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Survivor Winners

Season 1 Borneo: Richard Hatch

Richard deserved to win. He is the one who made Survivor what it is today. He created an alliance which seemed to be illegal to some people way back when but he pulled through and beat out Kelly Wiglesworth for the 1 million. He has run into a few problems later in life with taxes and all but I still think he was a great player.


Season 2 The Australian Outback: Tina Wesson

This is back when strategy and game play were considered evil so Colby brought Tina to the finals with him instead of Keith which resulted in Colby losing and Tina winning. She is the woman that every girl should aspire to be. As Jeff said, “Tina won because everyone respected her”.



Season 3 Africa: Ethan Zohn

Still not much strategy play in this season but I was rooting for Ethan. He was a really good guy throughout the whole show and contrary to Kim J’s belief that she couldn’t have won against Lex or Ethan, I think she would have pulled it out over Lex. I never really realized how many people didn’t like him until I watched this season the second time. Good luck in fighting your cancer Ethan, when I heard you had it, it brought me to tears.


Season 4 Marquesas: Vecepia Towery

I wasn’t really happy with the outcome of this season. I would have preferred if Neleh won but neither showed great game play. This was the first season that I wasn’t super thrilled about but this was also the first season where they realized that the contestants don’t have to be handed all their food and it makes for better TV if they have to catch it.



Season 5 Thailand: Brian Heidik

If Richard is the first real villain, and Jerry the 2nd, Brian takes third. He outplayed everyone. He kept Clay at his side knowing that hardly anyone truly respected his lazy ass. He won challenges and formed a personal alliance with everyone then betrayed them and still got their vote. Impressive.



Season 6 The Amazon: Jenna Morasca

Jenna played a great game. Not as good as Rob Cesternino’s but she knew this and dumped him at the end for crazy Matt. She was kind of a brat but she knew it when she saw herself on TV. If it weren’t for Matt’s friendship with Butch, Jenna would have won all the votes.



Season 7 Pearl Islands: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sandra played this game the Puerto Rican way, looking out for number one. As long as she wasn’t going home she did what she was told. Somehow Lil found it in her head honorable to bring Sandra instead of Jonny Fairplay because she seriously thought she could lose to him. $900,000 poorer, I bet she is still regretting that decision.


Season 8 All-Stars: Amber Brkich


Amber really only won this because Boston Rob looked out for her. He was the mastermind of their success and the most successful duo to date on Survivor. It is hard enough getting yourself to the final 2 but getting you and your partner, extremely difficult. Rob deserved the win but 4 people were too pissed to accept their fate.




Season 9 Vanuatu: Chris Daugherty

How Chris won still baffles me. He infiltrated the band of women and was smart enough to keep Twila and Scout around knowing that all the other girls hated them. This was a terrible season but anyone who can hang around that many women for that amount of time under that amount of stress, can have my vote.



Season 10 Palau: Tom Westman

Tom is a really good guy. He, Ian, and Katie had a good thing going and having the final immunity challenge win given too you after some 13 hours doesn’t hurt either. This season was really only fascinating because there was no merge, instead it was a complete dominance of one tribe over the other and Tom did what it took to win. He like Ethan had no votes against him the entire season.



Season 11 Guatemala: Danni Boatwright

I liked Danni. Stephanie turned into the miraculous bitch this season so having a person that didn’t really have an alliance and saved herself with winning immunity idols was a bit refreshing. and it was a girl! Not the most memorable winner but Danni held her own and deserved it.



Season 12 Panama Exile Island: Aras Baskauskas

Terry may have won nearly all the immunity challenges and Cirie played the best social game, it was Aras who came out on top by playing a great mental game. There was always a threat of him going home and he stayed true to Cirie when it mattered. Many think Terry should have won, but I believe Aras played a better game. He never had the hidden idol.



Season 13 Cook Islands: Yul Kwon

Yul played a fantastic game. The Aitu Four were a great team, and made for a great underdog story. Between him and Ozzy, it was very difficult to pick a winner, but in the end the jury chose brains over brawn and rewarded Yul with a million dollars. Yul is a highly underestimated winner, Only true fans of the show know his name and consider him to be one of the greatest winners.



Season 14 Fiji: Earl Cole

Our first Unanimous winner! Earl teamed up with Yau-Man and together they made a great team. Anyone who can get the whole jury to vote for you deserves the win. Earl was a good guy and masterminded his game with Yau who got screwed by Dreamz in the end.




Season 15 China: Todd Herzog

One of the greats. Like Yul, Todd is highly underestimated. He controlled everyone in the game, and made smart decisions. No one carried him and he received threats from Jean-Robert. Todd put together the best Jury speech of anyone. I still haven’t hear one better. He got people to see him as just a game player and that he genuinely likes most of them and didn’t want to vote them out, just had to. No one else this season deserved it more than Todd.


Season 16 Micronesia Fans v Favorites: Parvati Shallow

Parvati really turned her game play around from season 13. She formed the black widow alliance and made it girl power. If you watch it a second time around you will see that Cirie did a lot more than given credit for, but Parvati put up with all the heat from it. She is one of the best female strategist to ever compete.



Season 17 Gabon: Bob Crowley

Bob won 5 individual immunity necklaces. Knowing that Sugar wasn’t going to win, thank God the jury voted for Bob, not Susie. He was Mr. Outdoors and highly respected. He also created that amazing fake idol which lead to one of the greatest tribal councils ever.




Season 18 Tocantins: JT Thomas

I like JT, but even he said it, he was handed the million. Everyone wanted JT to win so they stupidly kept him in the game. I have never seen a season like this before and it still baffles me. JT is a good guy but to me that’s not a good enough reason to just hand him a crap load of money



Season 19 Samoa: Natalie White

Well this jury was very petty. Natalie got Eric out but that was about it. Russell ran the show and like him or not, you can’t deny that if you are a fan. There should have been no reason for anyone except Jaison and Kelly to be mad at Russell. the Galu tribe self-destructed with the help of Russell and Foa Foa so there was no reason to be mad at him, only at themselves. She was a coat tail rider and deserved second.



Season 20 Heroes v Villains: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Parvati should have at least won. Sandra really didn’t do much. I wasn’t surprised when she won, the jury was super pissed. Russell was much nastier this season, if he wanted to win, he should have played a better social game.


Season 21 Nicaragua: Fabio Birza

Fabio was so loveable. He won when he needed to, and the jury saw this and respected it. Jane acted like a third grader the whole time, Chase was an idiot, and Sash was just too evil. Fabio stayed true to himself and managed to keep his enemies at a minimum.


Season 22 Redemption Island: Rob Mariano

Wow! If anyone deserved to win it was Rob. He played everyone, and everyone was too stupid to get rid of him. His manipulation skills make me jealous and he is now even, if not one up on his wife Amber who won All-Stars. Rob played a near perfect game and was rewarded. Great game play Rob!



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