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Survivor: South Pacific Premiere

So last night was the premiere of Survivor: South Pacific and I was so excited. Another season of strangers living together and conning one another for a chance at a million dollars never gets old. This season they brought back Coach and Ozzy. Coach was much more likeable in Heroes vs Villains because he dropped the stories and the dragon slayer act for the most part. I think Tocantins showed him just how self-centered he was and he changed. Ozzy was sweet and innocent in Cook Islands but got cocky in Micronesia. I like Ozzy but I don’t know if his strategy will ever get him to the end. Like James, he is known for his athleticism not his brains.

I didn’t like how Russell’s nephew kept slamming him. Russell didn’t play a good social game, but he had the mental and physical down pat. Russell is a great player, just not good at winning. Also if you don’t want people to know who you are, remove your tattoos. Cause wearing his shirt like that looks ridiculous. And I am not a fan of the religious pushing. It is great that you have found faith in God, but don’t preach it to everyone.

I wish the reward challenge would have included more team involvement. I know that it unexpectedly had a lot of team involvement during the puzzle version but it is not the Ozzy Coach show. I hope a new person wins this year. That would be awesome. I mean we already had Rob run all over the newbies. That was fun to watch for a one time thing.

The immunity challenge was okay. It wasn’t that hard and the fact that Semhar was too tired to shoot coconuts was pathetic. Then she said she felt sorta bad? I was with Jim. That is pathetic. You should say that you feel horrible.

Then Ozzy wants Cochran out. I feel for Cochran because I too am a huge Survivor fan. I would be so happy to be there then to be voted out first because a tribe-mate couldn’t make one more basket, I would be pissed. I also think he could be really smart. Which is necessary for puzzles. And what about the older two? Dawn did fine, but Papa Bear was holding them back more than Cochran was. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Everyone there has to have seen at least one season of Survivor or is a fan because why else would you try out. And even if they pick you and you have never seen an episode, then you should at least watch one before you arrive on the island.

So Semhar went to Redemption Island crying and apparently she doesn’t know how to build a fire. She seems like a princess to me, so I couldn’t see her lasting much longer on the island anyways.

It probably won’t happen but I really hope that nobody gets to watch the Redemption battles this year. That way it is a mystery as to who is returning. That would make it better.




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