Hello! I am an obsessed media fanatic. I watch more TV shows than I know what to do with and am on a mission to watch every movie I can before I die. Well at least the good ones. A teach once told me that the smarter you are the funnier the world is. That is true but you can’t appreciate many of the funny comments in the world if you haven’t seen the classic movies that are often mentioned in TV shows. I have a wide variety of interests but most of the shows I watch are dramas. currently I love the Big Bang Theory because it is the funniest thing on TV right now. (even funnier than Modern Family, just barely though). I love Fight Club and really any drama movie with a sense of humor. I like the classics and for the most part can’t stand Romantic Comedies. I am mostly doing this just to express my ideas that my sister has so blatantly stated she doesn’t want to hear, and even if no one reads or cares, I can always pretend. Isn’t pretending what television and film are all about anyways?


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