Parts of the Past Season that People are Forgetting

There was many things that happened last year in May and just about every TV show had at least one major storyline/season finale moment. But people are only focusing on the big moment. There are many other things that I would like to see dealt with too. Let’s start with the big one.

The Mentalist

Everyone is hung up on the fact that Jane killed Red John. Yes, it is huge. And it is something that I didn’t see coming and I really want to see the fall out. But the thing people are forgetting is that Grace killed her fiance. She didn’t kill someone she hated, she killed the man she was going to marry, the man she loved. That has to take its toll on a person. I have to hope that the writers won’t forget this and we will see an emotionally distraught CBI Agent.

The Big Bang Theory

People want to know the fall out of Raj and Penny’s night. I want to too, but I also want to know more about Howard and Bernadette’s dispute. I really hope they get married. They are perfect for each other and can you just imagine the Jewish/Catholic wedding? How hilarious would that be. They don’t have to have kids, but they should be together. Also I want to know how Leonard and Priya are going to do long distance.

Criminal Minds

Okay, there are so many big ones here. The team is going to find out that Prentiss is not dead and JJ is coming back. I don’t know what I am most excited for, but America seems to focus on Prentiss more. The last scene with JJ and Rossi was a bit strange last year and I can’t wait to get the team back together. Also, how are they going to dispose of Nichols?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ted Danson is in. Hurray! I hope. Everyone is focused on how he will relate to the rest of team, but I want to know how Ray is going to leave. Are they just going to say he moved to be with his ex? That’s my guess but maybe he landed himself in jail. That would be kinda awesome. I just hope the writers do it right this time.


Anyone who thinks Beckett could die, is an idiot. She is Castle’s other half as the stars of this show. I want to meet the new captain, so sad and stunned that Montgomery is dead, but I heard it was a woman and she is going to be a tough cookie. I hope the writers spend some more time on Esposito and Ryan this year. Everyone gets pissed when Castle is mentioned in lists about best ensembles, but it isn’t an ensemble. It is the Kate and Castle show, with a bunch of sidekicks. I love Beckett and Castle but I want to get to know the other characters too.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to stunners and can’t wait for premieres. I am excited to see the premiere of Hawaii Five-O especially sins it will have Terry O’Quinn on it. However NCIS lost pretty much all of its appeal to me. I hope we get to see Jimmy’s wedding. NCIS: LA is worse. There is only one question on HIMYM, who the hell is Barney marrying? CSI: NY and Blue Bloods wrapped up nicely last season, so they can start fresh this year. Same with Modern Family. I just can’t wait for good TV in less than a week.


Survivor: South Pacific Premiere

So last night was the premiere of Survivor: South Pacific and I was so excited. Another season of strangers living together and conning one another for a chance at a million dollars never gets old. This season they brought back Coach and Ozzy. Coach was much more likeable in Heroes vs Villains because he dropped the stories and the dragon slayer act for the most part. I think Tocantins showed him just how self-centered he was and he changed. Ozzy was sweet and innocent in Cook Islands but got cocky in Micronesia. I like Ozzy but I don’t know if his strategy will ever get him to the end. Like James, he is known for his athleticism not his brains.

I didn’t like how Russell’s nephew kept slamming him. Russell didn’t play a good social game, but he had the mental and physical down pat. Russell is a great player, just not good at winning. Also if you don’t want people to know who you are, remove your tattoos. Cause wearing his shirt like that looks ridiculous. And I am not a fan of the religious pushing. It is great that you have found faith in God, but don’t preach it to everyone.

I wish the reward challenge would have included more team involvement. I know that it unexpectedly had a lot of team involvement during the puzzle version but it is not the Ozzy Coach show. I hope a new person wins this year. That would be awesome. I mean we already had Rob run all over the newbies. That was fun to watch for a one time thing.

The immunity challenge was okay. It wasn’t that hard and the fact that Semhar was too tired to shoot coconuts was pathetic. Then she said she felt sorta bad? I was with Jim. That is pathetic. You should say that you feel horrible.

Then Ozzy wants Cochran out. I feel for Cochran because I too am a huge Survivor fan. I would be so happy to be there then to be voted out first because a tribe-mate couldn’t make one more basket, I would be pissed. I also think he could be really smart. Which is necessary for puzzles. And what about the older two? Dawn did fine, but Papa Bear was holding them back more than Cochran was. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Everyone there has to have seen at least one season of Survivor or is a fan because why else would you try out. And even if they pick you and you have never seen an episode, then you should at least watch one before you arrive on the island.

So Semhar went to Redemption Island crying and apparently she doesn’t know how to build a fire. She seems like a princess to me, so I couldn’t see her lasting much longer on the island anyways.

It probably won’t happen but I really hope that nobody gets to watch the Redemption battles this year. That way it is a mystery as to who is returning. That would make it better.



Project Runway 9.07

Good Morning!

So Josh M wakes up in a fabulous mood. He decides that he is super pissed about not winning the last challenge. I’m sorry, but this is a stupid thing to bitch about considering Anthony deserved it more and you weren’t on the bottom.

Oh Goody, Teams

Heidi is on the runway with the black button bag. She announces, to everyone’s delight, that they will be working in teams of 5. Anthony Ryan gets to be the first team “captain” and Josh M. is chosen to be the second. They go through the school yard pick until Bert is last yet again. Back in the workroom they are told that they will be designing their own fabric. Anthony Ryan and Company decide to use inkblot as their inspiration and declare that they are “Team Chaos”. Personally I loved the idea. While Josh M. and all his little minions are arguing over everything. They eventually decide on Clocks and are team “Nuts and Bolts”. Question Mark? Where does the inspiration of a clock even come from? It was so out there.  But better than Josh’s Village People inspiration. Like, what the hell man?

The Fabrics Arrive

Can I just say how disappointed I was that all the fabrics were in black and white. I love black and white, but you have the chance to design a pattern. Make something fun. They should have saved this for when they weren’t working in teams. Then I think we would have seen something whimsical from Becky, crazy from Josh, and just peppier all around.

Harmony and Out of Control

Team Chaos is working together beautifully. They are all responding too each other and listening and just being helpful. One of the happiest teams to watch in all of Project Runway. While this makes us viewers happy it can also be boring. Thank God for Team Nuts and Bolts. Dear Lord. They had so many problems. You have Josh acting as Hitler. Bert is just being himself and actually looking pretty good next to Josh. Becky was verbally abused by Josh in a previous challenge. Bert can’t stand Laura and Josh M. And Kimberly just stayed out of all of it. She probably could have helped a bit but when you have people with egos the size of the universe, there is almost no stopping it. Then master Tim walks into the room. After praising Team Chaos he has only bad things to say about the other crew. Thinks get so bad during the talk that Tim has the team hold hands and possibly pray? Whatever voodoo Tim did, it worked. Well, at least the drama was minimized.


Team Chaos. No surprise here.

Anthony Ryan: I liked his look. It was definitely more for a slightly older woman and wasn’t the best in the group but it was still fabulous. My only complaint is the asymmetry in the skirt. Wasn’t the whole plan to make everything symmetrical?

Anya: I really liked Anya’s look. It was cool, sleek, and modern. I could see anybody walking down the street in that and watching guys turn their heads.

Bryce: It was fine. Worst of the top but still wearable. I really liked the back, but nothing about it made me think it was original.

Olivier: I hate those pantst. The Jacket was wonderfully made and it should’ve been considering how much time he spent on it.

Viktor: Once again, I loved his look. He did such a great job. It was beautiful and the dress flowed amazingly. Viktor could quite frankly be the most underrated designer this season.


Anya. I don’t know why other than Bryce saying she should win. I am happy for her and like her, but this challenge should have been Viktor’s. That gown was stunning, and apparently he helped Anya on her look. Whatever, Anya is proving to be a great designer even if her sewing skills are lacking.


Team Nuts and Bolts.

Becky: boring. I was pleased with the skirt that she eventually landed on but if you have that much time to make 3 unoriginal skirts, then you should have time to make one amazing outfit. She did not and it was noticed. Boring jacket, tank, and skirt. Hurray.

Bert: I wish the judges would have said just how unflattering the dress was on her body. It made her look huge. I liked the fabric but not that much of it. It wasn’t he worst but there was nothing special about it. And it was ugly.

Josh: I actually like the concept of his jacket. I think a woman would actually want to wear that if those pants were no where in sight. I don’t know what is going on with the top underneath and his attitude stinks but he did design something unique.

Kimberly: The only designer not to use the custom fabric. Her top half was great but that skirt. I can’t believe she didn’t catch any hype for it. Not only was it made of the worst texture I have ever seen it kept riding up and became extremely short. Is it too hard to make an appropriately long skirt?

Laura: I didn’t like how loose it was. It was like gym clothes or pajamas. She also used very little of fabric which is fine considering it was a jumpsuit and I think she was the only one on the team who at least tried to keep the team together.


Becky. Poor Becky. She takes so much crap and then is thrown out. I think she was right in saying that she is more commercial. She has great ideas but they aren’t necessarily high fashion. Good Luck to her and I will miss her funny, quirky comments.

Side Notes

I like Anthony Ryan but lets face it, he puts out the same thing nearly every time. A sleeveless dress that is either long or short. And he mixes it up a bit with separates but come on, make a pair of pants.

Bryce is still here. Hurray. He should so be out. Even his latest look, though okay, was uninspired.

I actually found the clip of Josh M talking to his dad heartbreaking. I lost my grandpa a few years ago and it took a good year and a half to get over it. I can’t imagine losing your mother. He is still an evil dictator, and this doesn’t give him the right to be a bitch.

I think Josh might actually be insane.

I here all these comments about how this season sucks. I disagree. We have our villains, you can choose between Josh or Bert. Most of the people have a great personality. Anthony Ryan, Viktor, Anya, Becky, Josh C, and a few more. The rest aren’t bad either. Everyone at the moment, besides Bryce, has the potential in my mind to make a collection. This season will probably not end like the last one. The producers have to prove that evil does not conquer all on project runway.


How Amazing is Breaking Bad?

Pretty amazing. Every episode this season and any other season has been great. The character development is fabulous and I love where teh show is going.

The last episode, 4.08 “Hermanos” was fantastic. We got to learn where Gus is coming from, see Hank follow Gus’s trail, and learn more about Jesse’s loyalties.

If you read the reviews by the AV Club, they are fantastic, but the writer has a thing against Walt. I believe it is a woman but she just rips on him and his inability to do anything. I love Walt. He is trying to keep himself and his family alive. He has always looked after Jesse and is now expecting Jesse to help him out. Of course he is selfish. He has to be. He is in so deep into the meth business and I don’t think there is even a way out that would leave him or anyone else breathing. I hope he is able to take some control back. He was telling the other cancer patient that he never lost his control. But that isn’t true. He did make the conscious decision to deal drugs but at this point all he is, is a part of a machine that if removed everything collapses and he ends up dead. He has no control.

Jesse on the other hand does. He can pick to work with Mike and Gus or remain with Walt. I don’t know if he fully understands Gus’s masterplan but he isn’t stupid. Will he kill Gus? Does he have it in him to kill anybody again? I don’t think Walter throwing it in Jesse’s face that he killed Gale helps any. Jesse needs someone to talk to and that was never more clear than when he went to the support group and confessed about the “dog”.

How deep will Skyler go? She seems to have Walt’s syndrome. She doesn’t want to be a criminal but you can tell that the life is somewhat exciting to her. She will do what she has to, but Walt never thought he would have to kill someone or that he would be ordering hits. Maybe at some point Skyler will too.

At this point I think Walt Jr. is the only person who hasn’t done something that could land him in Jail.

Walt: drugs, murder, ordering murder, laundering money, tax evasion, and God only knows what else.

Jesse: same as above minus the laundering.

Hank: beating up Jesse

Marie: stealing

Skyler: laundering money, hiding Walt’s crimes

Walt Jr.: Nothing, yet

Maybe I’m wrong, I mean I do remember early on Mr. Jr trying to get beer from a convenience store but would that really land anyone in jail? Plus it could always be worse.

I love this show. It doesn’t move as fast as others, and there isn’t has much excitement but damn. There is so much tension and suspense that it is hauntingly good. I am at the edge of my seat each week and it is the one show where I can’t be doing anything else if I am watching it.

Keep it up Mr. Vince Gilligan.

Characters I Want to See More Of

There are a lot of characters on TV that are fabulous but don’t get the screen time they deserve. Some of them are my favorites of the show and others are just great.


Ryan and Esposito: I understand that the show is about Castle and Beckett but I barely know who her two original partners are. They basically do a lot of the research work and sometimes crack the case for her. I love Kate and Castle but I think it would be nice to learn more about the two guys. Everybody says that Castle should be recognized for its ensemble cast, but it isn’t an ensemble like Modern Family or Big Bang. It is two main characters with a bunch of supporting actors.

The Mentalist

Cho: I don’t necessarily want Cho to talk more, it is his simple, blunt responses that make him so awesome. He is good at his job and there is something about him that just makes him loveable.

Criminal Minds

Reid: The last few seasons have been very Hotch, Morgan, and Rossi centric. I love all of them but I wish we could see more of Reid and his mad mind skills. He is the first character on a show that I’ve watched that has an eidetic memory, which seems to be a requirement now. He is sweet and may not have Morgan’s ninja skills but he is still awesome at his job.


Greg: I could always use more of Greg. Usually the bad episodes are those that don’t have him in it or only have him in it for a few seconds. He has grown so much throughout the series but doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves. I don’t want too much but just a little bit more, and CSI would be even better.

The Big Bang Theory

Raj: quite frankly I think The Big Bang Theory does a great job of showing off all of its characters. The first season was definitely the Leonard, Sheldon, Penny show but Howard and Raj were brought in more later. We saw a lot of Howard the last few seasons, but I would like to see Raj grow too. Maybe he can take classes to learn how to speak to woman.


Jimmy: I used to love NCIS, then the writers got lazy. The highlights of last season were those with Palmer in it. All the characters are somewhat irritating now but Jimmy and actually Ducky have yet to drive me nuts. I hope the producers bump him up to series regular.


Nate: Nate was the best character the show had, then poof. He was gone. What the hell! He was great, and added something to the show. I don’t know if he will come back but I hope so.

Which Designers Will Make It?

It’s season 9 of Project Runway and the competition looks really good. So lets see how they stack up.

When I’m writing this: after art/avant garde week. Josh C just went home for the 2nd time.

Boys First!

Bert: Look I don’t like Bert. He is ornery, opinionated, and hard to work with. But Heidi loves him. His first dress was stunning but he has had some that were just awful. I would be surprised if he didn’t make the top 5 or 6.

Viktor: I believe Viktor is one of the better designers. Last week was no fluke. If you look at the dresses before they are all beautiful, and some of them should have been in the top 3. I would really like to see a collection out of him.

Josh M: Josh is funny and he knows who he is as a designer which is a plus for him. The only thing that could keep Josh from going forward is his love for going over the top. I think it will catch him at some point.

Anthony Ryan: He is a great designer. Almost all of his looks have been fabulous. The only thing is that he likes to use the same silhouettes and designs each one differently. I feel he has to make pants soon before the judges start to notice it too. But he definitely has the talent to make it. Oh and he guaranteed top 9.

Bryce: who are we kidding? If Bryce makes it the world will come to an end. There have been so many weeks where he was so lucky to not be in the bottom 3. I think he has to grow into himself first and figure out what he is to really make an impact.

Olivier: apparently he has a fake accent, or that is what everyone is saying. But as a designer he is super boring. All his clothes are bland and I wish he would use some color. Plus he works slow.

Now for the Girls!

Laura: Laura isn’t the Malibu Barbie that came in week one. Even though the one win she has was handed to her, it built up her confidence and now she is a forerunner for the girls.

Becky: I like Becky. I like her quirky style but I don’t think the judges will always like it. She takes a lot of crap and for the most part handles it well but sometimes the designers are right. I don’t know if she has it in her to make a complete collection. I hope she does and I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Becky I would just be surprised to see her in the top 5.

Anya: Anya is a great designer. All her outfits have been impressive. Like they’ve been saying she can’t sew. At some point there is going to be a one day, over-the-top challenge and I think her lack of skills will catch up. The upside for her, is that she is a minimalist designer and that works with her no skills at sewing.

Kimberly: She has that hard edge to her, which the other girls don’t. She won the Nina challenge which is a big plus but as for her existence on the show, you barely notice that she is there. She is great at tailoring and has the skills. She just has to do it.

So basically after running through the designers it is impossible to see who will make. Everyone has a plus side and a downside. I can’t pick a top 3 because I am biased and don’t want to see some people go home.


Project Runway 9.06

Let me just say that I was still traumatized by the aftermath of last weeks episode. Thank God this one was not nearly as stressful.

Little Buddies

The designers get to design an Avant garde using the inspiration of a painting which they get to help paint with a teenager.

Why are people so afraid of kids? These aren’t even little kids. Laura’s little worker was hilarious and Bert and Viktor just seemed a bit out of place. For the most part though, everybody seemed to enjoy the experience.

Working Away

The workroom was slightly uneventful this week, which is fine. Too much drama is exhausting. Some of the contestants bought the ugliest fabric I have ever seen. Bryce’s orange, Josh C.’s faux fur, Anya’s ancient pattern. Just too much. I am not a fashion forward person and even I know that Avant Garde does not mean costume. It happens every time they have a challenge like this. Weirdly though, most were underwhelming instead of overwhelming.

Confusing Runway

Did anybody really know who was on the bottom after the questioning? Until the judges started talking about the top and bottom I had some idea but was pretty confused.

Top 3

Anthony Ryan: after last weeks disaster he really proved himself this week. The dress was simple, yet had technique that was different from a normal dress. It represented the painting well and probably the best from all the designers.

Josh M.: I couldn’t help think of Fallene’s dress that landed in the bottom a few weeks ago. It had the inspiration from the painting and the personal touch that should have made us cry but because we have seen the nasty, bitchy side of him, it just brought him down to a more human level. It was just okay in my mind. And the hair was awful.

Laura: Laura’s dress no matter how hard I try I cannot see the painting in this dress. Yes it looks like a flower, but the flower in the painting was bright red. It is really pretty but didn’t deserve to be the winner.


Anthony Ryan! He is no longer a bridesmaid. After weeks of being on the top then suddenly nearly being sent home he won a challenge. It was the only one in my mind that truly brought out the painting. I wish all the fabric panels were firmly put on but it was stunning.

Bottom 3

Josh C.: Losing the fur was a bad idea. I can’t believe I just sad that. But with it she wouldn’t have looked like a dominatrix/waitress. It was just bad.

Olivier: I agree with Heidi, every week I am underwhelmed by his bland colors. He had a gorgeous, colorful painting and it turned into a tan and light blue disaster. It was unfinished and it was ugly.

Bert: Like Michael Kors said “teletubby”. It was so ugly. The pants made her but look huge and not only that there were huge puffy shapes popping out everywhere.There was no part of that outfit that made the model look flattering.


Josh C, yet again. Apparently it gets easier but it has to still suck. This is why he should have kept the fur. Then at least he was going home on the original idea.

The Middle:

Anya: It was interesting and different. The neckline plunged a little to deep in the front though.

Becky: Besides the few dangley cubes, I liked it. I loved the progression of large chunky cubes, to green squares, to cutout squares. It was quite intriguing.

Bryce: Having a straight jacket as an inspiration is just awful. It was way to orange, and the skirt looked like a hundred pounds. Bryce is just lucky to be there still.

Kimberly: I really liked this. She looked like that girl you don’t want to mess with. The front was awesome but I hate the back.

Viktor: While I didn’t get the painting out of it, it was still beautiful. Parts of it looked a little like a quilt but the skirt was fabulous and the overall look was nice.

Side Notes

I think Heidi is in love with Bert. I don’t know how that dress wasn’t ugly. I just wish the judges would see the opinionated, grumpy Bert that is behind the sidelines.

The judges never seem to agree. Maybe if Nina came they would all be on the same page, but if one liked it, another one couldn’t stand it.