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Project Runway 9.06

Let me just say that I was still traumatized by the aftermath of last weeks episode. Thank God this one was not nearly as stressful.

Little Buddies

The designers get to design an Avant garde using the inspiration of a painting which they get to help paint with a teenager.

Why are people so afraid of kids? These aren’t even little kids. Laura’s little worker was hilarious and Bert and Viktor just seemed a bit out of place. For the most part though, everybody seemed to enjoy the experience.

Working Away

The workroom was slightly uneventful this week, which is fine. Too much drama is exhausting. Some of the contestants bought the ugliest fabric I have ever seen. Bryce’s orange, Josh C.’s faux fur, Anya’s ancient pattern. Just too much. I am not a fashion forward person and even I know that Avant Garde does not mean costume. It happens every time they have a challenge like this. Weirdly though, most were underwhelming instead of overwhelming.

Confusing Runway

Did anybody really know who was on the bottom after the questioning? Until the judges started talking about the top and bottom I had some idea but was pretty confused.

Top 3

Anthony Ryan: after last weeks disaster he really proved himself this week. The dress was simple, yet had technique that was different from a normal dress. It represented the painting well and probably the best from all the designers.

Josh M.: I couldn’t help think of Fallene’s dress that landed in the bottom a few weeks ago. It had the inspiration from the painting and the personal touch that should have made us cry but because we have seen the nasty, bitchy side of him, it just brought him down to a more human level. It was just okay in my mind. And the hair was awful.

Laura: Laura’s dress no matter how hard I try I cannot see the painting in this dress. Yes it looks like a flower, but the flower in the painting was bright red. It is really pretty but didn’t deserve to be the winner.


Anthony Ryan! He is no longer a bridesmaid. After weeks of being on the top then suddenly nearly being sent home he won a challenge. It was the only one in my mind that truly brought out the painting. I wish all the fabric panels were firmly put on but it was stunning.

Bottom 3

Josh C.: Losing the fur was a bad idea. I can’t believe I just sad that. But with it she wouldn’t have looked like a dominatrix/waitress. It was just bad.

Olivier: I agree with Heidi, every week I am underwhelmed by his bland colors. He had a gorgeous, colorful painting and it turned into a tan and light blue disaster. It was unfinished and it was ugly.

Bert: Like Michael Kors said “teletubby”. It was so ugly. The pants made her but look huge and not only that there were huge puffy shapes popping out everywhere.There was no part of that outfit that made the model look flattering.


Josh C, yet again. Apparently it gets easier but it has to still suck. This is why he should have kept the fur. Then at least he was going home on the original idea.

The Middle:

Anya: It was interesting and different. The neckline plunged a little to deep in the front though.

Becky: Besides the few dangley cubes, I liked it. I loved the progression of large chunky cubes, to green squares, to cutout squares. It was quite intriguing.

Bryce: Having a straight jacket as an inspiration is just awful. It was way to orange, and the skirt looked like a hundred pounds. Bryce is just lucky to be there still.

Kimberly: I really liked this. She looked like that girl you don’t want to mess with. The front was awesome but I hate the back.

Viktor: While I didn’t get the painting out of it, it was still beautiful. Parts of it looked a little like a quilt but the skirt was fabulous and the overall look was nice.

Side Notes

I think Heidi is in love with Bert. I don’t know how that dress wasn’t ugly. I just wish the judges would see the opinionated, grumpy Bert that is behind the sidelines.

The judges never seem to agree. Maybe if Nina came they would all be on the same page, but if one liked it, another one couldn’t stand it.



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