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Characters I Want to See More Of

There are a lot of characters on TV that are fabulous but don’t get the screen time they deserve. Some of them are my favorites of the show and others are just great.


Ryan and Esposito: I understand that the show is about Castle and Beckett but I barely know who her two original partners are. They basically do a lot of the research work and sometimes crack the case for her. I love Kate and Castle but I think it would be nice to learn more about the two guys. Everybody says that Castle should be recognized for its ensemble cast, but it isn’t an ensemble like Modern Family or Big Bang. It is two main characters with a bunch of supporting actors.

The Mentalist

Cho: I don’t necessarily want Cho to talk more, it is his simple, blunt responses that make him so awesome. He is good at his job and there is something about him that just makes him loveable.

Criminal Minds

Reid: The last few seasons have been very Hotch, Morgan, and Rossi centric. I love all of them but I wish we could see more of Reid and his mad mind skills. He is the first character on a show that I’ve watched that has an eidetic memory, which seems to be a requirement now. He is sweet and may not have Morgan’s ninja skills but he is still awesome at his job.


Greg: I could always use more of Greg. Usually the bad episodes are those that don’t have him in it or only have him in it for a few seconds. He has grown so much throughout the series but doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves. I don’t want too much but just a little bit more, and CSI would be even better.

The Big Bang Theory

Raj: quite frankly I think The Big Bang Theory does a great job of showing off all of its characters. The first season was definitely the Leonard, Sheldon, Penny show but Howard and Raj were brought in more later. We saw a lot of Howard the last few seasons, but I would like to see Raj grow too. Maybe he can take classes to learn how to speak to woman.


Jimmy: I used to love NCIS, then the writers got lazy. The highlights of last season were those with Palmer in it. All the characters are somewhat irritating now but Jimmy and actually Ducky have yet to drive me nuts. I hope the producers bump him up to series regular.


Nate: Nate was the best character the show had, then poof. He was gone. What the hell! He was great, and added something to the show. I don’t know if he will come back but I hope so.


About durden99

I live a pretty boring life but over the years this boring life has allowed me to develop a love and appreciation for the the television and movie industries. I realized that I loved movies when I would sit down and watch the credits when the rest of my friends and family would leave. I have a deep respect for anyone in the TV or film making industries. My all time favorite movie is Fight Club because of the lessons it teaches and for its overall impact on my life.

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