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Lost Characters

How do you even begin to rank the characters of Lost? As you begin to like one another one slowly drifts off the favorite radar and then is suddenly back on it. So I have just created categories and placed characters in them in no particular order.


Desmond: Desmond is amazing. He is charming, funny, persistent, mysterious, and hopelessly in love with a woman he can never seem to have. He pushed a button for 3 years to save the world and has psychic/futuristic visions. He can’t be affected by electromagnetism like the rest of the islanders and has a calmness about him that is refreshing. He is awesome in every way imaginable and I am glad the writers kept him as a regular. He started the revolution of calling everybody brother and would do anything to save anyone he cares about. I love Desmond!

Charlie: Charlie was the character that I though for sure would be killed in the first episode. He has an innocence around him even though he is a junkie rocker. He becomes even more loveable when he get attached to Claire and Aaron. He grows from being a useless human in the real world to an excited helper on the island. He is always willing to help out even if it isn’t for the right reason. His death was by far the saddest on the show. You knew it was coming all season but somewhere in my mind I thought maybe, just maybe they would find a way for Charlie to live. He did it for Claire and died a hero. Charlie was awesome and still is.

Hurley: Hugo is nice and relatable. He is the unlucky lottery winner who knows about the cursed numbers and is surrounded by death. Like Charlie, Hurley has an innocence about him but it isn’t contradicted by anything. He isn’t a killer, wants everyone to be happy and safe, and helps out with just about anything, even if he doesn’t really want to. He is more worried about the other survivors and their well-being than he is about the mysteries the others seem obsessed with. Hugo is a kind-hearted individual he has the best intentions, what’s not to love?

Jin: at the start of the series the thought of putting Jin up here would have been ridiculous. But, Jin has grown to be an amazing human being. He was the harsh husband who desperately loved his wife but didn’t show it. As the show progressed, we see that Jin was forced to work for Sun’s criminal father and that every nasty thing he does is out of fear. But when that ship blew up with Jin on it, I found myself screaming at the TV and begging for Jin to return for the next season. Thankfully he did not die and we got to see Jin and Sun search and reunite only to die soon after on the sinking sub. The waterworks were flowing when their hands dropped. Jin is up here because he is a highly original character and developed beautifully throughout the series.

Miles: I have no idea why I like Miles so much. He is ghost whisperer and is kind of like the asian version of Sawyer. He has a sarcastic attitude and most of his comments make for comical viewing. I wasn’t all peachy with him a the beginning but he quickly grew on me. Not really the most memorable character, but Miles’s desire to survive and his special skills for talking to the dead make him awesome.

Boone: Boone’s death was tragic. He was always looking for more to do and new ways to help out. He took care of his sister who took advantage of him and was the reason to Locke’s insane mind in the first season. He died trying to radio in for help and always had the best intentions. From the moment you met Boone trying to save Rose, you had to think he was loveable.

Ben: Oh Ben is creepy, twisted, unpredictable, and desperate. You had to know something was up with him when he was Henry. He only wants respect. He never gets to meet Jacob which frustrates him no ends and is extremely jealous of Locke. We only see just how far he will go when he lets his daughter die. He speaks in bites which you never see the full picture until it happens and you never really know what to believe. Even as he becomes more likeable and trustworthy as the series goes, he can never be taken for his word. He always has some other master plan that slaps you in the face when it hits. He is a great addition to the show.

Sawyer: The bad boy, con man, evil, and warm-hearted villain of the survivors. He takes their luggage, never remembers their names, and replaces those names with hilarious yet mean nicknames. Sawyer tries to be hated and succeeds until his intuitions come in and he saves the day. Hugo tries to make him friendly and the more we see of Sawyer, the more we understand why he does the things he does. He will do anything for Kate and later starts to protect Hurley, Claire, and a few others. When Juliet died, I didn’t feel bad for her, I felt bad for him because he truly loved her. Sawyer may not be the nicest person but he is one of the few that you would want on your side at all times.

Mr. Eko: short-lived and quiet, Mr. Eko took to the screen with a calm magic. He lived a life of crime and turned into a priest. We get to see a powerfully religious man who has an essence about him the John Locke can’t even topple. His death is very fitting. Being taken down by the same monster he confronted was amazing TV. He seemed to have left just as quickly as he arrived.


Sayid: Sayid is cool. He is smart and is one of the few middle-eastern people on TV. He feels extremely guilty for torturing people but realizes that it is necessary. There isn’t much to not like about Sayid but something in the last season made him seem so lifeless. I lost interest in him and his death made me much less sad than Jin and Sun’s. I loved the early Sayid but the late Sayid was just okay.

Claire: Claire annoyed me at times, especially when she wasn’t very understanding of Charlie’s struggles but for the most part she is a good person. She wanted to do right by her baby and did. There is just something about her that I like. She is naive when it comes to parenting but once she has the baby, she does everything in her power to keep him safe. Claire is a good person.

Juliet: Honestly, I did not like her when she arrived to the show. I found her half-smile kind of creepy and was never really sure if I could trust her. But once Sawyer trusted her,  knew she was okay and she grew on me. She wants to help people. She is trapped on the island like everyone else and will do almost anything to get off. The survivors were extremely lucky to get her on their side. She had an honorable death that was very hard to watch and like a lot of the other people, she was good at heart.

Richard: Richard is a little creepy. He never ages until Jacob is no longer in command but in a flash back episode, we see that he was madly in love with a woman who died. All he wants is to be back with her but is trapped in this life. We don’t really know that much about him, but there is something intriguing that kept me wanting more of him.

Daniel: Daniel is the physicist who helps explain all the time travel crap to us. I still don’t fully understand but thank God for him. He Charlotte to the flashes and wanted to be honest about why they were their to the other islanders. Killed by his own mother, I was amazed Jack was able to get to the bomb. Daniel was a great late addition to the show.

Locke: I really liked good Locke, but soon he became kind of evil and then he wasn’t even Locke anymore. He just wanted to walk. He botched attempts to escape off the island and realized before anyone else that the island had special powers. He has to confront is past and does it cowardly by making Sawyer kill his father. The later Locke lost his underdog appeal and became kinda scary. I didn’t know whether to trust him and it made for good TV but I pretty much think Locke lost his mind.

Sun: Sun is the lovely Asian woman with all the secrets. She was planning to leave her husband, has an affair, and knows how to speak English. She is in love with Jin, but because of the rocky relationship they had previously it takes awhile for these two to finally realize how much they need each other. Sun helps out but doesn’t have the crazy ninja skills or shooting abilities like some of the others. She is vital to the show and her english allows for the rest of the survivors to finally understand what is going through Jin’s head.

Rose: While not a main character, Rose is sweet. She had so much faith that her husband was alive that she never worried about it. She was cured of cancer and didn’t understand all the drama that was going on all the time. She just wanted to be with her husband, cured of cancer, and happy. She got all that and much more by making a life on the island.


Jack: If there were a main character it would be Jack. Jack suffers like many main characters from too much screen time. I found his position as the leader annoying at the beginning. I never found his past very interesting. He never had the faith the rest of the survivors had and it wasn’t extremely relatable. He is a good person, but Jack is kind of irritating at points and is really stubborn.

Kate: Kate had a lot of potential but she just got in the way. She was the object of desire for Jack and Sawyer but until the end she was just kind of tease. Her fugitive skills came in hand but I never really felt sorry for her like a did with Sawyer or Charlie. I found her stint at being a mother a little ridiculous considering she never really took care of Aaron on the island. She wants to be included like we all do, but sometimes she took it to far. Also she always insists on going back for people until she is safe at home.

Walt: Walt wasn’t on the show for very long but what I saw didn’t bother me. I didn’t miss him at all but it made for a good story line when he got abducted. He grew attached to Locke and wanted to help out but was too young to really have an impact. It is hard to like a character you don’t really get attached to, or care that much about.

Libby: I wasn’t sad when Libby died, I was stunned and was horrified for Hugo but she didn’t really add much. She was sweet but for the most part she was just there.

Shannon: I don’t hate Shannon like most people do. I know that she is a good person because Sayid saw it in her. We are all a bit self-centered, she just showed it more. She wasn’t very helpful and was extremely annoying and I didn’t miss her like I still miss Boone.


Michael: Michael was fine until he killed Ana Lucia and Libby, and then proceeded to leave Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to the Others. He only thinks about himself and never wanted Walt until he was thrown at him. At least he is stuck on the island as part of the whispers forever.

Ana Lucia: She was a tough cookie Hispanic woman and I never liked her. She matched up well with Sawyer but she always seemed so nasty. The survivors didn’t really like her either. I thought she added something different to the show but for the most part she seemed evil.

Widmore: He was an ass. He kept Desmond from Penny and only wanted power. He was evil and selfish. He kept all the survivors from being rescued by staging a fake plan and never was punished. I am glad Ben never killed Penny because that would have made Desmond sad but I hope Widmore’s strained relationship with her hurt like hell.


Nikki and Paolo: I understand that the majority of the fans hate them but I don’t really care. I barely knew them and until they were buried alive I didn’t even know their names.

Charlotte: The love interest of Daniel, she died too soon for us to really get to know her. Her eyes were a bit freaky but she seemed like a nice person.

Ilana: Jacob’s body-guard. She did what she was told and did it well which I can respect but I have no idea who she is so I can’t judge whether I like her or not.


None: Every character served its purpose. To hate anyone would mean you hated what they brought to the show. Everything brought to the show lead up the grand finale and helped answer all the questions that surround this accomplishment.






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