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Breaking Bad Characters

Walter White

As the main character, Bryan Cranston makes Walt very real. He is a good man who has suffered a lot in life. His son has Cerebral Palsy, he is a chemist that is too foo for his high school teaching job, has an unexpected baby on the way, and worst of all, he has terminal lung cancer. He enters into the world of meth where he only gets deeper and deeper into trouble and exposes just how “bad” he can really be.

Honestly I love Walt. He is super smart and the reasons for becoming a criminal make sense. It is fascinating how all of Walt’s actions have an effect on the lives of everyone. Cranston deserves his three Emmys and deserves a SAG or Golden Globe too.

Skyler White

Skyler is Walt’s wife who is constantly worrying about him and becomes more suspicious as the series goes on of Walt’s disappearances and actions. In season 1 she is just worried about Walt’s cancer and by the end of season 3 she is helping Walt launder money to avoid IRS questions.

I have read a lot of things and some people don’t like Skyler. I can see how she can be nosey and irritating, but her husband has cancer. We don’t want Walt to get caught so when she starts calling people and looking for things on the internet we just want her stop looking into Walt’s life and to leave him alone. She is a good wife though. It is very believable that she would leave him once she found out he was a drug dealer and I am just waiting for the gambling lie to be unraveled. But she is slowly “breaking bad” too.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse is junkie, meth dealing loser. He has nothing to show for his life except for a house given to him by his aunt and a meth product that includes chili powder. Then comes Walt who blackmails him into cooking with him and suddenly he has the best product around. He is the character that teaches us and Walt about the drug business.

I love Jesse. He has to be the most lovable junkie, dealer on TV. We find out early that he doesn’t have the heart to commit murder and his vocabulary is hilarious. One day I should count how many “yo’s” he says in an episode. Both his voice mail messages (especially the first one) make me laugh and Paul very believingly portrays what it’s like to hit rock bottom and to hit the jackpot when business is going well. As the series progresses you being to realize that as a fan, all the bad things that happen to him are not only though his own actions but also through Walt’s poor decisions.

Walter White Jr.

Portrayed by RJ Mitte, Junior is a high school student with cerebral palsy. He is a good kid who gets picked and has a friend named Lewis. He created a site for his dad to earn money to save his dad’s life which unbeknownst to him, all came from his dad’s drug dealing.

The show doesn’t go that much into Junior’s life, and that’s okay. I am not wanting episode where it shines RJ’s skills because I tune in to watch Walt and Jesse deal with crazy drug lords and not getting caught. He is a good actor but there really isn’t anything to love or dislike about Junior.

Hank Schrader

The Whites’ brother in law who is married to Skylar’s sister Marie. He is a DEA agent who is on the hunt for creator the “Blue stuff” or the meth that his Walt makes. His relationship with Walt actually helps Walt get away with the cooking at points. Near the end of season 3 he gets shot by the Cousins and has to learn how to walk again.

I like Hank. He has a twisted sense of humor and is not shown as an indestructible hero as he deals with the aftermath of  shooting Tuco.

Marie Schrader

Skyler’s sister who is a kleptomaniac and is even more nosey than Skyler. She worries about Hank a little bit and is a caring person. We don’t really know that much about her, and I am not dying to find out.

Of all the characters she is the most irritating. I don’t hate her and she does add something to the show. But if my sister were like that I would move way farther away than from her than Skyler did.

Saul Goodman

Saul is a lawyer that can get any criminal out of trouble because he himself is a criminal. He becomes a part of Walt and Jesse’s business.

Saul is hilarious. He adds more humor to the show and his solutions to certain problems are insane. Like Walt buying a Laser Tag business. He is really a tool for the show to get Walt into a deeper state of darkness.

Gustavo Fing

Gus is a cool headed, professional drug lord. He hires Walt and Jesse to make 200 pounds of meth a week. All is good at first but Walt catches on that Gus has Gale so that he can eventually kill off Walt and Jesse.

Gus is a new kind of evil for the show. He is more Mob boss like and understands how to run a business. At the beginning of season 4 we learn that Gus has way more evil in him than we could have ever imagined.


Mike is a private investigator for Saul. He appears to have a granddaughter or some little girl that is special to him. He is used to clean up messes and keeps people out of trouble. He is dark in a special way.

I really like him. You never know where he is going to pop up or what he is going to do. It just adds another level of uncertainty to the show.


This show works because the characters are awesome. It has won 4 Emmys for acting, 3 for Cranston and 1 for Aaron Paul. The writers don’t make Walt’s journey into darkness happen too fast but fast enough where you’re still interested. Even the recurring characters are great. Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete and Badger and the Cousins are just a few that come to mind. They all have a great chemistry and the writers know how to make it work to perfect.



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