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Lost Season 1

So I just finished season 1 of Lost and am blown away. It is one of the most addicting shows I have ever seen.

After the first episode I thought it went a little slow but it soon picked up pace and got way more interesting. I was not expecting each episode to have  a back story to each character but I feel like it helped develop each one. Also on that note, for the number of characters that Lost has, I am stunned at how well developed each one is. The writers, directors, and producers did a great job with that.

To be completely honest, Jack annoyed the hell out of me in the beginning. It makes sense that he would be the leader because of his skills as a doctor but if he tried to order me around, i wouldn’t be able to take it. Thankfully, as the season progressed it became a little less Jack-centric and started focusing more on other characters, so I was able to like him and respect him as a person.

Locke is awesome. His skills at a hunting and listening are impressive. He is the one character that everyone can lean on for emotional issues. Jack is there for leading, and helping people but no one seems to go to him when they are upset.

Charlie is adorable. As a recovering junkie all he wants is to be needed and helpful. Isn’t that what we all want? He and Claire are great together but I was getting a little tired of it near the end. I miss the old Charlie who didn’t only care about the baby and Claire, but as long as he stays a sweetheart I don’t really care.

The Jin and Sun relationship is fascinating. They both love each other but both were extremely unhappy in their former life. Sun speaking english was a shock but I am glad that we can finally understand more about them and what they are saying.

Sawyer is freaking funny. He always makes me laugh and his relationship with Kate is bizarre. As the bad boy he is hated by everyone, steals whats left of luggage, and causes everyone to lose their temper. Actually when he was reading the manual to the baby, I thought that was one of the best scenes during the whole first season.

The raft. I am not surprised it failed, but I am surprised Walt got abducted by the Others. I really like the Michael, Jin, and Sawyer trio. They all hated each other at some point, so to have them look out for one another is fascinating.

Boone’s death was shocking. Usually shows don’t kill off characters but once they had the Jack flash backs I pretty much knew he was going to die. I  really liked Boone, so it was sad when he died.

I like Sayid too. His eyes are amazing and there was one episode that showed just what it takes to be a terrorist that was new and different from anything else I’ve seen on TV. He is smart, kind, and doesn’t take crap from people. I also think he was good for Shannon. I’m glad no one blamed him for the plane crash because of his ethnicity.

Mike and Walt have a growing father-son bond. Michael just wants Walt to be safe, and Walt just wants to help out and learn from Locke. We watch as their relationship grows and diminishes. By the end of the season both realize that they need each other.

For some reason the saddest moment was when Walt left Victor on the beach and Victor was swimming towards the raft. It is hard to leave someone you love behind, even if it is a dog.

Hurley’s numbers are bizarre and I finally know what that Yahoo! article about people winning on those numbers a few years ago is about. Hurley is probably second funniest. He is superstitious and extremely loveable. He had the American dream and lost it. We can’t all relate to winning over a 100 million dollars but Hurley wants to help people and we can all relate to that.

The shows theme of choices and fate are wonderful. Charlie has to choose to be a junkie or clean. Everyone has to choose between keeping a secret or who to tell. Locke seems to believe it was his and everyone else’s destiny to be on the island. Everything so far that seems to happen has happened for a reason.

As far as island mysteries go I hope to find out who the Others are. Why Locke can suddenly walk after being stuck in a wheelchair. What the hell that monster is and if we will ever see it. Why pushing a button every 108 minutes is important and if we will ever see the tail plane survivors.

The one thing I like about this show is that it makes me jump. Most shows can’t do that. Not every episode has me on edge but enough do that I am always on my toes and freaked whenever the monster thing comes or something blows up.

Lost is different because most shows spend the first season on premise and the second on Character development. We got the premise of the show during the premiere so season 1 was really an introduction to the characters. I hope season 2 continues this but I also hope it spends more time on the mysterious numbers, people, the monster, the hatch and the strange ways of the island.

Great show, I can’t believe I held out on it for this long, can’t wait to watch season 2.

If you comment don’t give away and spoilers past season 1. That would be cruel.


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