Characters I Want to See More Of

There are a lot of characters on TV that are fabulous but don’t get the screen time they deserve. Some of them are my favorites of the show and others are just great.


Ryan and Esposito: I understand that the show is about Castle and Beckett but I barely know who her two original partners are. They basically do a lot of the research work and sometimes crack the case for her. I love Kate and Castle but I think it would be nice to learn more about the two guys. Everybody says that Castle should be recognized for its ensemble cast, but it isn’t an ensemble like Modern Family or Big Bang. It is two main characters with a bunch of supporting actors.

The Mentalist

Cho: I don’t necessarily want Cho to talk more, it is his simple, blunt responses that make him so awesome. He is good at his job and there is something about him that just makes him loveable.

Criminal Minds

Reid: The last few seasons have been very Hotch, Morgan, and Rossi centric. I love all of them but I wish we could see more of Reid and his mad mind skills. He is the first character on a show that I’ve watched that has an eidetic memory, which seems to be a requirement now. He is sweet and may not have Morgan’s ninja skills but he is still awesome at his job.


Greg: I could always use more of Greg. Usually the bad episodes are those that don’t have him in it or only have him in it for a few seconds. He has grown so much throughout the series but doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves. I don’t want too much but just a little bit more, and CSI would be even better.

The Big Bang Theory

Raj: quite frankly I think The Big Bang Theory does a great job of showing off all of its characters. The first season was definitely the Leonard, Sheldon, Penny show but Howard and Raj were brought in more later. We saw a lot of Howard the last few seasons, but I would like to see Raj grow too. Maybe he can take classes to learn how to speak to woman.


Jimmy: I used to love NCIS, then the writers got lazy. The highlights of last season were those with Palmer in it. All the characters are somewhat irritating now but Jimmy and actually Ducky have yet to drive me nuts. I hope the producers bump him up to series regular.


Nate: Nate was the best character the show had, then poof. He was gone. What the hell! He was great, and added something to the show. I don’t know if he will come back but I hope so.


CSI Vegas Characters

I love almost all the characters on the original CSI. They all have great personalities and usually have the best intentions.

Gil Grissom: The man who knows more things about bugs, forensics, and other random information than he does about human beings. He is the Sherlock of his job and the teacher. He taught everyone on the show how to be a great CSI. They all look up to him and he eventually falls to the human emotion of love when he opens himself up to Sarah. They make a great couple because both are socially inept but manage to understand one another. I was sad when he left, but am happy knowing that he is happy.

Catherine Willows: The former stripper who learns that her dad is a millionaire who owns casinos. She is tough, no nonsense type woman and managed to get respect despite her former job. She takes over when Grissom leaves and keeps everyone inline. A lot of things she says are really funny and I marvel at how the writers never cross the line from strong to bitchy with her. She is awesome!

Warrick Brown: He was a gambler who ran bets for Judges and took a part in Holly Gribbs death during the first episode. He turned his life around and looked to Grissom as a father. He and Nick appeared to be best friends and competitors. It was heartbreaking when he died at the end of season 8. He got mixed up on the wrong side of and organized crime investigation. Grissom gave a tear jerking eulogy and it is clear that it hit everyone hard.

Nick Stokes: Nick started off as a young CSI wanting to impress Grissom. He eventually garnered enough skill and respect when Grissom gave him the letter of recommendation over Sarah. He cares about the victims which gets him into trouble sometimes but it shows that he has a big heart. He gets promoted to assistant supervisor at the beginning of Season 10  which is well earned and gives him even more respect.

Sarah Sidle: Sarah is an intense worker who has almost nothing outside her job. She works constantly and strives for perfection. She opens up her heart to have it broken in season 3. When she lets her emotions go she really lets them go. She has a great friendship with Greg that I always enjoy watching. Her and Grissom are great together romantically and eventually all the emotions just burst through after being kidnapped and it is so much that she has to leave Vegas. She comes back thankfully in season 1o due to the lack of Riley and is much more stable.

Greg Sanders: Originally the DNA tech, Greg has possibly grown the most throughout the series. He goes from collecting porn magazines to being and actual CSI level 3. He is smart, young, and funny. He doesn’t get the most respect but has a good working relationship with everyone. He offers a different point of view coming from an upper middle class family and a protective mother. Basically he is just awesome!

Dr. Al Robbins: Doc Robbins is a snarky, old, brilliant doctor who takes pictures of the famous people that come across his autopsy table. He has great relationships with Grissom, Langston, and David. He also has prosthetic legs and claims that he is never going to retire.

David Hodges: The suck-up trace technician. He is in love with Wendy Simms and goes into a deep depression when she leaves. He respects Grissom a lot even though Grissom seems to be unable to stand him. The CSIs see him as a nuisance but respect his ability in the lab.

David Phillips: David or “Super Dave” is the Doc Robins autopsy assistant. He is married, and kind hearted. He also gets some of the funniest lines.

Wendy Simms: The DNA tech that Hodges only has eyes for. She is geeky and smart, and wants to be a CSI which she does at the beginning of season 11 and has to move to San Fransisco.

Dr. Ray Langston: Ray came after Grissom left as a former pathologist who let an Angel of Death slip by him. He is obsessed with serial killer Nate Haskell and this ultimately leads to his demise. He is extremely smart and controlling and pretty much does what he wants.

Riley Adams: Arrives after Warrick’s death and has a spunky attitude. She is forceful and like Catherine doesn’t take crap. She leaves at the beginning of season 10 and leaves a nasty note making her likeness level drop drastically at the end of her run.

Captain Jim Brass: Is a police detective who has a twisted sense of humor. He is a tough guy with the criminals and not very personal. He seems to only have a real relationship with Grissom and has an estranged “daughter”. All and all, he is hilarious.

Conrad Ecklie: the douche bag day time supervisor who moved up the ranks and became the under sheriff. In the later seasons he became much more likeable. He let Grissom handle Warrick’s death and is able to actually work with the grave shift team.

Sofia Curtis: CSI turned police detective. She is smart and friendly. She helps Greg when he is starting out after she got screwed.

There are lots of other lab techs with great personalities like Mandy, Archie, Henry, and Bobby too.

Comparing the CSIs

Of the three CSIs, The original is the best, followed by New York then Miami is a distant third.

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Vegas version is the best because I feel it stays truer to the forensics aspect of the show and their leader, Grissom, is awesome. I don’t dislike any character, Ray can get annoying after awhile because he just gets way too much air time but he came in season 9 and is leaving so we didn’t have to put up with him for too long. I didn’t even mind Riley, she had an interesting attitude and sense of humor. There haven’t been any investigations into the legitimacy of the lab and they don’t dwell on the budget too much. Also this is the only one where I actually know and love the techs. Maybe it is because Greg used to be one, but they all add something special to the show. Plus it is in Vegas! Some of the craziest stuff happens there and it is only believable because Vegas is such a unique place. Also Vegas has had the creepiest killers. The Miniature Killer, Haskell, Sqweegel anyone?

2. CSI: NY

I like Mac but he isn’t even close to being the gentle hearted Grissom. This show suffered deeply once Stella left. Grissom at least got a proper good-bye, instead Sela Ward was just thrown at us. I like the characters but Lindsey can get a bit annoying sometimes and something about Hawkes drives me nuts a bit. I like that Flack has the twisted sense of humor that Brass does but Brass is just funnier. Also the only lab tech that we ever seem to see is Adam. I do like how there are more foot chases than the original. Can you imagine Brass running after a 25 year old killer? They are always exciting and usually funny.

3. CSI: Miami

I can’t stand it. It is so unrealistic. Nothing about Horatio is believable. At least Mac and Grissom worked in the lab, I have only seen Horatio in a lab coat a few times over the course of the years. I can only force myself to watch this when there is truly nothing else on. I don’t particularily love any of the characters. I will like one then they do something that makes me angry and they bother me for awhile. Everything is so over the top. Horatio always says the persons name  he is talking to after every sentence and it is weird and overly dramatic. The solution the creators have is to keep adding more characters. Natalia drives me nuts and Walter is okay. We see more lab rats here than we do New York but not many are very memorable.

In the end Nothing beats the original. The characters are awesome and non of them really have a heart breaking sob story in their past that so many TV Shows seem to fall back on.