Fall Season Kick-Off Week!

So now that all my shows have started, others start within a month so I feel for you if you are still waiting for one. I was pretty happy with the premieres and I can’t wait for next week.


How I Met Your Mother: So disappointed. Instead of Barney’s wedding they showed Punchy’s. I don’t really give a crap about Punchy. It wasn’t very funny but the second episode was a little better. I hope they show us some stuff about Ted and Victoria or go to Barney’s wedding but I think we will have to wait another season for that.

Castle: One of the best of the week. Beckett is hurt and everyone is freaking out. Then we meet the new Captain. I find it hilarious that she wants to be called sir. Ryan is super paranoid about her, then we see Kate and Castle arguing. Kate said she didn’t remember anything but tells her therapist that she remembers everything. Exciting! and somewhat surprising. Great end to a great premiere.


NCIS: Seeing as I wasn’t expecting much, it was better than I thought. Not its best episode. I feel like the writers are just recycling story lines.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Whatever, I kinda half watched it. Hetty got shot at the end which could be interesting. If they kill her I for sure won’t ever watch the show again.


Survivor: It started a week earlier, but it was still good. Brandon is driving me crazy and Coach isn’t. Weird. Tribal Councils have been awesome. Lets see how they deal with Redemption Island this year.

Criminal Minds: Pretty good. I am so happy that JJ and Prentiss are back that it could have been a crap episode and the fans would have loved it. Plus there was guns and stuff. Only thing it was missing, explosions.

Modern Family: Like HIMYM, I was disappointed. Maybe I am just stupid, but I didn’t find the episode very funny. Alex’s storyline was so boring. The second episode was better. I actually like the new Lily. She talks and can just add a new element to the show.

CSI: Loved Ted Danson. He was great and quirky like Grissom was but in a different way. I don’t know how I feel about Morgan. If she ends up as a love interest for Greg I am going to cry. Always good to see Ecklie, even though he is annoying and hated, it is always kinda fun. Oh and Greg and Sarah’s case was one of the more disgusting ones I have ever seen. I nearly threw up.


Big Bang Theory: Fantastic. Better than the other comedies, it was funny and resolved the issues that needed to be and opened up a few more. (Howard knows now that Raj has a thing for Bernadette). Going with the trend of the week, episode 2 was better. The kissing lip balls were spectacular. Leonard’s face as Howard and Raj use them was priceless. Then the chair was amazing too. Especially when Raj and Howard grabbed it at the end.

The Mentalist: Really good. Jane gets out of prison, Van Pelt is distraught, and Cho makes blunt comments. Back to normal, and back to greatness. Then we learn that Jane lied and that he didn’t kill Red John. Oh dear. I was slightly disappointed to hear that because it goes with the rest of the TV cliches. But whatever, it was still entertaining.

Person of Interest: I told myself that I wouldn’t watch any new shows, but I love Michael Emerson. This show was great. Possibly a little boring at points, but then Reese does some kick ass ninja move and its like AWESOME! It was also creepy with all the cameras and sent chills down my spine. I loved it and will watch again.


CSI NY: Pretty good. The tribute to 9-11 was nice. I will be interested to see if Danny ends up back in the lab or whatever is going on with him. Mac will come back and be boss. Sela Ward didn’t drive me nuts this episode so it was nice.

Blue Bloods: Decent episode. Nothing special about it, but I kinda liked how it ended like the first episode ended last year. Entertaining for an hour, but I know they can do better.

The only show I have yet to watch is The Amazing Race. Probably will be the same as the last few years. 11 teams were at least one is loveable and another is hated. I hope they go to cool places and have harder challenges.