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Project Runway 9.03


This was a truly unique challenge. I didn’t know Heidi could walk on stilts and I kept waiting for one of the girls to fall. The designers get to work in pairs which they hate but the producers love because DRAMA!

We’re Partners? Crap!

Viktor was less than thrilled to be working with Bert. After last weeks episode and throughout this episode I can see why. After contemplating which one I sided with for awhile I decided on neither. Here’s why.

1. Bert picked the fabric the judges hated

2. Viktor’s immature response had the team screwed from the start.

3. Neither seemed happy with the design that they thought was each others.

4. Bert doesn’t listen well, and Viktor runs off when there is confrontation.

Bryce and Fallene weren’t upset with each other, but neither seemed happy to work with the other.

Anthony Ryan and Laura worked well together.

Cecilia wouldn’t express her opinions out loud too much and Danielle is really quiet.

Josh and Julie were hilarious together. Neither seemed excited at first but as the challenge progressed they got into a rythem.

Becky and Kimberly were a weird team. Kimberly didn’t understand Becky and Becky just worked.

And the so called “Dream Team”, Olivier and Anya. They both were very relaxed even with Olivier’s immunity and neither loved the look but it was good enough.

Bad Comments

Listening to Cecilia and Kimberly’s comments as they walked down the runway I was stunned to see them in the top. Both of them didn’t really like the look and they almost won. Insanity!

Top 3

Kimberly and Becky: I liked it. Impeccably made and futuristic looking, it stood out and was extremely good. My one question is, aren’t models not supposed to have tattoos?

Anthony Ryan and Laura: The red was beautiful. It flowed well and the feathers, glued or sewed, we a nice touch without over doing it. Let me just say this one more time, that skirt moved fantastically on the runway. It was gorgeous.

Cecilia and Danielle: I hated it. It was so housewife, maid. Maybe it was just the hair that did that. I agree that it was sewn extremely well, but dear lord it was ugly.

Winner: Laura. Anthony Ryan took the high road and gave the win to her on the runway. My question though is this, if she won why did Nina scold him for being to referential? Why not scold her or both of them? Doesn’t make any sense.

Bottom 3

Bert and Viktor: I could have called this from the beginning. It was ugly. It was like old curtains and sofas. Just weird and ugly. There was no saving this team after Viktor’s bad attitude and Bert’s opinions and fabric selection.

Josh and Julie: I actually liked it. Was it a costume, Yes. But those pants were awesome. I am glad neither got sent home. They were hilarious together.

Fallene and Bryce: Bryce made all the ugly stuff and Fallene the wonderful hair piece. It wasn’t ugly, but it was boring. It had no life to it and was way too Black Swan.

Loser: Fallene. She didn’t make anything for the dress and I believe Viktor is a better designer based on his previous work. Bryce maybe should have gone home but he actually did something. Even if it was ugly.

The Middle

Anya and Olivier: It was okay. The fabric for the skirt was wonderful and pretty. But the top was bad and it was a little boring.

Side Notes

Watching the models walk, the stuff the did with their arms  (I presume to keep them balanced) was creepy and off putting.

Kim Kardashian was a terrible judge. I have nothing against her but she barely said anything. At least she said some negative things because I hate the guests who aren’t harsh.

The question that keeps arising in my house is, will Anthony Ryan ever win a challenge? Or will he be like those stars who can’t win an Emmy no matter how many times they are nominated?

Josh’s gender swapping comment with him and Julie is one of the best lines in all of Project Runway.


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