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How Amazing is Breaking Bad?

Pretty amazing. Every episode this season and any other season has been great. The character development is fabulous and I love where teh show is going.

The last episode, 4.08 “Hermanos” was fantastic. We got to learn where Gus is coming from, see Hank follow Gus’s trail, and learn more about Jesse’s loyalties.

If you read the reviews by the AV Club, they are fantastic, but the writer has a thing against Walt. I believe it is a woman but she just rips on him and his inability to do anything. I love Walt. He is trying to keep himself and his family alive. He has always looked after Jesse and is now expecting Jesse to help him out. Of course he is selfish. He has to be. He is in so deep into the meth business and I don’t think there is even a way out that would leave him or anyone else breathing. I hope he is able to take some control back. He was telling the other cancer patient that he never lost his control. But that isn’t true. He did make the conscious decision to deal drugs but at this point all he is, is a part of a machine that if removed everything collapses and he ends up dead. He has no control.

Jesse on the other hand does. He can pick to work with Mike and Gus or remain with Walt. I don’t know if he fully understands Gus’s masterplan but he isn’t stupid. Will he kill Gus? Does he have it in him to kill anybody again? I don’t think Walter throwing it in Jesse’s face that he killed Gale helps any. Jesse needs someone to talk to and that was never more clear than when he went to the support group and confessed about the “dog”.

How deep will Skyler go? She seems to have Walt’s syndrome. She doesn’t want to be a criminal but you can tell that the life is somewhat exciting to her. She will do what she has to, but Walt never thought he would have to kill someone or that he would be ordering hits. Maybe at some point Skyler will too.

At this point I think Walt Jr. is the only person who hasn’t done something that could land him in Jail.

Walt: drugs, murder, ordering murder, laundering money, tax evasion, and God only knows what else.

Jesse: same as above minus the laundering.

Hank: beating up Jesse

Marie: stealing

Skyler: laundering money, hiding Walt’s crimes

Walt Jr.: Nothing, yet

Maybe I’m wrong, I mean I do remember early on Mr. Jr trying to get beer from a convenience store but would that really land anyone in jail? Plus it could always be worse.

I love this show. It doesn’t move as fast as others, and there isn’t has much excitement but damn. There is so much tension and suspense that it is hauntingly good. I am at the edge of my seat each week and it is the one show where I can’t be doing anything else if I am watching it.

Keep it up Mr. Vince Gilligan.


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