Over break, I took the chance to watch and hopefully like a few new shows. So far I chose Parks and Recreation and Community. Boy did I pick well. Both shows were recommended so highly and unfortunately both seem to have a fear of cancellation surrounding them. Especially Community.

Community may not be the funniest show in the world. Maybe to some, but to me I think other comedies are funnier but Community has enough heart to carry itself through anything. Each episode makes me smile and some have made me cry. The characters are fabulously developed and they continue to grow through everything. While the group dynamic is awesome, nothing beats the one on one conversations. These are the parts where you realize that these people may be freakishly weird, but they are relatable and people that we would want to hang out with.

Shirley can get annoying with her overly friendly voice and constant religious talk, but she is a sweet tough woman. Shirley is very motherly towards all the characters, she looks after them and loves them for who they are minus their religion.

Pierce is crazy and can be an asshole but he tries so hard to fit in with the younger people. he is looking for people to appreciate his knowledge and is kinda like the hard ass grandpa of the group. He is there to challenge Jeff when Jeff becomes to influential.

Jeff is the central character who is the reason why all these people are here. He has grown from a guy who wanted to get in Britta’s pants to the guy who is happy to be friends with them. Jeff is undeniably charming and that’s what makes him likeable.

Britta is a slightly uptight, protestor, who is nuts. She is the character who gets along with everyone because she takes the brunt of their jokes. She isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone and does her best to keep the groups sanity until she finally snaps. She is awesome.

Annie is the perfect human being. She is trying to be good at everything and is an overachiever. She is a sweetheart who wants to be happy but can only be happy with the approval of other people. She is also awesome.

Troy is great because he isn’t the brightest, yet he has such good intentions, that no one really cares. He is gets along well with everyone and may be the one character that has about equal screen time with everyother character with the exception that he and Abed are best buddies.

Abed is fantastic. He is a popculture junkie and everything in life relates to television and movies. He doesn’t understand normal human emotion but tries his best to make the people around him happy. He is the glue that keeps this group from exploding. Everyone cares about him because he cares about all of them.

The fact that this masterpiece is going on an indefinite hiatus is scary as hell. There isn’t a better group of 7 people out there, with the feelings and heart that theses characters have for each other. Community is not a normal comedy. It is clever and relies more on character development and clever situational circumstances to create laughter than it does jokes. is the reason I started watching this show. The writers and comments about it made it sound wonderful and now I can say that I am part of the fabulous sub-culture that community created. I am in love with Abed for the pure fact that I relate everything in my life to what I have seen on TV and in movies. I want to be friends with all these people and I wish I had a group like this at my college.

I get if you tried the show and didn’t like. Like I said before, I don’t think this show is all that funny, but I love the characters and that is really the reason why I watch any show. Maybe I am too stupid or don’t pay that close enough attention to be on the ground laughing during every episode but I find every episode to be awesome and special in its own way.

No other show on right now could have stop-motion animated christmas special. Few could get away with multiple timelines in one episode. And no other show could make paintball so awesome. I love Community and I haven’t even been watching it for a week. (I have seen every episode in that period.) This show is awesome and this brings me back to point number 1. SAVE COMMUNITY!!! NBC has decided to be stupid and took it off of the midseason lineup. This is terrifying because the show is so special. Like Arrested Development, it may be too far ahead of its time to have the huge numbers other shows get and it is on NBC which isn’t the most popular network, let alone the brightest. If NBC wants to improve its reputation, they just might consider keeping this show. If they don’t they are really on left with Parks and Rec which is just as awesome and thankfully gets viewers.

Like Abed says about his favorite show Cougar Town, Six seasons and a movie. Let’s hope Community can magically do the same. If not, can some cable network please pick it up? FX maybe. Or I don’t really care. I just need it to continue to be awesome.