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Summer TV 2011

When the summer started, I was extremely depressed. Fall programming was over and I found myself with nothing to do except watch episodes of things that I have previously seen.

So I started watching new shows. I got myself into Castle, great show. My only request is to have more Esposito and Ryan. I feel like they don’t exist and don’t matter sometimes. Another show I started watching was Modern Family. Hilarious! I still don’t get how season 2 is bad compared to season 1. Every episode had me laughing.

I also watched the entire series of Without a Trace minus a few episodes. I can’t believe they ended it. The characters were great and at the finale everyone seemed to be happy.

As for actual summer series, my mom and sister are into like every USA show.

White Collar: Interesting and funny. The leads play off each other nicely and I love Peter’s wife. Hell I love that someone on TV is actually married. I find the show to be okay, I will watch it when I have nothing to do or watch. It manages to crack me up.

Covert Affairs: This one is good because the characters are great. Joan and Annie are likeable strong women who aren’t bitches. This is hard to accomplish on TV. Auggie is awesome because of who he is as a person. I am glad that he doesn’t make others feel bad about his blindness. It can get a little cheesy but for the most part the show is intriguing.

Burn Notice: I don’t really watch this, but I have seen the first couple of seasons and find Mike’s voice overs to be hilarious. Sam and Fiona are awesome and my mother loves the show.

Suits: Okay so I am not a big fan of lawyers and lawyer shows. I watched it out of complete boredom an found myself hooked. I wouldn’t compare the leads to Clooney and Damon but they are great. To make a druggie, genius and cold-hearted, superstar lawyer likeable takes some creativity. I can say that this is my guilty pleasure. I just hate the theme song, though I give them props for having one.

Royal Pains: Saw and episode a year ago and I wasn’t really feeling it. Maybe if someone says that it is better than just one episode I might give it a try but for the most part I find it mediocre.

In Plain Sight: I liked this show. I haven’t seen it for a couple years but Mary and Marshall are awesome. I can’t imagine mocking anyone who likes this.

Necessary Roughness: I don’t watch it but my mother and sister love it.

USA has a great programming. All their shows are much lighter than Network TV and help out with the dry summer primetime nights.I wish they would put Psych in the summer though. I find myself on the floor laughing at least once every episode.

Of all the summer shows I started watching or skipping none are better than Breaking Bad. I watch seasons 1-3 in about 2 and half days. And am currently working through it again and enjoying just as much. It isn’t as suspenseful the second time but it is way funnier. I know get why everyone says it is the best show on TV. Definitely in the top 3. I actually want the DVDs to watch the special features.

Now as summer comes to a close, I can’t wait for Fall to start. I miss my shows and at the end of some season finales (Mentalist, Big Bang, Castle) I can’t wait to see where they go from there.

I hope your summers are filled great shows and if not here’s, a tip. Watch Breaking Bad. You won’t regret it.


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I live a pretty boring life but over the years this boring life has allowed me to develop a love and appreciation for the the television and movie industries. I realized that I loved movies when I would sit down and watch the credits when the rest of my friends and family would leave. I have a deep respect for anyone in the TV or film making industries. My all time favorite movie is Fight Club because of the lessons it teaches and for its overall impact on my life.

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