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Project Runway 9.05

Boxes of Fun

The designers wake up to find that there are boxes with their names on them. Surprise! They get to put on New Balance running gear and head to a track. The designers learn that they will be working in teams and have to run to find out who is the team leader. I have a problem with this. It is a disadvantage to anyone who is older and to most girls. Of course the young guys won and Bert struggled to finish. The real stunner was when Olivier fell and passed out. That was a bit bizarre but let’s face it, he doesn’t look like the athlete type. He looks more like a brilliant guy who likes to read.

I Hate It Here

After last weeks challenge Cecilia made comments about how sad she was that Julie was gone but didn’t express this to anyone who could do anything about it. Then at the track she decides to quit with Tim and Heidi not really trying hard to change her mind. I hate people who quit. Who have an opportunity of a lifetime and you are going to throw it away?! I will never understand but I am glad she is gone. Then Viktor got to pick who came back which angered me too. The third place team got stuck with someone while the last place gets to choose from 4? At least make it fair and bring Julie back. At least Josh C has a good attitude and wants to learn. Cecilia never smiles and has a miserable outlook on life.

What Were You Thinking?

Heidi and Tim enter the workroom to find that it looks horrible. Nobody is on schedule, a lot of the outfits look terrible, and there are problems everywhere. So by the graces of Heidi she extends the deadline by 5 hours. Like Daniele said, this is good thing and a bad thing. You have more time to finish and think, but it is another the judges can throw at you if you are on the bottom. For the most part, I think it was good, we don’t need naked models walking down the runway.

Okay, I really have no idea who was on the top or bottom so we are going to break this down by team.

Team Viktor

Finally Viktor gets recognized! I have loved everything he has done except the Victorian thing in the stilts challenge. He was a great leader and helped everyone out, while making his look fantastic. I will say that I personally don’t think sneakers go with anything other than shirts, shorts, sweats, or jeans. But Viktor’s outfit changed my mind. It was awesome and should have been the sole winner. Also Josh C’s look was great. I believe it to be Viktor’s idea but it was still good. I actually liked Olivier’s too. It didn’t remind as much of a farm as it should have and was kinda pretty.

Team Josh M.

Let me just say that Josh is honest and that is unfortunately one of the upsides. I really liked Josh M but his actions towards Becky were just awful. Becky is a good designer. I have liked some of her things but to pick her as a seamstress at least tell her she isn’t going to be creating anything. Also don’t be cruel like 2nd graders. Keep your mouth shut and express you opinions in a civilized manner. Anya didn’t help much either. She only befriended Becky once Becky lost it. She should have told Josh to grow up. Also while Josh’s look was good it wasn’t great. Viktor this should have been all you this challenge.

Team Anthony Ryan

I wish the judges would see what all the viewers see. That Bert is stubborn and extremely hard to work. I agree that Bert’s design was the best of the 3 but I also agree with Anthony that it was cocktail dress. I don’t know where you would wear Anthony Ryan’s outfit but at least he knew it was bad. Laura’s was actually wearable but it was still bad. I just felt for this team. Bert looked like the poor old man who was beaten by the young bucks in the workroom but overcame to make something nice. Bert needs to realize that people try to work with him but he doesn’t let them in. He claims he doesn’t relate to anyone but at least try for pete’s sake. It is a pathetic excuse and I think after this more people are one Viktor’s side of the previous challenge.

Team Bryce

I don’t remember anything they created so I had to look at the pictures. Kimerly’s look was cool and sleek but you really shouldn’t wear that with tennis shoes. Bryce’s look could be worn with sneakers but it was a little basic. Nothing special though. Daniele once again managed to make yet another green blouse. At least change the color. It was awful but not as bad as Anthony’s. I love Anthony’s designs. He has a lot of potential and I feel like it would be unfair to send him home after struggling through an impossibly difficult situation when Gretchen got tons of chances.Plus I don’t even know what else Daniele can do.

Side Notes:

Bert continues to lose popularity

Josh M went from being one of my favorites to someone I would want to stay away from to keep my self-esteem up.

Becky is extremely funny

Josh C is the luckiest man alive at the moment

Viktor’s smile lit up the runway and Heidi may have changed her mind about him. God, I am glad they didn’t send him home. I think he deserves to be in the top 3.

Is anyone really sad that Cecilia left?

The fact that Anthony said that he hasn’t been this mad since he had cancer says a lot. I haven’t seen him lose his cool and I don’t think we really have seen it. I garuntee you I would have strangled Bert on the runway the fact that he didn’t yell or scream but just state the truth was impressive.

This episode was extremely stressful to watch. Team challenges can be great but someone is always going to be upset. Watching a great designer like Anthony tumble so far and seeing the cruelness in Josh does not make me want to watch team challenges. TV should be enjoyable not stressful. Unfortunately for me the worry-wart. It is almost always stressful with a touch of pleasure.




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