What happened to NCIS?

I used to love NCIS. It was funny and after watching it Law and Order SVU got really boring. I like all the characters but this last season it just got really annoying.

There were 2-3 episodes with McGee falling for someone they met or were protecting on a case. Okay, one is fine but I am not that interested in his love life, or any of the other characters for that matter.

Less Abby and Ducky. To much of either can be a lot to handle, but they add a lightness and are great original characters that I felt didn’t get much screen time this season.

Agent Barrett. The whole team standing around wondering what she was doing and thinking was irritating beyond belief. Gibbs couldn’t stand her for her entire stay but still told her that it would be okay for her to come back when it was time for her go.

The one plus was that this year the writers held off the Ziva Tony jealousy thing. I don’t know about you, but if they ever hooked up it would the ruin the show. I would have to stop watching.

Things to make the show better or more interesting:

An Abby origin story. We got Vance and Tony last season, but I really want to know how a girl like Abby (brilliant as she may be) got a job at a federal agency. Plus I think it would make a good episode. Baltimore was one of the best last year.

Official closure with Ziva’s dad. Eli David is a very fascinating man. He is angry with his daughter and he has an interesting relationship with Vance.

More Jimmy. I love Palmer. He is funny and awkward. He is getting married to a girl that is way out of his league and he has the ability to irritate everyone when he talks. He is perfect and should be a regular.

Seeing McGee’s parents. We’ve seen Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva’s fathers but we haven’t seen any of McGee’s family except his sister. Hell they could even bring her back for an episode.

So last season we had the stunning death of Mike Franks we won’t get anymore cowboy style episodes, but I think the show should bring back our other favorite recurring character, Fornell. I miss the elevator banter with Gibbs. He has been appearing less and less over the last few years and he just adds a special touch to each episode he is in.

The other character I would like to see more of is Trent Kort. Kort is crazier than Franks and has now lost an eye making him even more creepy. He is that character that should be in prison but is too good to get caught and no one seems to like him. Not a fan of the human being he is, but every episode he is on, is suddenly ten times better.

More original stories. I feel like the writers started recycling plot lines this season. The show isn’t as gross or forensically based as CSI is so it has a harder time coming up with new detective work but the writers are paid to write. Find some new talent to write some believable, new story lines.

I hope this show can get back on its feet, I mean it is the most watched scripted show on television, but compared to the other shows I watch it has lost its steam. One rocky season doesn’t mean the end of a show so I’ll keep faith that the writers took these 3 months off to find a way to give the show some fresh air. Let’s hope season 9 is great and so is the 200th episode. It is a huge feat to get to that number with over 19 million viewers a week.