wives dressed them. Too much purple. What is wrong with black?

Side notes:

Could they really not think of a better name than “Sheep Dog”?

I don’t think the winning member really liked his outfit.

Adam Lambert was hilarious. He added nearly nothing to the show, but would burst out laughing after almost every single one of Michael’s one-liners. So funny. He was a fun judge to have. And I don’t even watch Idol.

Will Anya’s lack of sewing skills bite her again? She has great ideas and great taste. I feel like if she makes it to the final 3 she will have a terrific chance at winning. I don’t really know if that is a good or bad thing.

Please no more men’s challenges. This one wasn’t very good and the fact that the menswear designer was sent packing on the menswear challenge doesn’t bode well for it.

Based one who’s left, it is nearly impossible for me to tell who is going to be the final 3. The only one who hasn’t been at the top a lot is Kimberly and it’s not like she’s been in the bottom a whole lot either.



Project Runway 9.08

Another day and another challenge. The designers look slightly beat at this point and this is the time in every season where we start to see people slip up, and lose their mojo. I wish most the designers the best as the season chugs on.

Men? What the Hell?

So the fabulous Heidi Klum comes out and says that they won’t be using their models this time, but will have a client. Then comes out 9 men of all different shapes and sizes. The look of horror on everyone’s face was priceless. Anya gets to pick first and the rest are done through the button bag. As expected the thinner men get chosen first. Olivier starts condescendingly saying that he can’t work with fat people. I want to snap his head off for this comment. How rude! As a designer it should be your goal to design for people of all different sizes. I am sorry that we are not all size 0, and it is comments like these that make everyone so self conscious about how they look.

Tim Saves the Day

Back at the workroom Tim comes in and tells them that they won’t be designing for the men, but for the men’s special ladies. I could almost feel the sigh of relief. The men then have to explain the women’s style to the designers and some really aren’t that sure. Bert is working for a man who is obsessed with his lady’s breasts and Anthony Ryan gets to recreate a dress that the dude lost awhile ago. This all seemed a bit weird. I am just glad they brought the women in to say what they want.


So the men get to go to mood with the designers and Olivier is running around asking what DD means. How do you not know this? I know you are not a girl but you ARE a designer. You should know what all the sizes mean. When he finds out that it means big boobs, he is horrified and starts saying that he doesn’t like boobs and that all women should be flat breasted. At this point I am almost to the point where I want to break my beloved TV he is annoying me so much.

Top 3

Anya: I like it, but can’t stand the sleeve. That woman looks amazing in it. She could go anywhere and people would be like WOW!

Joshua: An amazing little black dress. It was adorable and she looked so happy in it. The lace was perfect and the flow of the skirt was fantastic.

Viktor: Dear lord she looked fabulous. She looked quirky, cute, professional, and so much more. It was the perfect outfit for her.


Josh: I don’t get it, the black dress was great, but Viktor’s outfit was so perfect. It was more than his client could have ever wanted and the fact that possibly a pair of sunglasses kept him from a win.

Bottom 3

Anthony Ryan: It fit well, and didn’t do harm to her body, but it was old or futuristic. It just didn’t look like it should be in this time period. It could have been worse.

Bert: Oh she didn’t look very good in this. It should have been so much better. Look it was sewn well but like they told Becky, this is not America’s best seamstress.

Bryce: Ew, huge pockets, poor fit, and so many other things. Just went terribly wrong.


Bryce: Good luck Bryce but you were long overdue. The dress was bad, I can only imagine what the other one would have been.

The Middle

Kimberly: Nothing special. She looked good in it so mission accomplished.

Laura: Look for a woman who wants Barbie, she got Barbie. But it was done right so she looked great.

Olivier: The top is nice, but I hate those pants. They make her butt look huge. She is a beautiful woman and it doesn’t really do her justice.

Side Notes

I am still pissed at Olivier. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of him before but I never disliked him. I found his color palate to be bland and boring, I never got on the fake accent bandwagon because quite frankly I don’t care, and I think he has some good ideas. But this week he just irritated me to know end. And he made Tim raise his voice. I just can’t see him being a real designer if he refuses to work with clients and can’t accept that most women aren’t a size 2.

Viktor got cheated again. He is always in the top, or should be in the top most of the time, but can never nag that win. The one win he does have, he shares with Josh. And then this week Josh steals it from him. Of all the designers left, I truly believe Viktor has the best sense of style. I just hope the judges see it too.

Speaking of Josh, I thought he did a great job of holding back this week. I could tell he just wanted to decorate that dress to hell. I don’t really like him as a person but it says a lot when you can work well with a client.

What about Kimberly? She is always in the middle. I have almost no idea as to who she is as a person or what her aesthetic is. She has just floated through this competition. I don’t think she is trying to just stay safe, I just don’t think she as the design that the judges want to see.

I want Anthony Ryan to make pants. I like him, I think he is a nice person, he has an awesome accent considering he is from the south, but he only makes dresses and skirts. I want to see that he knows how to make pants. Hell Anya has made pants and she just learned to sew. It’s hard to believe that that used to be a major issue.

Heidi is still in love with Bert. I hate it. Bert gets saved because she has a soft spot for him. Judges are supposed to be unbiased and I am pretty sure Nina and Michael are, but Heidi so has her favorites. And unfortunately for us, that means Bert gets to hang around.


Project Runway 9.07

Good Morning!

So Josh M wakes up in a fabulous mood. He decides that he is super pissed about not winning the last challenge. I’m sorry, but this is a stupid thing to bitch about considering Anthony deserved it more and you weren’t on the bottom.

Oh Goody, Teams

Heidi is on the runway with the black button bag. She announces, to everyone’s delight, that they will be working in teams of 5. Anthony Ryan gets to be the first team “captain” and Josh M. is chosen to be the second. They go through the school yard pick until Bert is last yet again. Back in the workroom they are told that they will be designing their own fabric. Anthony Ryan and Company decide to use inkblot as their inspiration and declare that they are “Team Chaos”. Personally I loved the idea. While Josh M. and all his little minions are arguing over everything. They eventually decide on Clocks and are team “Nuts and Bolts”. Question Mark? Where does the inspiration of a clock even come from? It was so out there.  But better than Josh’s Village People inspiration. Like, what the hell man?

The Fabrics Arrive

Can I just say how disappointed I was that all the fabrics were in black and white. I love black and white, but you have the chance to design a pattern. Make something fun. They should have saved this for when they weren’t working in teams. Then I think we would have seen something whimsical from Becky, crazy from Josh, and just peppier all around.

Harmony and Out of Control

Team Chaos is working together beautifully. They are all responding too each other and listening and just being helpful. One of the happiest teams to watch in all of Project Runway. While this makes us viewers happy it can also be boring. Thank God for Team Nuts and Bolts. Dear Lord. They had so many problems. You have Josh acting as Hitler. Bert is just being himself and actually looking pretty good next to Josh. Becky was verbally abused by Josh in a previous challenge. Bert can’t stand Laura and Josh M. And Kimberly just stayed out of all of it. She probably could have helped a bit but when you have people with egos the size of the universe, there is almost no stopping it. Then master Tim walks into the room. After praising Team Chaos he has only bad things to say about the other crew. Thinks get so bad during the talk that Tim has the team hold hands and possibly pray? Whatever voodoo Tim did, it worked. Well, at least the drama was minimized.


Team Chaos. No surprise here.

Anthony Ryan: I liked his look. It was definitely more for a slightly older woman and wasn’t the best in the group but it was still fabulous. My only complaint is the asymmetry in the skirt. Wasn’t the whole plan to make everything symmetrical?

Anya: I really liked Anya’s look. It was cool, sleek, and modern. I could see anybody walking down the street in that and watching guys turn their heads.

Bryce: It was fine. Worst of the top but still wearable. I really liked the back, but nothing about it made me think it was original.

Olivier: I hate those pantst. The Jacket was wonderfully made and it should’ve been considering how much time he spent on it.

Viktor: Once again, I loved his look. He did such a great job. It was beautiful and the dress flowed amazingly. Viktor could quite frankly be the most underrated designer this season.


Anya. I don’t know why other than Bryce saying she should win. I am happy for her and like her, but this challenge should have been Viktor’s. That gown was stunning, and apparently he helped Anya on her look. Whatever, Anya is proving to be a great designer even if her sewing skills are lacking.


Team Nuts and Bolts.

Becky: boring. I was pleased with the skirt that she eventually landed on but if you have that much time to make 3 unoriginal skirts, then you should have time to make one amazing outfit. She did not and it was noticed. Boring jacket, tank, and skirt. Hurray.

Bert: I wish the judges would have said just how unflattering the dress was on her body. It made her look huge. I liked the fabric but not that much of it. It wasn’t he worst but there was nothing special about it. And it was ugly.

Josh: I actually like the concept of his jacket. I think a woman would actually want to wear that if those pants were no where in sight. I don’t know what is going on with the top underneath and his attitude stinks but he did design something unique.

Kimberly: The only designer not to use the custom fabric. Her top half was great but that skirt. I can’t believe she didn’t catch any hype for it. Not only was it made of the worst texture I have ever seen it kept riding up and became extremely short. Is it too hard to make an appropriately long skirt?

Laura: I didn’t like how loose it was. It was like gym clothes or pajamas. She also used very little of fabric which is fine considering it was a jumpsuit and I think she was the only one on the team who at least tried to keep the team together.


Becky. Poor Becky. She takes so much crap and then is thrown out. I think she was right in saying that she is more commercial. She has great ideas but they aren’t necessarily high fashion. Good Luck to her and I will miss her funny, quirky comments.

Side Notes

I like Anthony Ryan but lets face it, he puts out the same thing nearly every time. A sleeveless dress that is either long or short. And he mixes it up a bit with separates but come on, make a pair of pants.

Bryce is still here. Hurray. He should so be out. Even his latest look, though okay, was uninspired.

I actually found the clip of Josh M talking to his dad heartbreaking. I lost my grandpa a few years ago and it took a good year and a half to get over it. I can’t imagine losing your mother. He is still an evil dictator, and this doesn’t give him the right to be a bitch.

I think Josh might actually be insane.

I here all these comments about how this season sucks. I disagree. We have our villains, you can choose between Josh or Bert. Most of the people have a great personality. Anthony Ryan, Viktor, Anya, Becky, Josh C, and a few more. The rest aren’t bad either. Everyone at the moment, besides Bryce, has the potential in my mind to make a collection. This season will probably not end like the last one. The producers have to prove that evil does not conquer all on project runway.


Which Designers Will Make It?

It’s season 9 of Project Runway and the competition looks really good. So lets see how they stack up.

When I’m writing this: after art/avant garde week. Josh C just went home for the 2nd time.

Boys First!

Bert: Look I don’t like Bert. He is ornery, opinionated, and hard to work with. But Heidi loves him. His first dress was stunning but he has had some that were just awful. I would be surprised if he didn’t make the top 5 or 6.

Viktor: I believe Viktor is one of the better designers. Last week was no fluke. If you look at the dresses before they are all beautiful, and some of them should have been in the top 3. I would really like to see a collection out of him.

Josh M: Josh is funny and he knows who he is as a designer which is a plus for him. The only thing that could keep Josh from going forward is his love for going over the top. I think it will catch him at some point.

Anthony Ryan: He is a great designer. Almost all of his looks have been fabulous. The only thing is that he likes to use the same silhouettes and designs each one differently. I feel he has to make pants soon before the judges start to notice it too. But he definitely has the talent to make it. Oh and he guaranteed top 9.

Bryce: who are we kidding? If Bryce makes it the world will come to an end. There have been so many weeks where he was so lucky to not be in the bottom 3. I think he has to grow into himself first and figure out what he is to really make an impact.

Olivier: apparently he has a fake accent, or that is what everyone is saying. But as a designer he is super boring. All his clothes are bland and I wish he would use some color. Plus he works slow.

Now for the Girls!

Laura: Laura isn’t the Malibu Barbie that came in week one. Even though the one win she has was handed to her, it built up her confidence and now she is a forerunner for the girls.

Becky: I like Becky. I like her quirky style but I don’t think the judges will always like it. She takes a lot of crap and for the most part handles it well but sometimes the designers are right. I don’t know if she has it in her to make a complete collection. I hope she does and I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Becky I would just be surprised to see her in the top 5.

Anya: Anya is a great designer. All her outfits have been impressive. Like they’ve been saying she can’t sew. At some point there is going to be a one day, over-the-top challenge and I think her lack of skills will catch up. The upside for her, is that she is a minimalist designer and that works with her no skills at sewing.

Kimberly: She has that hard edge to her, which the other girls don’t. She won the Nina challenge which is a big plus but as for her existence on the show, you barely notice that she is there. She is great at tailoring and has the skills. She just has to do it.

So basically after running through the designers it is impossible to see who will make. Everyone has a plus side and a downside. I can’t pick a top 3 because I am biased and don’t want to see some people go home.


Project Runway 9.06

Let me just say that I was still traumatized by the aftermath of last weeks episode. Thank God this one was not nearly as stressful.

Little Buddies

The designers get to design an Avant garde using the inspiration of a painting which they get to help paint with a teenager.

Why are people so afraid of kids? These aren’t even little kids. Laura’s little worker was hilarious and Bert and Viktor just seemed a bit out of place. For the most part though, everybody seemed to enjoy the experience.

Working Away

The workroom was slightly uneventful this week, which is fine. Too much drama is exhausting. Some of the contestants bought the ugliest fabric I have ever seen. Bryce’s orange, Josh C.’s faux fur, Anya’s ancient pattern. Just too much. I am not a fashion forward person and even I know that Avant Garde does not mean costume. It happens every time they have a challenge like this. Weirdly though, most were underwhelming instead of overwhelming.

Confusing Runway

Did anybody really know who was on the bottom after the questioning? Until the judges started talking about the top and bottom I had some idea but was pretty confused.

Top 3

Anthony Ryan: after last weeks disaster he really proved himself this week. The dress was simple, yet had technique that was different from a normal dress. It represented the painting well and probably the best from all the designers.

Josh M.: I couldn’t help think of Fallene’s dress that landed in the bottom a few weeks ago. It had the inspiration from the painting and the personal touch that should have made us cry but because we have seen the nasty, bitchy side of him, it just brought him down to a more human level. It was just okay in my mind. And the hair was awful.

Laura: Laura’s dress no matter how hard I try I cannot see the painting in this dress. Yes it looks like a flower, but the flower in the painting was bright red. It is really pretty but didn’t deserve to be the winner.


Anthony Ryan! He is no longer a bridesmaid. After weeks of being on the top then suddenly nearly being sent home he won a challenge. It was the only one in my mind that truly brought out the painting. I wish all the fabric panels were firmly put on but it was stunning.

Bottom 3

Josh C.: Losing the fur was a bad idea. I can’t believe I just sad that. But with it she wouldn’t have looked like a dominatrix/waitress. It was just bad.

Olivier: I agree with Heidi, every week I am underwhelmed by his bland colors. He had a gorgeous, colorful painting and it turned into a tan and light blue disaster. It was unfinished and it was ugly.

Bert: Like Michael Kors said “teletubby”. It was so ugly. The pants made her but look huge and not only that there were huge puffy shapes popping out everywhere.There was no part of that outfit that made the model look flattering.


Josh C, yet again. Apparently it gets easier but it has to still suck. This is why he should have kept the fur. Then at least he was going home on the original idea.

The Middle:

Anya: It was interesting and different. The neckline plunged a little to deep in the front though.

Becky: Besides the few dangley cubes, I liked it. I loved the progression of large chunky cubes, to green squares, to cutout squares. It was quite intriguing.

Bryce: Having a straight jacket as an inspiration is just awful. It was way to orange, and the skirt looked like a hundred pounds. Bryce is just lucky to be there still.

Kimberly: I really liked this. She looked like that girl you don’t want to mess with. The front was awesome but I hate the back.

Viktor: While I didn’t get the painting out of it, it was still beautiful. Parts of it looked a little like a quilt but the skirt was fabulous and the overall look was nice.

Side Notes

I think Heidi is in love with Bert. I don’t know how that dress wasn’t ugly. I just wish the judges would see the opinionated, grumpy Bert that is behind the sidelines.

The judges never seem to agree. Maybe if Nina came they would all be on the same page, but if one liked it, another one couldn’t stand it.


Project Runway 9.05

Boxes of Fun

The designers wake up to find that there are boxes with their names on them. Surprise! They get to put on New Balance running gear and head to a track. The designers learn that they will be working in teams and have to run to find out who is the team leader. I have a problem with this. It is a disadvantage to anyone who is older and to most girls. Of course the young guys won and Bert struggled to finish. The real stunner was when Olivier fell and passed out. That was a bit bizarre but let’s face it, he doesn’t look like the athlete type. He looks more like a brilliant guy who likes to read.

I Hate It Here

After last weeks challenge Cecilia made comments about how sad she was that Julie was gone but didn’t express this to anyone who could do anything about it. Then at the track she decides to quit with Tim and Heidi not really trying hard to change her mind. I hate people who quit. Who have an opportunity of a lifetime and you are going to throw it away?! I will never understand but I am glad she is gone. Then Viktor got to pick who came back which angered me too. The third place team got stuck with someone while the last place gets to choose from 4? At least make it fair and bring Julie back. At least Josh C has a good attitude and wants to learn. Cecilia never smiles and has a miserable outlook on life.

What Were You Thinking?

Heidi and Tim enter the workroom to find that it looks horrible. Nobody is on schedule, a lot of the outfits look terrible, and there are problems everywhere. So by the graces of Heidi she extends the deadline by 5 hours. Like Daniele said, this is good thing and a bad thing. You have more time to finish and think, but it is another the judges can throw at you if you are on the bottom. For the most part, I think it was good, we don’t need naked models walking down the runway.

Okay, I really have no idea who was on the top or bottom so we are going to break this down by team.

Team Viktor

Finally Viktor gets recognized! I have loved everything he has done except the Victorian thing in the stilts challenge. He was a great leader and helped everyone out, while making his look fantastic. I will say that I personally don’t think sneakers go with anything other than shirts, shorts, sweats, or jeans. But Viktor’s outfit changed my mind. It was awesome and should have been the sole winner. Also Josh C’s look was great. I believe it to be Viktor’s idea but it was still good. I actually liked Olivier’s too. It didn’t remind as much of a farm as it should have and was kinda pretty.

Team Josh M.

Let me just say that Josh is honest and that is unfortunately one of the upsides. I really liked Josh M but his actions towards Becky were just awful. Becky is a good designer. I have liked some of her things but to pick her as a seamstress at least tell her she isn’t going to be creating anything. Also don’t be cruel like 2nd graders. Keep your mouth shut and express you opinions in a civilized manner. Anya didn’t help much either. She only befriended Becky once Becky lost it. She should have told Josh to grow up. Also while Josh’s look was good it wasn’t great. Viktor this should have been all you this challenge.

Team Anthony Ryan

I wish the judges would see what all the viewers see. That Bert is stubborn and extremely hard to work. I agree that Bert’s design was the best of the 3 but I also agree with Anthony that it was cocktail dress. I don’t know where you would wear Anthony Ryan’s outfit but at least he knew it was bad. Laura’s was actually wearable but it was still bad. I just felt for this team. Bert looked like the poor old man who was beaten by the young bucks in the workroom but overcame to make something nice. Bert needs to realize that people try to work with him but he doesn’t let them in. He claims he doesn’t relate to anyone but at least try for pete’s sake. It is a pathetic excuse and I think after this more people are one Viktor’s side of the previous challenge.

Team Bryce

I don’t remember anything they created so I had to look at the pictures. Kimerly’s look was cool and sleek but you really shouldn’t wear that with tennis shoes. Bryce’s look could be worn with sneakers but it was a little basic. Nothing special though. Daniele once again managed to make yet another green blouse. At least change the color. It was awful but not as bad as Anthony’s. I love Anthony’s designs. He has a lot of potential and I feel like it would be unfair to send him home after struggling through an impossibly difficult situation when Gretchen got tons of chances.Plus I don’t even know what else Daniele can do.

Side Notes:

Bert continues to lose popularity

Josh M went from being one of my favorites to someone I would want to stay away from to keep my self-esteem up.

Becky is extremely funny

Josh C is the luckiest man alive at the moment

Viktor’s smile lit up the runway and Heidi may have changed her mind about him. God, I am glad they didn’t send him home. I think he deserves to be in the top 3.

Is anyone really sad that Cecilia left?

The fact that Anthony said that he hasn’t been this mad since he had cancer says a lot. I haven’t seen him lose his cool and I don’t think we really have seen it. I garuntee you I would have strangled Bert on the runway the fact that he didn’t yell or scream but just state the truth was impressive.

This episode was extremely stressful to watch. Team challenges can be great but someone is always going to be upset. Watching a great designer like Anthony tumble so far and seeing the cruelness in Josh does not make me want to watch team challenges. TV should be enjoyable not stressful. Unfortunately for me the worry-wart. It is almost always stressful with a touch of pleasure.



Tim Gunn on Craig

Hey Tim Gunn went on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, it was hilarious!

Watch it here

Can I just say I completely agree with Tim about the meat dress. The whole fly thing had never crossed my mind and now it just grosses me out even more.

Happy Birthday Tim!

He is such a sweetheart!

Oh and if someone could please explain the glittery ball, why is it something that Craig recommends not doing?