Keeping An Open Mind

I, for the most part, keep an open mind when it comes to watching and experiencing new things. This has allowed me to watch great movies and become addicted to fabulous TV shows. If the show or movie is highly recommended by a lot of people and I don’t watch it, I feel like I am missing out on something. Through this I have started watching Breaking Bad, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and a few more. And I guarantee that I will probably try more shows due to recommendations from others.

Last night I showed some friends my second favorite movie, American Beauty. I love the movie because I find it relatable, and I think Lester is a great character who should be looked upon as an idol.

Within the first 4 minutes one of them was telling me how stupid this movie was. I found this to be unbelievable. How can someone have such a closed mind that they aren’t even willing to try an oscar winning movie that sends a fabulous message? I didn’t get it. She tried it for 4 minutes. That isn’t even trying.

She kept asking me why the plastic bag was beautiful, she criticized the characters and wouldn’t accept them for who they are, and told me at least 10 times while watching it, that this movie was stupid. I believe had she kept an open mind she would have liked the movie.

Right after that I had to watch Britney Spears concert video with her. I was really upset because she didn’t get my movie and if you have ever seen American Beauty, you know that you can’t explain why it is great or what its message is. It is something that you either get or you don’t. And if you get it, it is spectacular. I tried to keep my mind open on Mrs. Spears and I found it to be a lot better than what I expected it to be. I told her that it wasn’t that bad and parts of it were enjoyable. Because I watch this, she was supposed to watch the first episode of Breaking Bad. But the more I thought about it the more I didn’t want her to ruin it for me. I love Breaking Bad. I think it is a fantastic show, and I would love to show it to more people. But she wants to watch what she likes and anything that is different sucks.

I realized that Breaking Bad is my treasure and I am not going to let her ruin it for me like she nearly ruined American Beauty for me. It is a show ment for the patient and open-minded. I would love to expose her to more things but if it doesn’t have a Disney star or Taylor Swift attached to it, she doesn’t want to see it. She is almost 19.

I broke down in fury and told her that I wasn’t going to make her watch it and she looked puzzled and asked why? I told her the truth and she got mad at me. Finally I just burst. I like grown up things. Things that are R rated or Emmy nominated. I like things that are critically acclaimed and meant to satisfy older people. I have no desire to watch anymore teenagers jumping up and down because they see Hannah Montana or Demi Lovato. I watched all of Pretty Little Liars so she could watch one 2 hour movie. If I had kept my mind closed and had been really stubborn, watching about 30 hours of a teenager show would have been hell. And the fact that she couldn’t do the same for me said something about our relationship.

Unfortunately for her, I would prefer to keep these gems of television shows and movies to myself. I want to love them and cherish them and if she ever comes to me one day, asking to watch one of them I will of course say yes. But forcing someone to watch something will always end in them hating it.

I’m not going to torture myself anymore. If they want to return to middle school and watch these things that I have tried to watch, they can. I will head to my room and watch something that interests me. If our relationship falls apart, well then that just means it wasn’t strong enough in the first place.

Through this I am part of a select few who appreciate Breaking Bad to no end, know the inside jokes of Parks and Rec, and am part of the cult hit that is Community. And I love being apart of these “institutions”.

Take this as a lesson. Watch new shows, experience new movies. You never know what kind of underground world you will uncover and you can say that you are a part of it.


The Serial Drama

I just finished watching all of Lost in about a week and got into Breaking Bad about a month ago. I love these shows. They are so addicting and the writing is excellent. Before these shows the closest thing I ever came to watching a serial drama is Gilmore Girls. (Which is a great show too, but not nearly as addicting). I wish networks would take a chance and do more of these. They are a risk and there is only a limited amount of seasons that can be done because there has to be an end game in mind, but if done right they are fantastic.

A serial drama is a TV show that has a running script from episode to episode. I usually watch crime shows that have a different situation each week and usually have a couple of story arcs that run through part of a season or seasons, but if you miss an episode it isn’t a big deal. However if I missed an episode of Breaking Bad, I would be really confused. You may be able to catch up but something minor could happen that comes back to life 5 episodes later and you have no idea what is going on. If you have the ability to commit to a show like Breaking Bad or Lost, you are rewarded.

This is not say that the other shows are bad, but they lose the addictiveness. The other downside to a serial drama is that it is hard to pick up a fan base if they didn’t see the show from the beginning. For instance, my mother watched the season premiere of Breaking Bad and liked it, but she hasn’t watched it since because it didn’t really make any sense to her. She told me that she had to buy the DVD which I would gladly let her do because the show is one of best I have ever seen.

I don’t know about you but the best part of the crime dramas are the story arcs. They usually revolve around a character and they give you a reason to tune in each week. The problem is when they run on too long. The Nate Haskell arc on CSI lasted for over two seasons. That was way too long. It lasted the entire run of Fishburne’s existence on the show. The NCIS story arc with EJ Barrett, while annoying, thankfully only lasted for a handful of episodes. It may sound contradictory to say that an arc can go long if I prefer the serial style, but I don’t necessarily want to be forced into watching every episode of every TV show I watch anyways. I usually do but sometimes there isn’t enough time.

I can’t wait till the next Lost or Breaking Bad comes out. Someone needs to step up and take a risk because the same old stuff on TV is getting pretty old.  The problem is, a risk will usually pay off huge like it did for Lost or it will fail miserably like so many other shows. Or if someone can make a show about a different drug business that is different from Breaking Bad I am in. There is absolutely no way it could be better but at least it could be interesting.

If someone knows of other really good serial dramas that are still on TV or have finished please feel free to recommend. These are the only two that I have seen and enjoyed them very much.

Lost Season 3

Season 3 of lost was a lot weirder than the first two. We saw the Others’ compound, learned about some of the mysteries, and there were new connections. Overall it was pretty good and lived up to its description of Sci-Fi Drama.


Sawyer, Kate, and Jack spent a good part of the season early on trapped at the compound. Jack was in an underwater prison like room where he met Juliet. Kate and Sawyer were put in cages outside. Sawyer was able to get fish biscuits using a hilarious device. He was also the compound punching bag. He was tortured and manipulated in ways that I believe would have disgusted Sayid’s Republican Guard friends. The pacemaker thing was just sick, but kudos to the writers for that idea. Through all this he and Kate protected each other and now have a complicated relationship. Jack was able to save them but he had to also save Ben. I believe his intentions were pure in that he wanted to save Kate and maybe Sawyer and getting himself and Juliet off the island was an added bonus.

One More Down

Eko’s death was surprising to me. I thought he was a well-rounded character who kinda took Locke’s place when he was gone. It was fascinating to have the monster kill him because earlier Charlie watched as Eko stood their staring at the monster’s “face”.

Finally Some Science Fiction

The previous two season definitely had the science fiction element but it was more of a drama. Season 3 had crazy ass gadgets and happenings that truly now make this a sci-fi show. For instance Desmond’s time travel/flashes, the sonic weapon fence, death of all pregnant women, and most importantly, Apparently they were all confirmed dead.

Fence of Death

The sonic fence that kills anything that passes through is really freaky. I don’t know if it is possible to make such a contraption in real life, but it does its job. What happened to the one-eyed man was disgusting and I was stunned to see him back to life later in the season.

Pregnancy Problems

We learned why Claire was abducted! All women who get pregnant on the island end up dying and Juliet is supposed to solve the problem. We also learn that Sun slept with Jae but Jin is the father because men’s sperm count increases to about 5 times as much on the island.I found this answer to be satisfying, the only thing I can’t figure out is why they hung Charlie from a tree. Maybe they were afraid he would find his way back to the medical hatch.

Worst Man Alive

Locke’s father stole his kidney and pushed him out a window trying to kill him but instead paralyzed him. We also learn that He was the man who caused Sawyer’s father to kill himself and his wife. Even before the Sawyer revelation (which I never saw coming) I thought Locke’s father was incarnate evil and that no man alive should ever have enough evil in him to do the things he did. This connection between characters was amazing. It caused Sawyer to kill an innocent man and then he killed the right one. Justified or not, he said he would do it before he ever ended up on the island.

Who are Nikki and Paolo?

There was a whole episode directed to this question. They seemed like such random characters and then Expose. It was a who-done-it episode where both ended up mysteriously dead. Well it turns out they weren’t the greatest people. Con-Artists and thieves, Nikki paralyzed Paolo leading both of them to be bitten by a much worse spider. Karma?

Let’s Be Friends

Hurley and Sawyer are getting closer. They had the car riding and beer drinking experience together. They also played a game of ping-pong where Sawyer lost miserably and had to lose calling people by nicknames. I like Sawyer’s nicknames. For the most part they are fairly accurate and always bring laughs, but it was also funny watching him struggle with calling people by their real names. Hurley also pulled a con on Sawyer saying that he had to be nice or he was going to be forced off the beach. It was priceless. Sawyer seems to be a much friendlier person since getting out of the compound.

No Speaky English

Whenever someone tries to talk with Jin there is a lot of the head nodding and smiles followed by a “you have no idea what I’m saying do you?”. He is starting to pick it up and it is really cute when he speaks it. At the beginning I thought Jin and Sun would be dead by the end of the first season, but I am glad they are still around. I am starting to really like their characters. And as the series progresses the tables are turning. Jin is becoming more likeable as we start to feel a little less sorry for Sun.

Eye Color

This is just a random observation, but a lot of the characters have greenish eyes. It is like the Crakers Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. Locke, Charlie, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Paolo,  and Nikki all have greenish eyes. It is strange. Juliet has eyes that are a little blueish-green and most  of the characters that have brown eyes are people of darker skin color.


Desmond received weird futuristic flashes have Charlie dying. He saved him three times that we know of and all season it was just horrifying to watch and know that our beloved Charlie is going to die.When he had to do it to save Claire I knew he would. He loved her and would do anything for her. I thought we might get lucky when Charlie was being tortured in that he would only be tortured and not killed. But he did drown like Desmond saw, and told Desmond an important message. I hope Charlie didn’t die in vain because he finally did something that he can be remembered for. As seen as the useless druggie, he became an asset and a friend to many at camp. You will be missed and I cried when you died.

We’re Dead?

When The 4 buddies found Naomi in the jungle and she told them that they found their remains in the ocean and that everybody thought they were dead, I was totally baffled. Are they living in a parallel universe? Are they really dead and living in hell like Locke’s dad said? Or did the people get it wrong? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.

Flash Forward

For the most part, each episode has had a series of flashbacks focusing on one character. We learned about where they came from and made each character loveable or hateable. (please tell me if you hate a character, cause I don’t think that is possible). Then on the last episode, which appeared to be a depressed Jack before the crash turns out to be a depressed Jack after the Crash. We see him with Kate wanting to go back. I am intrigued and want to know more about what everyone does after they get rescued or leave the island.

Locke Off the Deep End

Everyone thinks Locke has lost his mind. He stays with the Others and no one trusts him anymore. They also lost trust in Jack. He spent so much time at the compound and the defended Juliet for a long time. It was weird having everybody think Jack was on the other side but it led to some great moments.


Will we see more  flash forwards?

What about that damn monster?

How many more people are going to die?

What other connections will arise?

Who is Jacob? Does he exist? Is he really invisible?

Is Charlie really dead or will he be sprung back to life?

Where are the polar bears from?

What happens now that Danielle has found Alex?

Was the fence put up to fend of furry critters or the monster?

Will Kate end up with Sawyer or Jack or Neither?

Will Juliet ever be fully accepted?

Will Locke be able to go back to the beach?

Is Claire going to be saved like in the vision?

What about the numbers?

Will anyone else be able to Time Travel?

What else is there to know about the Dharma Initiative.

That’s probably enough but this show I swear has more questions arising than questions being answered. As the show goes on, it gets much more complicated. Nothing is ever what it seems to be. I can’t wait for season 4!

Hello world!

I will pretty much be expressing my opinion on the movies and television shows I watch. Feel free to like or dislike my review but my opinion probably won’t change. I feel the world has generally terrible taste in movies and I am trying to get people to see the classics and hope that someday Hollywood can get to a point where every movie that comes out is fantastic. I feel that television is much more subjective when it comes to liking or hating. Usually a bad movie is a bad movie, but you could think this is the worst show ever and your neighbor could be obsessed with it. As long as the characters are great and a majority of the story lines are interesting, the show is worth watching if you like it and it can stay on the air. I respect anyone in these industries and congratulate anyone who has been successful in the business. It is not easy to do.