Comparing the CSIs

Of the three CSIs, The original is the best, followed by New York then Miami is a distant third.

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Vegas version is the best because I feel it stays truer to the forensics aspect of the show and their leader, Grissom, is awesome. I don’t dislike any character, Ray can get annoying after awhile because he just gets way too much air time but he came in season 9 and is leaving so we didn’t have to put up with him for too long. I didn’t even mind Riley, she had an interesting attitude and sense of humor. There haven’t been any investigations into the legitimacy of the lab and they don’t dwell on the budget too much. Also this is the only one where I actually know and love the techs. Maybe it is because Greg used to be one, but they all add something special to the show. Plus it is in Vegas! Some of the craziest stuff happens there and it is only believable because Vegas is such a unique place. Also Vegas has had the creepiest killers. The Miniature Killer, Haskell, Sqweegel anyone?

2. CSI: NY

I like Mac but he isn’t even close to being the gentle hearted Grissom. This show suffered deeply once Stella left. Grissom at least got a proper good-bye, instead Sela Ward was just thrown at us. I like the characters but Lindsey can get a bit annoying sometimes and something about Hawkes drives me nuts a bit. I like that Flack has the twisted sense of humor that Brass does but Brass is just funnier. Also the only lab tech that we ever seem to see is Adam. I do like how there are more foot chases than the original. Can you imagine Brass running after a 25 year old killer? They are always exciting and usually funny.

3. CSI: Miami

I can’t stand it. It is so unrealistic. Nothing about Horatio is believable. At least Mac and Grissom worked in the lab, I have only seen Horatio in a lab coat a few times over the course of the years. I can only force myself to watch this when there is truly nothing else on. I don’t particularily love any of the characters. I will like one then they do something that makes me angry and they bother me for awhile. Everything is so over the top. Horatio always says the persons nameĀ  he is talking to after every sentence and it is weird and overly dramatic. The solution the creators have is to keep adding more characters. Natalia drives me nuts and Walter is okay. We see more lab rats here than we do New York but not many are very memorable.

In the end Nothing beats the original. The characters are awesome and non of them really have a heart breaking sob story in their past that so many TV Shows seem to fall back on.