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Lost Season 2

Just finished season 2 of Lost and it does not disappoint. We have moved passed the struggle to survive and are now more into the mysteries of the island.

A few new faces

Michael and Sawyer wash up on shore to find Jin and what they think are The Others. Instead they have found the tail survivors lead by the crazed Ana Lucia. Kept in a hole the tail survivors learn that the 3 Amigos aren’t after them and also survived the plane crash, they set out on a journey to their camp.

Love Triangle

On the journey back to camp Sawyer gets extremely ill from his gunshot wound and Jack fixes him up in the Hatch. While under medication and kinda out of it, Sawyer says that he loves Kate.  A little later Kate kisses Jack and we find out after that, that Jack wasn’t sorry she did it. This triangle was going on in season 1 if you weren’t blind but it kinda came to life in season 2. To top it all off, all three of them are taken by the Others while Hugo gets to tell the rest at camp about it.

Another Baby Bump

One more magical happening on the island is that Sun is pregnant. With Jin unable to have a child due to problems it is a miracle and a mystery as to how she is pregnant. Is it the Island or did she have relations with her English teacher/friend?


After weeks of believing that her husband is still alive, Rose is finally reunited with Bernard. We learn that she had cancer and couldn’t be cured but since coming on the Island she knows it isn’t there. She tells Bernard and he decides to stop making an SOS to get off the Island.

Battle for Power

Jack and Locke are at odds all season. Both want control and to trust the other but neither will give it up. There feuding leads Sawyer to con them so he can take all the guns. Locke believes that pushing the button is the most important thing to do, while Jack thinks it is ridiculous.

Thrown Out

Claire is super pissed at Charlie. She thinks he is using again and doesn’t want her baby to be around a negative influence. Charlie is pissed at Locke because he seems to have taken his place by Claire’s side. Charlie is always tempted to use but by the end of the season he has thrown all the Virgin Marys into the sea. He also has reconnected with his faith as he builds a church with Eko.

The Captured Man

Danielle captures a man who goes by Henry and is from minnesota. He crashed in a balloon and his wife died. All Lies! He is one of the Others. And at the end he could quite possibly be their leader. He gets beaten by Sayid and nearly killed by Ana Lucia. He is slightly creepy and escapes with the help of Michael. I hope to see more of him.

Hurley in Love

We learn the Hurley was in a mental hospital for believing that he killed a couple people after stepping out on a bridge or porch. He is a friend named Dave who is a negative influence over him and isn’t real. It takes his friend and wannabe girl friend Libby to smack him back into the real world. It is nice to see him happy and gaining his confidence. When Libby dies, I am much more heart broken for him because he may never have the courage that he had when he asked her out again.

Button of Hell

At the end of the season Locke decides that pushing the button is unneeded and wants to know what happens if you don’t. Desmond returns and looks through the manuscripts to find that the day he didn’t press the button was the day the plane crashed. Eko desperately believes that the button is his calling and tries to blow open the door but only succeeds in blowing himself and Charlie almost to death. When the button doesn’t get pressed a huge electromagnetic field occurs and makes every metal thing fly across the room. Then at the very end we see a couple of researches picking up the electric signal and calling a lady and telling her they found the plane.

This season was awesome. Just as addicting as the first if not more. the addition of the new people was nice, even if you didn’t like them. I am so happy Rose found her husband and was as stunned as Hurley to find that he was white. The death of Shannon was a jump out of my seat moment followed by sadness for Sayid. But at least she can be with her brother again.

I am also surprised to find that Walt was gone nearly all season. Usually writers end an arc like that through the middle of the season but these writers thought it would be best to save for the end. I agree.

The finale is awesome. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, but I am also really nervous for them.

This season just reinforced my love of the characters. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ana Lucia but like she said no one ever likes her. I thought she fit well with the show but she just bugged me.

Charlie is still sweet. Sawyer is still a funny ass. Jack got better though his control freakness kinda blew up with John. Jin and Sun are becoming more relateable. Kate is still Kate. Hurley is loveable and is still hilarious. Sayid is still cool. Eko has mad skills like Locke. I wanted to hit Michael when he killed Ana Lucia and Libby even after I understood why. Everyone is awesome in their own special way.

Questions for Season 3

Will the rest find out that Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia?

Will Charlie and Eko finish the church?

What is going to happen to the captured 3 and why that trio??

Will they keep pressing the button?

Where did the monster go?

What did they do to Walt?

How many more people are going to die?

What are the men at the research facility going to do?

What about the numbers?

And so many more that I can’t even think of.



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