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High School on TV

Every single TV show has had at least one episode that deals with some type of high school scenario. I am always stunned at how inaccurate it is portrayed.

I watched one episode of Glee and wanted to shoot myself. Nobody acts like that where I come from.

There was an episode of CSI: Miami with  a bitchy bully who was stoned to death by the parents of the kids she tormented. As far as I’m concerned, nobody was a huge bully at my high school. Everyone acted like normal human beings. Don’t get me wrong, there were classmates who were complete assholes but they never tormented someone to the point of that person wanting to commit suicide.

They also play up the cliches too much. What high school is actually like Mean Girls? At mine there was pretty much one large group containing 90% of the students with little minor groups of people who were really close. I found it bizarre but it is more realistic. These people had been together since elementary school and middle school. So too have a clear cut set of popular kids, nerds, jocks, and weirdos is just strange and not actually like high school.

One of my favorite teenagers is Alexis from Castle. She is smart, into boys, and has a great personality. Nothing about her is bitchy and I actually know a couple of people who are like her.

The other thing I don’t like is the portrayal that students drink all the time. I never went to a party with alcohol. I know some of my fellow students did but there weren’t any tragic accidents or huge arrests.

Also nerds are people who are into computers, math and science. I was not one of the popular kids and the only thing I really like of those is my computer. Actually I love my computer but who doesn’t? Some of the smartest kids were in the popular crowd. I got good grades but not straight A’s and was kind of a nerd but mostly just an outsider.There was nobody at my school who looked like their mothers dressed them and wore nerdy glasses. That is a Hollywood stereotype.

Actually come to think of it, I am really impressed with how Gilmore Girls portrayed high school. Rory had the competition with Paris which was believable because it was a top-notch school. Aside from the sorority thing which was funny, the friendship, competition and overall experience was like a real high school.

I wish just once I could see something normal. The students in Breaking Bad look way to bored than they really should be and the clichés and bullies don’t exist to the extremes that adults seem to think. Maybe they did 20 years ago when a lot of these people were in high school but these situations don’t happen anymore.


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I live a pretty boring life but over the years this boring life has allowed me to develop a love and appreciation for the the television and movie industries. I realized that I loved movies when I would sit down and watch the credits when the rest of my friends and family would leave. I have a deep respect for anyone in the TV or film making industries. My all time favorite movie is Fight Club because of the lessons it teaches and for its overall impact on my life.

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