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Project Runway 9.1

So the first episode of season 9 kicks off and suddenly all the bitterness of Gretchen winning can subside and we can now discuss new people to love and hate. Oh I am happy to see Tim Gunn again. His comments always crack me up, almost more than Michael’s.

16 in, 4 out

So I am really happy that we don’t have 20 designers competing. Can you say longest season ever? I did feel for all of them though as they waited for Heidi to tell them their fate. The nervousness in their eyes was so apparent that I found myself shaking. In the end David, Amanda, Serena, and Gunner are out. Good luck with your careers guys!

Early morning wake up call

5 AM in the morning and Mr. Tim Gunn comes to wake you up. Now before Project Runway this would be the greatest morning ever, but instead you are tired and learn that you get to walk through Manhattan in your pajamas and a bed sheet. And by the way, this is your fabric for the first challenge. I wonder what the cars driving by thought?

Personally I thought this challenge was great. It was using innovation without having to go to the grocery store or some farm somewhere.

Top 3

Anya: I liked hers, not my favorite but she did a good job with the top and the pants. I can’t believe that was her first time sewing pants.

Anthony Ryan: I loved his. It was relaxed, the skirt may have been too short but the model looked great in it, and I could see people wearing that out in public.

Burt: Besides the dated styling, that dress was adorable. Everything about it was wearable (except for the boxers, poor model) and everyone else seemed to think it was awesome

Winner: Burt, he deserved it. If you can look past bad styling because of a dress, you did a great job

Bottom 3

Julie: Okay she wears very junior pajamas, but that top was just bad. It may have been cute on a 5-year-old. However not even the top was as bad as the pants. Elastic really? The whole hip line was just bad.

Rafael: Holy crap. The shirt was too tight and the way the pants fit they looked like jogging pants that don’t go with that top. The necklace or the “Flintstone Disco Patch” may have added a touch of color but it was just weird.

Josh C: Okay, the tank top’s straps were too thick making her look like a 60-year-old tennis player. Don’t even get me started on the front. Was that really the only way you could make the top bigger? And white shorts. How original. The hoodie didn’t add anything but may have hidden the tank a bit.

You’re Out: Rafael, Between him or Josh I have no idea which one deserved to go home so I am fine with the choice of Rafael.

The other designers:

Becky: The look was cute but I agree with her statement, it was a little light in color. Not the most original.

Bryce: His look was relaxed and the styling brought her too a new level of professional but sexy. I liked it.

Cecilia: At first I liked it, but the more I looked the shorter that skirt got and the more bizarre the top was.

Danielle: It was new! She looked like she belonged outside and I loved that.

Fallene: I loved what she did with the puking clown. It was super cute and whimsical.

Joshua: Not really digging it. I like the back of the vest but the blue panel in the front of the skirt is just strange.

Kimberly: Front horrible, but the back is sexy. Shouldn’t you look good from both sides?

Laura: I liked it. The pants looked really cool and I am loving the model’s hair.

Oliver: Just boring.

Viktor: I am loving this. She looked amazing in the black and white. It was cute, sexy, and fashion forward. I am sure he would have been in the top 4.

Lets hope this season is better than the last. No Gretchen winning, and no Michael C. hating. Most of the designers created something I liked when the shown their work from home. It was already vicious with 5 people kicked off the first night and 5 dreams killed. Good luck to rest and I can’t wait till next Thursday!

Happy Season Premiere!


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