Fall Season Kick-Off Week!

So now that all my shows have started, others start within a month so I feel for you if you are still waiting for one. I was pretty happy with the premieres and I can’t wait for next week.


How I Met Your Mother: So disappointed. Instead of Barney’s wedding they showed Punchy’s. I don’t really give a crap about Punchy. It wasn’t very funny but the second episode was a little better. I hope they show us some stuff about Ted and Victoria or go to Barney’s wedding but I think we will have to wait another season for that.

Castle: One of the best of the week. Beckett is hurt and everyone is freaking out. Then we meet the new Captain. I find it hilarious that she wants to be called sir. Ryan is super paranoid about her, then we see Kate and Castle arguing. Kate said she didn’t remember anything but tells her therapist that she remembers everything. Exciting! and somewhat surprising. Great end to a great premiere.


NCIS: Seeing as I wasn’t expecting much, it was better than I thought. Not its best episode. I feel like the writers are just recycling story lines.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Whatever, I kinda half watched it. Hetty got shot at the end which could be interesting. If they kill her I for sure won’t ever watch the show again.


Survivor: It started a week earlier, but it was still good. Brandon is driving me crazy and Coach isn’t. Weird. Tribal Councils have been awesome. Lets see how they deal with Redemption Island this year.

Criminal Minds: Pretty good. I am so happy that JJ and Prentiss are back that it could have been a crap episode and the fans would have loved it. Plus there was guns and stuff. Only thing it was missing, explosions.

Modern Family: Like HIMYM, I was disappointed. Maybe I am just stupid, but I didn’t find the episode very funny. Alex’s storyline was so boring. The second episode was better. I actually like the new Lily. She talks and can just add a new element to the show.

CSI: Loved Ted Danson. He was great and quirky like Grissom was but in a different way. I don’t know how I feel about Morgan. If she ends up as a love interest for Greg I am going to cry. Always good to see Ecklie, even though he is annoying and hated, it is always kinda fun. Oh and Greg and Sarah’s case was one of the more disgusting ones I have ever seen. I nearly threw up.


Big Bang Theory: Fantastic. Better than the other comedies, it was funny and resolved the issues that needed to be and opened up a few more. (Howard knows now that Raj has a thing for Bernadette). Going with the trend of the week, episode 2 was better. The kissing lip balls were spectacular. Leonard’s face as Howard and Raj use them was priceless. Then the chair was amazing too. Especially when Raj and Howard grabbed it at the end.

The Mentalist: Really good. Jane gets out of prison, Van Pelt is distraught, and Cho makes blunt comments. Back to normal, and back to greatness. Then we learn that Jane lied and that he didn’t kill Red John. Oh dear. I was slightly disappointed to hear that because it goes with the rest of the TV cliches. But whatever, it was still entertaining.

Person of Interest: I told myself that I wouldn’t watch any new shows, but I love Michael Emerson. This show was great. Possibly a little boring at points, but then Reese does some kick ass ninja move and its like AWESOME! It was also creepy with all the cameras and sent chills down my spine. I loved it and will watch again.


CSI NY: Pretty good. The tribute to 9-11 was nice. I will be interested to see if Danny ends up back in the lab or whatever is going on with him. Mac will come back and be boss. Sela Ward didn’t drive me nuts this episode so it was nice.

Blue Bloods: Decent episode. Nothing special about it, but I kinda liked how it ended like the first episode ended last year. Entertaining for an hour, but I know they can do better.

The only show I have yet to watch is The Amazing Race. Probably will be the same as the last few years. 11 teams were at least one is loveable and another is hated. I hope they go to cool places and have harder challenges.


One Month!

We have a month left till the fall season starts! I don’t know about you, but it has been a long summer. I have gotten into some summer cable shows but for the most part, I have been waiting for all the network shows to start up again. Based off the season finales I am most excited to see The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Castle, and How I Met Your Mother. The questions I want answered from these are:

Big Bang: What exactly happened between Raj and Penny and what will be the consequences?

Mentalist: How in the hell is Jane going to get out of this mess?

Castle: Are Castle and Beckett getting together? And who is going to be the new captain?

HIMYM: Who is Barney marrying? And of course, who is the mother?!

Another show I can’t wait to start up is Criminal Minds. The finale was average but I am really excited that JJ and Prentiss are coming back. I don’t mind Rachel Nichols character but she is not even close in awesomeness to the other two girls. Are people going to be happy or upset or just bewildered when they find out that Prentiss isn’t dead?

Ray has left CSI! Hurray! I hope Ted Danson is a good character, all I know is that he is from Portland is going to be the new boss. It is bittersweet because CSI is one of my favorite shows but I don’t want Catherine to leave she has always been my second favorite character. She is one of the greatest females and TV and is such a badass. I love her and will miss her dearly.

Survivor starts again! I need my reality fix. Big Brother isn’t doing it for me this summer, because Rachel and Brendon drive me nuts. I tried to give them a chance but they proved it wasn’t just last years contestants that hate them, it is everyone who comes in contact with them. Redemption Island is back and so are two veterans. I really hope they don’t bring back Russell because I can’t bear to watch him get sent packing again. Also I really wish the players didn’t watch the redemption challenge. It would be way more fun if Jeff just brought back a surprise person who was voted out and the contestants didn’t know when it would happen. I don’t know if it will be able to match up to last years with Fabio and Rob winning. Two great winners in a row.

Modern Family is so funny. I thought the second season was just as good as the first. But I judge comedy series by, if they make me laugh, they are good. If they don’t or are super cheesy, Please take it off the air. There have been so many moments this summer that I experienced or witnessed that would make for a great Modern Family episode. My neighbor lit bottle rockets off  in his hands and then chucked them in the air before they blew. Can’t you just see Phil doing that?

That Amazing Race needs a bit of work. I want harder challenges. The are way too easy. The setting up of the house would have been much easier had it not been for the wind. Thank you wind! I was really happy last year when Kisha and Jen won. 2nd team of women and the 2nd consecutive time that it happened. I wish the Globetrotters won, but Reality TV hardly ever works out like you want it too. I also hope we have a few fighting couples. Those are the ones that we don’t want to win, but they make for great TV. And there is someone to cheer against.

Hawaii Five-O had a great finale. Steve and Kono are being arrested. Chin joined HPD which betrayed him and Danny is supposed to go back to Jersey but has a huge mess to clean up. I was mostly stunned that the pristine Governor was dirty. I really liked her so who is going to be the new one? I am not obsessed with this show like I am with the others, but it is very entertaining. I probably will actually watch the premiere just to see what happens and tune in every now and then. It is a great show and if I had less shows to watch I would definitely watch it. I guess it is my bonus summer programming.

Okay I am not really that excited for NCIS and NCIS: LA. I learned that NCIS is going to be dealing with a mole. Can you say season 6? Recycled story lines do not excite me. Maybe it will be good but I am not betting on it. I am very impressed that they are going to be hitting 200 episodes this year. That is quite a feat. Let’s hope its better than the CSI 200. NCIS: LA lost a lot of its appeal to me when they got rid of Nate.  He was awesome and Callen is a way too damaged character to be able to relate too. And Eric, Hetty, and Kensie are really the only completely likeable characters left. They are doing a crossover I guess with Five-O. I could see Sam and Steve using their ninja Navy SEAL skills together. That could be awesome.

Last year a new show I like was Blue Bloods. It was really good and its only downfall was being to cheesy with all the family togetherness. I wish my family was that close sometimes and the show took a risk with showing that the Reagan family is Catholic. Last season wrapped up nicely so I am not dying to see the premiere because of that, I just think it is a great show and the characters are wonderfully developed after season 1.

CSI: NY’s season finale was like a series finale and then it didn’t get cancelled. I heard that we get to meet Mac’s dead wife. I hope Jo gets better. She is kinda annoying. I really miss Stella and wish CBS didn’t screw that mess up but I am glad it is coming back. It is way better than Miami and a step behind Vegas.

Of the new shows coming the only one that really interests me is Person of Interest because of Michael Emerson. After watching Lost, I am a huge fan of his. He is an amazing actor. Also it is going to be on CBS so it has to be similar to the other shows.



Galecki v. Parsons Emmys 2011

So Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons were both nominated, deservingly, for best actor in a comedy series. Both of them are awesome and Jim won the emmy last year. Let’s just say I was stunned when Johnny got nominated. I actually celebrated for the rest of the day and couldn’t stop smiling. But if it came down to who would win it of the two I would say Parsons takes it home.  Here’s why…

  • Sheldon is a much harder character to play
  • I can’t imagine anyone else nailing the psychotic mumbo-jumbo that Sheldon has to say
  • His character is like non other on TV (Which may be more of a tribute to the writers)

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine anyone else playing Leonard but Leonard is  a character with a big heart and a lot of emotions. Just about every other character on TV has strong emotions like Leonard and they help define who he is. Where as Sheldon has no emotions and when on the rare chance that we see them, Parsons does it perfectly. As for the rest of the cast, they are all awesome. I would be happily stunned if Simon or Kunal got nominated for any award in the supporting category or if Kaley got nominated for best actress. Especially since the supporting category is pretty much run by the cast of Modern Family and the lead actress is very tight. I would love to see both Galecki and Parsons win an Emmy but based on performance I would give it to Parsons again.

I hope one of them win at the upcoming ceremony and good luck to them both.

Also congrats to the show for being nominated for best comedy.

If you haven’t seen the Big Bang Theory yet, you should really sit down and watch it sometime. You do not have to be a nerd to like it. I do not understand Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other cliche nerd thing but I still think it is the funniest show on air right now.


What happened to NCIS?

I used to love NCIS. It was funny and after watching it Law and Order SVU got really boring. I like all the characters but this last season it just got really annoying.

There were 2-3 episodes with McGee falling for someone they met or were protecting on a case. Okay, one is fine but I am not that interested in his love life, or any of the other characters for that matter.

Less Abby and Ducky. To much of either can be a lot to handle, but they add a lightness and are great original characters that I felt didn’t get much screen time this season.

Agent Barrett. The whole team standing around wondering what she was doing and thinking was irritating beyond belief. Gibbs couldn’t stand her for her entire stay but still told her that it would be okay for her to come back when it was time for her go.

The one plus was that this year the writers held off the Ziva Tony jealousy thing. I don’t know about you, but if they ever hooked up it would the ruin the show. I would have to stop watching.

Things to make the show better or more interesting:

An Abby origin story. We got Vance and Tony last season, but I really want to know how a girl like Abby (brilliant as she may be) got a job at a federal agency. Plus I think it would make a good episode. Baltimore was one of the best last year.

Official closure with Ziva’s dad. Eli David is a very fascinating man. He is angry with his daughter and he has an interesting relationship with Vance.

More Jimmy. I love Palmer. He is funny and awkward. He is getting married to a girl that is way out of his league and he has the ability to irritate everyone when he talks. He is perfect and should be a regular.

Seeing McGee’s parents. We’ve seen Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva’s fathers but we haven’t seen any of McGee’s family except his sister. Hell they could even bring her back for an episode.

So last season we had the stunning death of Mike Franks we won’t get anymore cowboy style episodes, but I think the show should bring back our other favorite recurring character, Fornell. I miss the elevator banter with Gibbs. He has been appearing less and less over the last few years and he just adds a special touch to each episode he is in.

The other character I would like to see more of is Trent Kort. Kort is crazier than Franks and has now lost an eye making him even more creepy. He is that character that should be in prison but is too good to get caught and no one seems to like him. Not a fan of the human being he is, but every episode he is on, is suddenly ten times better.

More original stories. I feel like the writers started recycling plot lines this season. The show isn’t as gross or forensically based as CSI is so it has a harder time coming up with new detective work but the writers are paid to write. Find some new talent to write some believable, new story lines.

I hope this show can get back on its feet, I mean it is the most watched scripted show on television, but compared to the other shows I watch it has lost its steam. One rocky season doesn’t mean the end of a show so I’ll keep faith that the writers took these 3 months off to find a way to give the show some fresh air. Let’s hope season 9 is great and so is the 200th episode. It is a huge feat to get to that number with over 19 million viewers a week.

Hate for Ted, and Love for Barney?

I am a fan of How I Met Your Mother but I have yet to understand why the critics hate Ted so much and love Barney. Both characters are great and the main criticism for Ted is that he is an idiot. Well let me tell you something, my swim coach (who is a male) says all guys are idiots. Hell at some point we all do something idiotic and stupid. Also if I remember right, on Ted’s first date with Robin he told her that he loved her. If that wasn’t a good enough preview into Ted’s character I don’t know what is. Personally I find Ted’s stupidity to be slightly endearing and kind of funny. He is one of the good guys on TV. He wants the right woman and treats them well. He is always there for his friends and tries hard at his job. (when we see him actually working). Any character on TV that is good at heart is easy for me to like.

Barney on the other hand is mostly loved by critics but he can get annoying. The best part about Barney is that he is growing as a person. He started off as a player and still is, but he is now much more open to the idea of commitment. (I am pretty sure he is the one getting married). I don’t think the critics should reverse the love and hate but at least spread the love to Ted too. The one thing Barney has over Ted in my mind, is that he always wears a suit. I love a man in a suit!

Both do extremely stupid things, and both crack me up during every episode. This show doesn’t work without either of them or without the other 3. It is a happy show about friends who are there for each other and are just looking for happiness. If you can’t relate to that, then you obviously haven’t been living on the planet earth.

Unless I am totally wrong, but I think not, every character and relationship on How I Met Your Mother is great and hilarious!

Comparing the CSIs

Of the three CSIs, The original is the best, followed by New York then Miami is a distant third.

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Vegas version is the best because I feel it stays truer to the forensics aspect of the show and their leader, Grissom, is awesome. I don’t dislike any character, Ray can get annoying after awhile because he just gets way too much air time but he came in season 9 and is leaving so we didn’t have to put up with him for too long. I didn’t even mind Riley, she had an interesting attitude and sense of humor. There haven’t been any investigations into the legitimacy of the lab and they don’t dwell on the budget too much. Also this is the only one where I actually know and love the techs. Maybe it is because Greg used to be one, but they all add something special to the show. Plus it is in Vegas! Some of the craziest stuff happens there and it is only believable because Vegas is such a unique place. Also Vegas has had the creepiest killers. The Miniature Killer, Haskell, Sqweegel anyone?

2. CSI: NY

I like Mac but he isn’t even close to being the gentle hearted Grissom. This show suffered deeply once Stella left. Grissom at least got a proper good-bye, instead Sela Ward was just thrown at us. I like the characters but Lindsey can get a bit annoying sometimes and something about Hawkes drives me nuts a bit. I like that Flack has the twisted sense of humor that Brass does but Brass is just funnier. Also the only lab tech that we ever seem to see is Adam. I do like how there are more foot chases than the original. Can you imagine Brass running after a 25 year old killer? They are always exciting and usually funny.

3. CSI: Miami

I can’t stand it. It is so unrealistic. Nothing about Horatio is believable. At least Mac and Grissom worked in the lab, I have only seen Horatio in a lab coat a few times over the course of the years. I can only force myself to watch this when there is truly nothing else on. I don’t particularily love any of the characters. I will like one then they do something that makes me angry and they bother me for awhile. Everything is so over the top. Horatio always says the persons name  he is talking to after every sentence and it is weird and overly dramatic. The solution the creators have is to keep adding more characters. Natalia drives me nuts and Walter is okay. We see more lab rats here than we do New York but not many are very memorable.

In the end Nothing beats the original. The characters are awesome and non of them really have a heart breaking sob story in their past that so many TV Shows seem to fall back on.

Tim Gunn on Craig

Hey Tim Gunn went on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, it was hilarious!

Watch it here

Can I just say I completely agree with Tim about the meat dress. The whole fly thing had never crossed my mind and now it just grosses me out even more.

Happy Birthday Tim!

He is such a sweetheart!

Oh and if someone could please explain the glittery ball, why is it something that Craig recommends not doing?