63rd Emmy Awards

Last night was the night for Television lovers. Awards were given out to those who were thought as most deserving and few were happy while many more were disappointed. The only thing keeping them going is the chance to win next year.

There are so many things to talk about. We have the dresses, the snubs, the surprises, and the bizarre moments.

I thought most of the women looked amazing. Kate Winslet looked stellar in that red dress. I loved Padma’s gown. I don’t think Julianna Margulles looked as bad as everyone is saying. Julie Bowen’s plunging dress was fantastic and Sofia Vergara looked amazing. The one I disliked the most was Amy Poehler’s blue, space, futuristic dress. It did not look good on her. I also thought Jane Lynch didn’t wear any dresses that fit her properly. With a body like that, you should not look sorta big at the waist.

Now for the awards.


Best Supporting Actress: Julie Bowen. She was stunned. I thought she might pass out in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it either. Everyone kept saying it was going to be Jane Lynch, Betty White, or Kristin Wiig. I think Julie deserves it, but that was a stunner.

Best Supporting Actor: Ty Burrell. Everyone new Ty was going to win it. I think even he did. But he deserves it. Of all the Modern Family stars no one is funnier. Plus the episode he nominated himself for was one of the better ones of the season.

Best Actress: Melissa McCarthy. She won the beauty pageant! I am so happy for. I bet she was more surprised than Julie was. I loved her as Sookie in Gilmore Girls, and don’t watch her current show, but I hear nothing but good things about her. And her speech was endearing. Gotta Lover her.

Best Actor: Jim Parsons. Yes, that means Steve Carell lost again. But no other actor on this planet could play Sheldon as well as Parsons does. I think Galecki should just be happy he got nominated because Jim deserved it again. Actually we have to get Simon and Kunal in the supporting group next year. They are equally if not better actors.

Best Comedy: Modern Family. If you didn’t guess that, then you are an idiot. I was kinda hoping Big Bang would pull it out with all the surprises at the Emmys but Modern Family is a great show. Anyone who says either of these shows aren’t funny, has a demented sense of humor.


Best Supporting Actress: Margo Martindale. The Justified actress looked pleased. I don’t watch the show and have no idea who she is, but she seems deserving. Congrats to her.

Best Supporing Actor: Peter Dinklage. He looked really happy. Again I don’t watch the show so I can’t complain. No one is really bitching about his win. So good Job!

Best Actress: Julianna Margulles. She took one home for the networks. She does a great job on the show and it was almost a sure thing that she was going to win.

Best Actor: Kyle Chandler. I really thought it was going to be Jon Hamm’s year since Cranston wasn’t able to earn his fourth Emmy, but it went to the Friday Night Lights star. I am happy for him. It is always fun to watch the people who are stunned to win.

Best Drama: Mad Men. Yet again, but apparently it was its best season yet, so it only makes sense.


The Amazing Race one for the 8th time after losing last year to Top Chef. I think Top Chef and Project Runway had more entertaining seasons last year though.

Jon Stewart won again. No surprise here. I don’t watch him, but I will occasionally see a clip of him on YouTube and he is hilarious.

I don’t watch the miniseries or movies so I don’t really care. I heard a lot of good things about Downton Abbey and they won a lot so good for them.

The Lonely Island skit was entertaining, if not all that appropriate. I actually enjoyed Jane Lynch’s opening TV musical sequence. most of what she said is true. But I love TV so the night was great.

Let’s hope the 64th Emmy Awards have just as many surprises and deserving winners next year.

Congrats to the nominees and especially the winners. You all deserve it even if the rest of America thinks you don’t. And you have an Emmy, that is more than most can say. There is a big difference between being announced as Emmy Nominated verse being an Emmy winner.