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One Month!

We have a month left till the fall season starts! I don’t know about you, but it has been a long summer. I have gotten into some summer cable shows but for the most part, I have been waiting for all the network shows to start up again. Based off the season finales I am most excited to see The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Castle, and How I Met Your Mother. The questions I want answered from these are:

Big Bang: What exactly happened between Raj and Penny and what will be the consequences?

Mentalist: How in the hell is Jane going to get out of this mess?

Castle: Are Castle and Beckett getting together? And who is going to be the new captain?

HIMYM: Who is Barney marrying? And of course, who is the mother?!

Another show I can’t wait to start up is Criminal Minds. The finale was average but I am really excited that JJ and Prentiss are coming back. I don’t mind Rachel Nichols character but she is not even close in awesomeness to the other two girls. Are people going to be happy or upset or just bewildered when they find out that Prentiss isn’t dead?

Ray has left CSI! Hurray! I hope Ted Danson is a good character, all I know is that he is from Portland is going to be the new boss. It is bittersweet because CSI is one of my favorite shows but I don’t want Catherine to leave she has always been my second favorite character. She is one of the greatest females and TV and is such a badass. I love her and will miss her dearly.

Survivor starts again! I need my reality fix. Big Brother isn’t doing it for me this summer, because Rachel and Brendon drive me nuts. I tried to give them a chance but they proved it wasn’t just last years contestants that hate them, it is everyone who comes in contact with them. Redemption Island is back and so are two veterans. I really hope they don’t bring back Russell because I can’t bear to watch him get sent packing again. Also I really wish the players didn’t watch the redemption challenge. It would be way more fun if Jeff just brought back a surprise person who was voted out and the contestants didn’t know when it would happen. I don’t know if it will be able to match up to last years with Fabio and Rob winning. Two great winners in a row.

Modern Family is so funny. I thought the second season was just as good as the first. But I judge comedy series by, if they make me laugh, they are good. If they don’t or are super cheesy, Please take it off the air. There have been so many moments this summer that I experienced or witnessed that would make for a great Modern Family episode. My neighbor lit bottle rockets off  in his hands and then chucked them in the air before they blew. Can’t you just see Phil doing that?

That Amazing Race needs a bit of work. I want harder challenges. The are way too easy. The setting up of the house would have been much easier had it not been for the wind. Thank you wind! I was really happy last year when Kisha and Jen won. 2nd team of women and the 2nd consecutive time that it happened. I wish the Globetrotters won, but Reality TV hardly ever works out like you want it too. I also hope we have a few fighting couples. Those are the ones that we don’t want to win, but they make for great TV. And there is someone to cheer against.

Hawaii Five-O had a great finale. Steve and Kono are being arrested. Chin joined HPD which betrayed him and Danny is supposed to go back to Jersey but has a huge mess to clean up. I was mostly stunned that the pristine Governor was dirty. I really liked her so who is going to be the new one? I am not obsessed with this show like I am with the others, but it is very entertaining. I probably will actually watch the premiere just to see what happens and tune in every now and then. It is a great show and if I had less shows to watch I would definitely watch it. I guess it is my bonus summer programming.

Okay I am not really that excited for NCIS and NCIS: LA. I learned that NCIS is going to be dealing with a mole. Can you say season 6? Recycled story lines do not excite me. Maybe it will be good but I am not betting on it. I am very impressed that they are going to be hitting 200 episodes this year. That is quite a feat. Let’s hope its better than the CSI 200. NCIS: LA lost a lot of its appeal to me when they got rid of Nate.  He was awesome and Callen is a way too damaged character to be able to relate too. And Eric, Hetty, and Kensie are really the only completely likeable characters left. They are doing a crossover I guess with Five-O. I could see Sam and Steve using their ninja Navy SEAL skills together. That could be awesome.

Last year a new show I like was Blue Bloods. It was really good and its only downfall was being to cheesy with all the family togetherness. I wish my family was that close sometimes and the show took a risk with showing that the Reagan family is Catholic. Last season wrapped up nicely so I am not dying to see the premiere because of that, I just think it is a great show and the characters are wonderfully developed after season 1.

CSI: NY’s season finale was like a series finale and then it didn’t get cancelled. I heard that we get to meet Mac’s dead wife. I hope Jo gets better. She is kinda annoying. I really miss Stella and wish CBS didn’t screw that mess up but I am glad it is coming back. It is way better than Miami and a step behind Vegas.

Of the new shows coming the only one that really interests me is Person of Interest because of Michael Emerson. After watching Lost, I am a huge fan of his. He is an amazing actor. Also it is going to be on CBS so it has to be similar to the other shows.




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