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Project Runway 9.02

The Unconventional Challenge!

So of course every season we have the beloved and loathed unconventional challenge. This year our designers get/have to us materials from a pet store. Of course there is always the warning of don’t grab real fabric, but let’s face it, nearly all did.

Bert’s Immunity

Bert decides that because he doesn’t do this stuff and he has immunity that he can make crap clothes out of pet store fabric. It is annoying to watch people abuse immunity and I am glad Heidi scolded him on the runway.

Top 3

Olivier: well made and intriguing but the eyebrows were crazy, and I didn’t really like how the top looked for her boobs.

Anthony Ryan: The dress of birdseeds. It was well done and I don’t think it was too short. The collar was wonderful and I kept wondering how it smelled.

Joshua M: Colorful and fun. The top was an interesting shape and looked like sparkly, beautiful sand art. Agree that the accessories were a bit much but the outfit was unique.

Winner: Olivier, Heidi can’t seem to win. I liked Anthony’s better too but either way both did a great job.

Bottom 3

Josh C: It was nice looking but apparently it had no creativity nor did it inspire. It was okay, but I just wasn’t a huge fan.

Fallene: I actually liked her skirt. It was a little old but I couldn’t tell that those were plastic fish things. I think agreeing with the judges may have saved her, even if it was a little mopey.

Bryce: Can you say smurf? Where do I begin? It was cartoony, ugly, strange proportions, and just way too weird. It needed a lot of help.

Loser: Josh C. but if Bryce was the ugliest thing that the judges have seen on the Runway than why wasn’t he sent home, or at least in the bottom 2?

The Middle

Bert: Ugly! the pink thing over the boobs, I don’t understand and I don’t want to. I wish they could have broken the immunity rule because while I still kinda like Bert, it isn’t fair.

Anya: Stunning! the top was colorful and played off well with the black skirt. I can’t help feel like it was similar to last weeks though.

Becky: Colorful, without looking like the Garden of Eden. The things out the top of her boobs are a bit much though

Cecilia: I like the skirt and the back is interesting and different. Nothing special but she did a good job.

Danielle: a little rugged, the skirt is different than all the others, but I am not a huge fan of the outfit as a whole. The rope makes her look like jungle woman.

Julie: She got back to her Colorado, outdoor designs. I really like the back and the how the bottom is uneven. She looks strong and like a woman I would never mess with.

Kimberly: I can’t help but thinking the strap was to big and fell off. Otherwise she looks sexy.

Laura: Thank God, her cone skirt was too short. The cardboard looks much better and I like the black top.

Viktor: Once again I loved his design. The purple dress was amazing and she looked like she could walk right into any party.



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